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Leaving the Cat and Man to Dance for Victory - Music of May 2018

Hello hello hello, how I miss this so much! I was all ready to do you last month's edition but some problems came up at the last minute that I had to take care of. I was in a bad mental state unable to write my songs of April so now you'll get them for May instead!

Luckily, bumping this to May has given me a chance to reflect on my original choices and there have been some new songs out recently that I can use to this month!

So, let's move pyjak.

5. Mass Effect 3 OST - Leaving Earth

Starting with this, because firstly: I am doing another Mass Effect run and at this moment I am reprising the Shepard I started with on my very first playthrough, and then after that I will start experimenting: not just with military specializations but romance, looks, and choices.

This beautiful and powerful piano music gets me every time when I leave Earth in the game, I want to learn how to play it.

Not only does it represent leaving Earth as the Reapers begin to annihilate everything, but al…

Demons Are My Best Friend

Ever since Powerwolf had posted names of the songs daily for their upcoming album The Sacrament of Sin. I was desperate to find out which one would be released as the first single.

After being preoccupied with Lordi, I came back to the pack's den to learn of the first single's release.

Of course, not much has changed, this still sounds like Powerwolf's typical sound to me. So regarding the song, it sounds rather good,

So, about the video, this is definitely not what I'm used to seeing from the band. They don't have a lot of music videos, but it isn't the first one that I have seen that featured a girl or a group of them.

We only see Falk and Attila in this one and mainly Attila approaching a group of ladies dressed as nuns, and eventually they shed their clothes and swarm him like groupies.

Like I said, not what I'm used to seeing but it's a pretty accurate representation of the song! Although I'm always skeptical and try not to let my inner-feminis…

Lordi - Sexorcism Track by Track Review

It's time Monstermaniacs, another album released by the band I cherish deeply, I have not done one of these since 2016 and I want to do them more often, because I love what I do.

Lordi's back and just as the way I love them. I remember the first time I saw the title for the album: Sexorcism, along with its track list, I was worried the band was becoming more pornographic. No, they're not actually, Lordi's been doing this all along. What's funny is that in a recent interview on SoundCloud with Mr. Lordi, the album isn't really controversial, that's just the media talking.

But enough of that, I was lucky to have my copy of the CD arrive on the day of release date, so I spent my afternoon listening to it and wow, it was actually better than I expected! So, without any further ado, let's talk about the album track by track.


So, let's start with the title track, I felt like this one served as an appropriate intro with the priest chanting the word…

Betrothal Going Under

I'd like to think of this dream as a continuation of the Golden Fortress even if it didn't leave off directly taking Chaor's hand and following him out of my own cell.

I think that's because I saw Chaor briefly towards the end of this dream and it's a short one.

I was standing in the center of a bedroom with two maids who were clearly creatures from the Underworld. I was surprised that Skithia was one of them since she was loyal to Lord Van Bloot, and Takinom was the other. I have both of them in my collection of Chaotic cards, and it apparently says those two are enemies.

Takinom was doing my hair while Skithia did my makeup. At one point Takinom started talking about how she knew I was nervous because I apparently did not ask to be betrothed to anyone since I never met him. It shows that nobody likes an arranged marriage..... unless you're that rare type of person who will give it a chance and perhaps come to like your partner over time like Cateyln and Ned d…

Growing Brains

Well, I'm 25 now, can you believe it? That is the age when the brain is supposed to finish developing. It feels like a milestone and with that coming up, I decided to spend some time reflecting on my development and things I could improve myself.

There are personal goals I would like to reach, and I know that it will take time to achieve them. But, they are things I would like to start down the path towards now that the time has come and I am FINALLY graduating.

1. Stop using my mom's L'Occitane products on my skin. Buy my own bottles of those products.

I know, it sounds funny to start off with something like this! But, it ties into a habit of mine, and my ability to choose what I think is right for me when it comes to personal care. Throughout my life, my mom would always choose what I would use in my hair or on my skin, but now that I'm an adult, I want to make that choice myself.

Sometimes, when I see something my mom uses, I try it and then when I like it, she begin…

Far Far Range

When my life is tough, I like to rely on some aromatherapy to calm myself down, but I've recently found another excellent stress reliever, and a cute one too!

Sometime last month, I logged onto Steam and it was time for another sale just before Easter and there was one game on sale called Slime Rancher that caught my eye. I think it was the cute faces of those slimes, so I watched a couple of videos and bought it.

I definitely don't regret it taking the chance.

Seriously, Slime Rancher is the most adorable game I've ever played since my days being addicted to the Kirby franchise. All those cute little slimes bouncing around and making cute noises is enough to lure you in with no turning back.

You play as Beatrix who has come to the Far Far Range to start a new life by making a living raising slimes. All you have to do is build your ranch, catch some slimes, feed them, and make money with the plorts they produce. It feels like I'm playing those simulation games all over…

Chains, Whips, and Blood

Long time no see, ah now I have to write another Lordi ramble about what the band has been up to. I do try to do this every time because I love writing about anything Lordi.

Due to some unexpected changes this week, I didn't pay as much attention other than the pictures that were posted each day counting down. But, I knew a music video was coming, and this time it's another single: Naked in my Cellar.

In short regarding the song, it's decent, I don't like it as much as Your Tongue's Got the Cat, but it might grow on me overtime when the album comes out.

So, the music video. I think it's a slight improvement than the one from the previous era. We have this lovely girl dreaming and then she finds herself trapped in a cage in a cellar and each of the Lordi monsters are playing BDSM with her. I guess it goes and shows behind every sweet girl is dirty thoughts and dreams like this one..... unless she's not into that stuff and therefore it's a nightmare she&#…