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Educated and Spun Starstruck

I wrote back in February how I had this crazy dream that Sabaton was playing at the gym of my elementary school. What a shock, this dream last night was just like that, only better! I've had like what, eight dreams about them since becoming a fan and I've written about all of them that I can remember. Some of those dreams, the band themselves didn't actually appear, but I still count it as a Sabaton dream because it could involve something like me singing one of their songs as I fly through the stratosphere or something!

So, this dream I think is meant to take place months after the events of the previous dream that was in that particular gym. Sabaton announced they were returning to the school to perform and I was thrilled once again showing up in full gear. This time no faculty tried to stop me from getting in when the roadies said I was allowed to attend.

I skipped to the front of the stage and not only were there parents and children there but some people leaning again…

Is Turkey All You Can See?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone; well, just for me and those who are also in Canada too!

I haven't blogged in a whole week, but for some reason it feels like forever even though I've had quiet periods longer than this before.

I've been really busy the past week as my Jurisprudence exam is a month away. I started studying for it mid-August and have already covered everything that should be on the test. Now, I'm just reviewing and also squeezing review of general pharmacy stuff for the bigger certification exam I have to write which I would like to try in April. This Wednesday I'm starting another internship, but this one's different than the ones I've done earlier this year, those were for school, this so I can get licensed.

I mean, for most professions you take your licensing exams right after you graduate; like say you want be a nurse or paramedic. But, for pharmacists and technicians you have get the process started yourself. Might be ideal to do it soon whil…

117 Battles Of Poisous Autumn Twilight - Music Of September 2018

Finally, a title that makes sense! Isn't it wonderful? I was totally worn out yesterday due to being up late on Saturday at my cousin's wedding reception so here I am now writing this a day late.

This month feels totally random as I picked what I heard most rather than anything related to what was going on in my life. The songs of this month are also listed in random order and what is number one doesn't really necessarily reflect what I was listening to the most this time.

I was hoping that September would be the month where things would turn around and at the very last minute, they did. Now I'm glad I'll be busy again because, to be honest, I've been sitting at home too much the past three months!

5. Neil Davidge - 117

Starting with this epic track from Halo 4's ODST. I don't believe I've done any Halo music yet and it's been forever since I've written about the franchise due to my withdrawal from it. That's only because, as you know, I …

Things To Add To The Chaotic Universe

If you've known me since tenth grade, you're certainly aware that that was the year I was obsessed with Chaotic: the Danish trading card game that eventually became a huge success here in North America with a TV show on Teletoon and it became the first trading card game to have an online platform where you could play and trade online. Each card had a code you would enter on the website to upload cards. Though I never did this myself, I was still a big fan as I watched the whole animated series and collected the cards which I keep in a binder.

I wondered for years why the franchise suddenly came to a halt: the cards were no longer in production and the third season was never finished. After immense research, I learned that 4Kids Entertainment that made a deal with the original creator wanted to obtain full rights. A lawsuit was filed, 4Kids lost and Chaotic was officially discontinued. At least, well that's what I remember hearing from this video:

Now, the only mementos I h…

What is Your Name, Chillin In The Corner

Well well well, look what time it is, it's time for another Sabaton dream! I wish I could have these at least every week because they really lift my spirits when times are tough.

I seem to be quite well-known now for writing anything related to them, such as random dreams but hey you know it's one of my favourite subjects and it's a plus that these types of articles get a lot of reads.

I've been having a lot of Sabaton dreams in the past few years and the last few were coincidentally close to a particular event related to the band. My last Sabaton dream was just a month before I was going to see them again in March and the one before that was just a few days before Joakim's birthday and since he happened to be a musician that I have a thing for, yeah you can see where that plays.

But I don't think it's just due to the fact that something is coming up related to the band. Studies have shown that dreaming about famous people you like shows that you are seekin…

Video Game Series I Would Like To Try

Everyone knows I'm a proud gamer. I've played on many different on consoles and now I mainly play PC. My taste in video games has been expanding ever since.

I used to be very picky at the beginning like I only wanted to play games associated with movies and TV shows that I liked, and certain franchises by Nintendo. Then my taste expanded to Xbox games such as their exclusives, then to BioWare's two most successful series, and indie games on places like Steam. The list goes on, but I am itching for more. Video games are my main source of escaping reality for a few hours, so I would like to highlight in this post, a few game series that I am strongly considering pursuing.

1. Dark Souls

A dark fantasy game praised/criticized for its exceptional difficulty. I don't know much about it other than it's hard and stresses the importance of learning from every death you suffer. I have friends who play as does my brother. They have told me some of the basics such as gaining so…

Done with Blog Groups

Done. That's right, I'm done.

Done with what you say? Why any sort of blogging group of course, be it Google, Facebook, whatever.

I was once in 5 blogging groups here, then I narrowed it down to 2, and now none. Why? Well, I realized that I didn't belong in them. I was surrounded by fellow bloggers who were all about business/stick-to-one-popular-subject-only blogging. I was just a hobby blogger who shifted from one subject to another. I wrote about things that were completely unknown to these people.

How many of them even knew what I was writing about? Only a small amount. I was fortunate enough to meet someone in one of these groups who was a photography blogger but clearly showed interest in what I was writing. If he didn't know what the subject was about, he would ask me for more details. Sometimes my aunt would read my blog and enjoyed it too and would also ask as well if she didn't understand what I was writing about.

But that's just about it. All the oth…

Double Features

It's not everyday that I go to the movies, and this week felt like the time to take a breather from all the door-knocking I've been doing for the past few weeks before that.

I decided to treat myself to a couple of movies back-to-back over the course of two days. I had enough SCENE points to get them both and my snacks for free but then again, I wasn't thinking clearly on location. I took a cab there and back on both days and the money quickly added up, but only cause it's a bitch to get there by bus. I should have picked another theater.

Oh well, lesson learned, don't use a taxi unless it's late at night or inclement weather. (like it's a gale roaring outside right now, what in Maker's name are you up to Lewa?) So, here are the movies I saw this week.

The Nun

I've been wanting to see this since it was announced after I was introduced to The Conjuring by my brother and his girlfriend. I'm such a brave soul having watched both of them alone in the…

One Last KISS - End of the Road

We all knew this was going to happen someday and now it finally is.

Nothing in life lasts forever and I've been late to the party having been only a fan since 2013 but everyone has to start somewhere.

 It hit me just before I went to bed: KISS have announced an upcoming world tour and this one is definitely going to be their last.

How does this make me feel? KISS was and still is a band very special to me, I have my beloved Destroyer poster behind me as I write. Back when I saw them the second time with Def Leppard four years ago, I had a feeling that their time was coming to an end. Many bands that reach their late 60's tend to call it quits by then and it's a sad day. I told myself as the years went by between then and now that I hoped to see KISS at least one more time, and now I might be able to.

There are no tour dates posted yet but my fingers are crossed for one closest to me. I'll become the Goddess of Thunder one last time and it's heartbreaking. What am I…

Fictional Elders I Would Go To For Advice (If They Were Real)

We can learn a lot from our elders and they also have great stories to tell. That's why I enjoy talking with senior citizens sometimes, in fact, I used to volunteer at a senior's recreation centre just a few blocks away which was a great experience. I got to hear stories from their days of youth and when my grandparents were still around, I would also seek their advice just as much as I would from my parents.

So, there are actually a few fictional elders out there that I admire too, and if they existed, I'd definitely go to them for advice or to hear stories. Right now I only have three that would be perfect for any sort of life lessons and they are the following:

1. Master Yoda

Has to be Master Yoda as a first. He taught me so much and he would be the first I'd speak to. He's been through a lot in life as Grand Master, fought in the Clone Wars, witnessed the great purge, and ultimately exiled himself to hermit life on Dagobah to hide from the Empire. 
Yoda would ha…

I am Free In The Sky

Last night sounded like just the right time to have this dream. I think it's because when I'm about to reach a milestone in my life, or things are about to turn around for the better: these dreams occur.

I've been in limbo for the past few months trying to get my training started and on Monday I'm meeting with one of my professional mentors who might just be able to get me started. Fingers crossed.

Last night's dream, I remember being at this cottage with my family and our neighbors were friendly and welcoming. On our first full day there, I witnessed our neighbors flying one of those sea planes over the lake and begged my dad to let them give me a ride. He sounded unsure that they would allow it, but I insisted I hated being stuck on the ground and felt free in the sky.

Then the dream shifted to me flying with wings through this large city with several obstacles which included: building a with only one way out (one had a bouncy castle!), narrow alleys, and even a …

How Do We Rewrite The Stars?

I must write, whatever I feel like writing and as often as I can while I still can, cause one of these days I'll be so busy I'll wish I had the freedom to write this often again.

I feel like letting out a story from my imagination. This isn't a dream, but something I put together along with my friend into a short story. It came to me after I watched The Greatest Showman a few months ago. It is the story about how I in my Dragon Master fantasy, came to Palaven for the first time to negotiate an alliance with the turians. Naga's threat was expanding beyond Earth and I needed allies with strong military to help me defend the galaxy from him.

When my ship entered Palaven's atmosphere, I couldn't help but spread my wings and jump out soaring into the city. (I actually don't know what Palaven looks like on the surface, so for now, I'll make something up on what I do know.) Many turians who were walking on the boardwalk and I swooped over their heads, startlin…

These Things I'd Never Do

Until now......

Last night I was getting ready to go to Kerrfest; a small free outdoor music festival that happens in my neighborhood every, I logged onto Steam to discover that my favourite casual game Slime Rancher is expanding.

The game has been a massive success after its debut on Steam and is now available to buy digitally....and soon physically as well, on Xbox One and PS4. I have gone through phases of playing so many simulation games but it seems that this game and Animal Crossing are the ones I keep coming back to because of their cuteness and no microtransactions.

Also, the devs announced on Steam that a collector's edition is coming towards the end of the year. You know, when you can get the game with a bunch of extra goodies? I normally don't spend my money on those things because the game is the only thing I care about, but, if I really love the game then why not?

So, right after Kerrfest, I navigated to the Fangamer site and ordered it. Yeah me, normally the non-…

Fan Expo 2018 - Part of my Galaxy

So, I didn't stay at Fan Expo as long as I thought this year. I don't know why other than I felt like it was a lot more crowded this year than it was last year.

This year, I found myself requesting photos with fellow cosplayers more than them requesting one with me. Not that it matters, I still stand out as Frollo! I have a lot of pictures and instead of posting them all at once in a single bunch on Instagram, I spaced them out over the course of the day to give my followers a chance to look at them all. I'm not going to post them all here, so if you want to see all of them, you'll have to follow me on Instagram (@em.monsterlady). Choosing the ones for this post wasn't easy, but eventually it came down to the ones that were the highlight of the event.

When we got there, I knew just what I wanted to do first. I had my sights set on meeting Jodi Benson; she was the priority that day. This is the second year in a row where a guest I want to meet who is a Disney Prince…

Waltz Before Six

Little strange dream coming right at you!

So, after finally falling asleep once I came home from Fan Expo, I drifted off to some sort of strange place that I thought was an outdoor area of the Museum of Science and Technology in the capital because of all the massive ocean liners tied to the docks. There were also booths offering merchandise like little boats you could put in your kid's bath. I wandered around aimlessly and saw a large ship with the number 6 on it and right on the bow was Specimen Six, the Xenomorph you play as in the AVP game.

She hissed at me glaringly like she owned the place. This was before she became matriarch but still had the number branded on her head. But, she didn't appear to have any desire to attack as people boarded the ship.

I saw a turian at the end of the line and stood behind him, when I asked him why he was the only turian in the line I suddenly recognized him as Adrien Victus when he turned around, and I stood shaking with my cheeks pink, y…