Fictional Crushes

I don't know why, but fictional characters always seem to have the traits of an ideal partner that make me swoon over them and wish they existed so I can date them. They may not be real, but they exist in my heart and out there I hope there are some other people who understand my love for aliens and other species because they might be in love with some of these characters too! Due to the significantly large number of characters I am smitten over.

I will mention the following: Name, affiliation, species, when I fell in love with them, why I love them, and my favourite quote by them.

1. Optimus Prime

Species: Cybertronian
Affiliation: Autobots
Loved since: February 13th 2010
Why I love him: If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be the person I really am right now. When I was a teenager, I struggled to make it through high school, and suffered through bullying just because I was trying to branch out to be my own person instead of caving in to peer pressure. I was frequently taunted for being a fan of Pokemon and Transformers the most. It took a lot of confidence boosting to decide what was right. I didn't know if I could ever blend in or be myself or not. But the moment, I heard Optimus say that freedom is everyone's right, I decided to be myself, and I have loved him ever since. I also love his voice as well.
Favourite quote: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

2. Rtas 'Vadum

Species: Sangheili
Affiliation: Covenant (formerly) UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios (current)
Loved since: 2011. 
Why I love him: He's a tad underrated as a character but he's a total badass. He went completely unnoticed by me at first. One time I was reading something about Thel, and then the name Rtas 'Vadum popped up and I had no idea who that was. So I looked him up and found out that he was that Elite that commands Shadow of Intent, and he's the Elite with the half-jaw as he is well-known for. He's a great leader, calm, and patient, also a great fighter with an energy sword, but I think on the inside he has a kind heart. He could be a faithful lover.
Favourite quote: "Then it is an even fight. All Cruisers fire at will, burn their mongrel hides!"

3. Marcus Fenix

Species: Human
Affiliation: C.O.G.
Loved since: mid-2011
Why I love him: He's had a rough past, look at all he's lost if you've played the games; many of his friends, including Dom and then his father. But he stays strong through it all to move on. He's also a complete badass and surprisingly handsome even though he has a temper. (which he can't control in the third game!)
Favourite quote: "Feel that? That's from Dom, and all the other people you killed, you bitch."

4. Garrus Vakarian

Species: Turian
Affliation: C-Sec, Archangel and Normandy crew
Loved since: 2012
Why I love him: He's unique and attractive even with scars. Popular with the ladies in the fandom, I took an interest in him right away, even when I was still going through the first game. Once you romance him, there's no turning back, he may be awkward at first, but eventually he becomes such a sweetheart. He's romantic and fun, and that serves as part of what my ideal partner in real life should be.
Favourite quote: "I'm Garrus Vakarian and this is now my favourite spot on the Citadel!"

5. Shadow-of-Sundered-Star/The Didact

Species: Forerunner
Affiliation: Warrior-Servant Promethean
Loved since: November 17th 2014
Why I love him: Well, he's the first fictional love I have that is evil. He may seem like a cold and heartless monster when you're introduced to him in the game, but when I started to explore his backstory in the lore through the terminal videos and the books, I became absorbed and began to develop sympathy for him, up to a point where I believe he still has a good side in him. But come to think of it, his backstory is deep and tragic; it sucked me in. Once it did, I realized that he is a very interesting character that was portrayed well in the books and terminals. In the game, he looks badass and sexy but he wasn't portrayed well, he didn't get enough screen time and was thrown out by being composed in the Escalation edition after the game. He may not be dead but I still think it was a waste of a great character. I love him also because I feel like he can redeem himself, if he chose to.
Favourite quote: "Time was your ally human, but now it has abandoned you. The Forerunners have returned. This tomb is now yours."

6. Thor

Species: Norse God
Affiliation: Asgard/The Avengers
Loved since: 2012
Why I love him: There's really not much to it. I just think he's hot, and hotter than his brother who most fans have a crush on instead. Plus I think he deserves better than Jane, someone more in his league, so if he had to have a love interest in the movies, it should have been Sif. But other than that, I would love to be his goddess!
Favourite quote: "This drink I like it.......ANOTHER!"

7. Plo Koon

Species: Kel Dor
Affiliation: Jedi Council
Loved since: August 2015
Why I love him: I just kind of fell for him after learning he was more than meets the eye. A few days ago I became curious about him ever since learning his friendship with Ahsoka Tano, and seeing him in the Clone Wars. I came across a quote by him that I thought was ever influential to me, about learning how to accept that sorrow is part of life as well as joy, as I find it hard to accept that. I love how he is compassionate, willing to put others before himself, kind, wise and his strong sense of justice. We seem to have something in common, and that's seeing situations in black and white.
Favourite quote: "A Jedi does not cling to sorrow, young Padawan. We accept it. Sorrow is a part of life as well as joy. There are gifts to be found, even in death and sorrow…strange gifts. We accept this, we learn, and we go on."

8. Worf

Species: Klingon
Affiliation: Starfleet
Loved since: 2009
Why I love him: He's always been out of place on the Enterprise being pretty much the only Klingon on board. I know what that's like in a way, being different. Plus I go for the men in this universe who are warriors and have determination. He tries to keep his life in balance between his native culture and his service, I admire that. It's not easy for one to do that, as I remember in the first season, some of his own people didn't understand how he could dedicate his time to Starfleet and not lust for battle. And I don't know just....I looked at him and fell for him, but I didn't realize it at first.
Favourite quote: "Yes. This is the moment where life and death meet. This is what we are - warriors."

9. Shan Yu

Species: Human
Affiliation: The Huns
Loved since: Well I'd say since the beginning when I first saw the movie in 1998, but I didn't realize it until now
Why I love him: When I was a child, at first I thought it was because he looks cool, and talks cool. But now, as an adult, I look back and realize that there's more to it than just that. When you think about it, he's an underrated Disney villain. He's not quirky, he doesn't sing like most of them do. He's a serious villain who knows exactly what he wants, he's strong, intimidating, and he's smart. He also likes a challenge, and gives his enemies a chance to defend themselves before going to claim his prize. A fair fight.
Favourite quote: "Stop me? He invited me.
By building his wall he challenged my strength. Well, I'm here to play his game."

10. Claude Frollo

Species: Human
Affiliation: Minister of Justice
Loved since: Fall 2016
Why I love him: It’s really hard to explain, but I’ll tell you one thing: It is most certainly NOT the fact that he is racist towards gypsies. I for one believe strongly in diversity so our different political views have NOTHING to do with it. I think it’s safe to say that the reason I love him is because of how complex of a character he is for being in Disney and all. He’s the only villain that sees his actions as right rather than wrong. He also is malicious to the very end until he sees death right before his eyes, and despite how corrupt he seems it’s like he’ll do anything to get what he wants. However, during the Hellfire scene, it’s like we can tell that he realizes he cannot help his lustful desires, but at the same time wants to do something about it; thus making him almost more vulnerable too. I don’t know, like I said, it’s really hard to explain why I like him other than that, and his intimidating voice…. but I swear to you it has nothing to do with mistreatment he gives the gypsies. To be honest I was very reluctant to share on this page that he's my newest add due to his beliefs, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore since none of my fictional crushes should ever reflect my own beliefs in real life, and they don't.
Favourite quote: “I am a public official, I must go. But I don’t enjoy a moment! Thieves and cut-purses the dregs of humankind, all mixed together into a shallow drunken stupor.” 

11. Miraak

Species: Nord
Affiliation: Dragons (formerly) Hermaeus Mora
Loved since: 2017
Why I love him: He's often underestimated and hated by other TES fans because they just see him as a soul-stealer. (which is true) and while that did annoy me while I was trying to get the bend will shout, at the same time I had some sympathy for him. I felt like he was once a good person but his arrogance and lust for power took him down a different path. It's interesting how the daedric lord saves him from death, now he [Miraak] uses that as an advantage to gain forbidden knowledge in hopes of gaining power, and returning home.
Favourite quote: "You fight valiantly against fate, but I am stronger here."

12. Jaal Ama Darav

Species: Angara
Affiliation: Angara Resistance and Andromeda Initiative 
Loved since: June 2nd 2017
Why I love him: The moment I saw him, I was immediately attracted to him and had decided on the spot that I was going to romance him. At first, I expected him to be very reclusive and distrustful of other races. But, I was wrong. He's distrustful at first, but as I got to know him, he warmed up and was very free with his emotions. That makes him a very affectionate lover. He isn't afraid to let others know how he feels about something, he's very sweet, adorable, and romantic and it makes my heart sing just like my Ryder does to his. Oh, and he is such a good kisser!
Favourite quote: "You make my heart sing. I want us to be together."

13. The Iron Bull

Species: Qunari
Affiliation: Bull's Chargers and the Inquisition
Loved since: November 5th 2017
Why I love him: I remember first seeing him in clips on an Instagram page of someone’s DAI play through and he was the first character I saw that piqued my interest. He’s not like most of my fictional crushes: he doesn’t follow the culture of his people (this varies based on what you choose on his side mission: in my case, I chose to save the Chargers so he’s chosen to be a free man and loyal to the Inquisition), likes to do his own thing, enjoys a good fight for the fun of it rather than for nobility, and likes to prove his might. He does have a side to him that is very sweet and charming too. He’s a hunky burly badass and fun-loving over all. It was a challenge to win his affections that went towards a serious relationship, but it was so rewarding afterwards.
Favourite quote: “Also, it's 'THE Iron Bull.' I like having an article at the front. It makes it sound like I'm not even a person, just a mindless weapon, an implement of destruction... That really works for me.”

Other characters I love: Thel 'Vadam, Onua, Lewa, Farkas, Adrien Victus, Thane Krios, Jon Snow, Legolas, Aragorn, Chaor, Kit Fisto, Sten, and the Arishok.


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