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Ancient Magister

Two posts in one day! How often do I do that? I think the last time I did that was a few years ago when I was using the basic theme for this blog, but we're all in for a treat so yeah.

I have just completed the Legacy DLC, so now it's time to babble about it!

It can be played at any point in the game, so once I started it, it felt like the events of the main story were still happening. Having brought Anders and Aveline along for this one, those two kept bickering about how mages should be controlled!

So, in this DLC, a gang known as the Carta are hunting us because they want our blood to free...... wait for it..........


I'm sorry, I had to, because I'm just getting instant flashbacks from the first time I played Inquisition and the epicness of the first time I saw Corypheus in the game. He's being held in a tower in the middle of the Vimmark Mountains which is only accessible through the Deep Roads.

Corypheus was captured during the first Blight when the…

Heart of the Many

Well, one DLC down already! There is only two of them after all that were left after completing the main storyline.

I decided to start with Mark of the Assassin. It was surprisingly quite short that I completed it in less than a couple of hours.

So, remember when I mentioned in the main game review about a companion named Tallis that I never met? Well, this is where we meet her!

I feel like this DLC's story is meant to take place after the events of Act II, even though you can start it at any point in the game. We meet Tallis in hightown and night and she wants us to help her steal a jewel known as the Heart of the Many from the hands of Duke Prosper from Orlais.

That's right, we're going to Orlais for this! One thing I've always liked about this part of Thedas is how elegant everything is; even a knight's armor. I still don't understand why they all wear masks, but I guess it still adds to what makes everything...... elegant. 

Anyway, Tallis, she's pretty …

Dragon Age II - The Tale of a Champion

It's time for another review, this time of Dragon Age II, having completed the game recently, I have to say I was met with a mixture of satisfaction, but also confusion.

This game is a little different from the other two based on how the story is. It remains with the same RPG style as its predecessor only this time you are playing as a set character. As always, this review will be based on my first playthrough and I will have to split everything based on the three acts on the game, so shall we begin?

In this game, we are playing as Hawke, who can be either male or female and a class of our choice. I had not tried the rogue class yet, so I decided to make my female Hawke a rogue archer. The story is told by Varric as he is interrogated by Cassandra who is searching for the Champion of Kirkwall and their involvement in the mage-templar war. He tells it based on the choices we make in this game. When I found out this was going to be about that war, I was happy that the pieces were co…

Doom Upon All The World

I had to postpone writing this dream until after my exam, so this is actually Monday night's dream! Still worth writing about and the only thing that has helped me remember it is the Elder One's theme and Diana fighting alongside of the Dragon Master in a purple stormy sky with strong winds at a military base.

That's just a short summary. Now that my one and only exam as done, I need some time to recharge my batteries before vacation and before I put my career plan into action.

You guessed it, this is another dream about Corypheus,

It started when I was at my family's cottage up North and the deck was much bigger than it normally was. The sun was about to set and we were all sitting outside watching it. I was hovering around in dragon wings just watching and waiting for any strike from enemies. This being if my dream superhero identity was real of course so no I am not delusional, this is just imaginary stuff I write for my own pleasure.

My mom told me to stop worrying…

Corrupt Knight-Commander

Good evening,

I finally was able to get back into it after taking a week-long break to focus on other commitments. You know, I feel like part of me almost didn't want to complete Dragon Age II, because I didn't feel engaged with it as I did as with the other two games. It wasn't as difficult to complete, but what motivated me to keep playing, was to complete the trilogy, and fill in the gaps of the story that I wanted to learn which came before Inquisition.

Let me just say in short summary, we have a madwoman.

I've written little things about the Arishok as I progressed, but everything about Meredith and the rest of the game will be in my review which I will start writing ASAP before things get too tight from the last few weeks of the semester.

In summary, I can tell you for now that this game was a little difficult to follow with some moments that had me like "What? That makes no sense," and I wasn't fond of all the companions. I just went with the flow …

Hell Stole My Baby

Well, they're back! New look and new music, I couldn't be more pumped. Any new music is enough to make almost drop everything to hear what it is.

I woke up bright an early to buy the new single released before catching the bus this morning and listened during my commute.

Over the past few days, Lordi was posting teaser photos of the single's cover, but after the bottom part, I already knew which song it was going to be:

Your Tongue's Got the Cat. The first thing I can think of is that idiom inspired by this. The cover for the single: great art as usual, kind of freaky too, I almost cannot tell what's got what here. No, even as a cat lover I do not take offense to this hahaha!
So, I'll talk about the song first. It is certainly catchy and is already something I want to belt out if I hear it live. The guitar riff and keyboards are awesome and Mr. Lordi's vocals are always on point. Now that I think about it, I may have misjudged, because all of us were worried…

Return of the Pack

Powerwolf is back everyone!

2018 has been full of surprises the past few months with new albums released, as well as remasters for games I grew up with.

Aside from Sexorcism, another album that will be on my to-buy list this year is from the almighty Powerwolf:

The wolf pack has returned! Another band I deeply love is releasing a new album this year. I've been watching the band's updates on the recording process ever since they went back to the studio. The hype increased when they started releasing track titles each day.

Here's what we've got:

1. Fire & Forgive
2. Demons Are A Girl‘s Best Friend
3. Killers With The Cross
4. Incense And Iron
5. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone
6. Stossgebet
7. Nightside Of Siberia
8. The Sacrament Of Sin
9. Venom Of Venus
10. Nighttime Rebel
11. Fist By Fist (Sacralize Or Strike)
12. Midnight Madonna (bonus track)
So far, I'm liking these titles, it seems like typical Powerwolf to me, and I don't have too many expectations wi…

Sexorcism Era Masks - Detailed Review

As promised, I was going to wait until we received more pictures of Lordi's new look so I could talk about them in a little more detail.

Now, we've got them, and the close-ups look great, so here we go:


Hell on Hooves for sure! OX has definitely been outdone for this era. Some of us are comparing him to Krampus or the devil himself. I love his horns; they kind of have a resemblance to a Qunari and I think these are closer to perfect than ever. The dreadlocks are still there but look even better now that they've got skulls on them. Makes him look like he has pigtails almost!

Making him red this time was a bold move of Mr. Lordi when he was designing the costumes. Now OX truly looks like the Hellbull! The fur is also a staple part of his look, even though he's had it before, I like it more than previous eras. It would be a killer to see him live like this.


Our ancient assassin. I felt like not much about Amen had changed until I got a better look. The shape of the…

Little Dragon, Big Heart

Can you believe it's happening guys? I can't believe it!

For those of you who know me well, Spyro is one of my favourite dragons since childhood. There were rumors floating around as well as some fan-made videos and art, and I prefer to keep quiet about it here until I know it's official.

Now it is, the original Spyro trilogy is being remastered and is set to release on September 21st this year for PS4 and Xbox One. My inner child is screaming with excitement!

As you can see from above, that is Spyro's new look for this trilogy remake. He looks really good and is a lot more purple than before! There are a few minor changes to him but I'm not one of those nitpicky gamers who lets insignificant details with graphics turn me off.

Activision understands how precious this trilogy is to many fans, so it appears they are making changes but still staying true to the original. Although this news was announced on Friday, I didn't notice until this morning. From what I…

The Road to Sexorcism Era

Okay, I lied, I was going to sign off for the Easter weekend, but I surprisingly have Easter Monday off so what better time could it be to give my thoughts on Lordi's new album Sexorcism now that more details are available? Other fans, including my good friend overseas, have already posted their thoughts, so I guess it's my turn now.

So, let's start with the track list:

1. Sexorcism
2. Your Tongue's Got the Cat
3. Romeo Ate Juliet
4. Naked in my Cellar
5. The Beast is Yet to Cum
6. Polterchrist
7. SCG9: The Documented Phenomenon
8. Slashion Model Girls
9. Rimskin Assassin
10. Hell Has Room
11. Hot and Satanned
12. Sodomesticated Animal
13. Haunting Season

When the title of the album was first revealed, I had a bad feeling that this wasn't going to be a good old horror album that I know from Lordi. I was concerned that the band was going down a pornographic road that my inner-feminist didn't want to be a part of. I know for a fact that the band members are not m…