Bed Before 12

It's another eventful Sunday, ah not my favourite time of the week.

It's mainly because of the insomnia that kicks in when there's a workweek ahead. Tomorrow I start my hospital placement and it's pretty exciting. I did get a chance to see the pharmacy in advance before I am set to begin and hopefully this experience will be just as great.

Other than that, I have a new found love for lip gloss thanks to Urban Decay, I want to get shades from each finish. Got metallic and cream, now for sheer and holographic, ah choices choices.....

Oh, and I pre-ordered Sexorcism in a heartbeat, just the digipak, I don't need any extra shit. The music is all I need. People brag their butts off about getting box set but the method supporting a band is different per person. Just because one spends more money on them and has more stuff than the other, does not define how strong one's support is. Don't you agree?

I've been thinking about trying Alien: Isolation again, seeing as I tried it 4 years ago and got too frustrated and stopped. Times change, and also why must there be another attractive Qunari in Dragon Age II? The Arishok has that aggressive attitude but he is handsome, I don't want to kill him! I think I kissed him in a daydream once after I woke up in the middle of the night, oh.......vashedan what have I done?

Parshaara, I've gone on long again, and yes I'm inserting Qunlat into my words, a common habit in my writing is taking words and phrases from alien races I like, I've done it with the krogan by using pyjak a lot but maybe that doesn't count?

A little Arishok for myself 💙

Ramble over, signing off



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