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Flight to Lemur Island

Well, I had another detailed dream last night! This one is definitely a trip down memory lane and also reminds me of the things I used to be scared of as a kid.

I remember was working in this facility that had apparently found dinosaur eggs but I wanted the dinosaurs to be free. Why would I be working there in the first place? Perhaps I signed up for the job and didn't know that dinosaurs were going to be a part of it. So why not release them somewhere where they can feed and breed without us humans interfering?

I broke into the lab and another woman who agreed with my plan kept security busy while I took the eggs in my backpack. She told me I needed to go to the top of the radio tower and fly to the faraway  island that was big enough for the dinosaurs to live peacefully. I didn't know what types of dinosaurs were in the eggs, but they were all differently shaped: round, oval, and capsule.

As I heard the voices of the scientists growing louder, I quickly climbed up the ladder…

Submitting to the Qun

It's been almost a year since I opened the door to the world of Thedas and already I find myself in the minor group of fans that prefer a certain race.

It didn't take me long to notice that there was a larger group of female fans that were swooning over either Cullen, Solas, and sometimes Alistair. Not only that, but there was also a large cult of elven fans, especially those who part of that group who love to make Inquisitors who were Dalish elves from clan Lavellan. Sometimes they would do nothing but those types of builds and many of them also wanted Solas to succeed with his plan once you find out that he is actually Fen'Harel.

I have nothing against any of these types of fans. I romanced Alistair and found him to be really sweet, Cullen is a well-developed character despite not being a companion you can take along with you and he is cute. Solas is a different story. I never really found him attractive. Personally, I prefer elves with long hair like Legolas, you could …

Citadel Massacre

Finally a dream that pays a tribute to the Clone Wars, my favourite era in the Star Wars universe! It's been forever since I've had one of these dreams and I want to have them more often. Maybe if I start another marathon of the series it'll start to occur. Besides, there is a good reason to do so because there's been an announcement not so long ago that the series is returning and I can't describe to you how happy this makes me.

I know that Rebels is currently the rage but I've seen clips and animation, and it just doesn't appeal to me. You can't beat the things TCW has and I'm not going to waste my time using this post to list them all.

So, this dream felt like a mixture of things related from season 3 and 4 where there was the Citadel mission when the Jedi and clones were smuggled in to rescue Even Piell, and then Grievous' attack on the Nightsisters of Dathomir and they lost to him.

I remember opening my eyes to come out of a pod like I was …

Friends Decode a Cinder on Polterchrist and the Wolves - Music Of July 2018

Yeah, I'm a day late at this. Last night I sat in front of my computer and for some reason it felt like I forgot it was the end of July and that I was supposed to be writing something like I do at the end of every month. But then, I was distracted by the Sims due to Rila Organa becoming an elder so I decided to let her retire and her son Patrick was starting his career as a scientist. I would have made Rila work a little longer until the bar reached 50% towards her time almost being up but there was so much money so there was no need.

So, here was go with another set of songs for this month.

5. Marshmello and Anne Marie - Friends

Heard this on the radio several times and already I find it catchy. You guessed it, this is all about friend-zoning someone who has romantic feelings for you and right now that's the current situation I'm in. I'm not going to go into the details but I feel like Daenerys Targaryen trying to get this out to Ser Jorah Mormont for the billionth tim…

It's an Origami World

So, I've been buying jewelry again and picking it out wisely. I have to say this time I scored something just as unique as my precious Pandora.

It was just another day at the hospital and I was volunteering like I always do because I love helping people. I was heading down to the cafeteria for a short break when I stopped by the small store set up in the hall.

It was an Origami Owl stand and I caved into curiosity and learned that their jewelry consisted of lockets you could insert tiny charms into to tell a story or share what you love. It was too cute so I had to make one myself and managed to get it done in time before my break was over.

Lighting is a bit difficult but I managed to get some charms in there that you can no longer find in most stores. I'll admit I should have tried to find a bracelet that has a clock in the center so it could be my new everyday watch, but I was too in love with this one with the hearts.

The charms inside are: an emerald heart since it's m…

Scent Sanctuary

If you walked into my bedroom and glanced at my dresser by the window, it's safe to say that you will think of me as a perfume addict.

I love spraying some on to add a sense of completion like I'm ready to greet the day ahead once I am dressed. One day might be floral while another day might be fresh. At nighttime I like to spray on something a little stronger like patchouli to give myself a sense of comfort before I go to sleep. I enjoy visiting the drugstore and trying on different scents when the bottle catches my eye.

Now mind you, if many scents give you a headache, I won't wear my perfume around you. If the workplace I'm in requires me to be scent-free then I am more than happy to comply.

But enough about that, I'm going to tell you a little about my ever-changing perfume collection and highlight the ones I'd repurchase.

Early years

The first perfume I owned was Avril Lavigne's Black Star. The only time I wore it was at night since I was in school they…

Little Chimes Pull Me Under

This is probably the weirdest dream for me to have at a time like this. A time where there's not much going on right now post-grad, and while I hate that because I get bored easily, I've been networking, searching, as well as committing time to old and new hobbies to keep my life as busy as possible until an opportunity comes.

I tend to have the most vivid dreams whenever I do something relaxing before bedtime like read a book. But last night I chose to browse something instead and my brain still managed to throw in something absolutely outrageous.

The first dream was where my dad and I were trying to get on this airplane to travel somewhere and instead of someone at the booth announcing that the plane was now boarding, instead we had to make it on board before the final chime of the clock. The tricky part was to crawl through this tunnel to get there.

Hmm, getting in before the last chime, that reminds me of when Harry and Hermione went back in time to save Sirius and had to …

The Twitter Purge

It appears in my absence of Twitter, the company has recently been cracking away at taking down tens of millions of fake accounts that are spreading misinformation, malicious, or both since May this year.

You have no idea how many appalling things I have encountered on Twitter during my years on it. In 2016 I came across malicious accounts promoting the KKK or trying to create a racist/neo-Nazi organization inspired by Donald Trump. I reported those accounts for harassment, racism, and other offensive content and Twitter did nothing.

I was harassed on Twitter by someone in a certain band fandom that I will not mention, who felt the need to call me out every single time I tweeted something to vent that they thought was offensive. While I defended my freedom of speech, they continued to insult me and then left before I could do more. I reported it them too and Twitter did nothing.

The only time I recall Twitter did something for me was when I was harassed by a group of MLG's connect…

Gathering Of Glorious Ones

These dragon dreams are enough to put a smile on my face despite the insomnia that may come before it. This one not only presented me as Dragon Master but also the fact that I'm going to have to wait until next year for Game of Thrones, and already I'm experiencing withdrawal.

It was July last year that season 7 aired and without it this year is like a cave with no exit.

I had a dream where after returning from what appeared to be a massive glass ball in space that shot down towards the peak of a mountain. It instead brought me through the snow and into a dark tunnel until light came and I fell through. I got up and then I was standing at the dock of my family's cottage; no surprise since I'm going there soon. It was a beautiful sunny day and I looked up into the sky to see bird-like specks; however they were not birds as soon as I heard their screeches. I once again chanted that weird combination of words "Dragon Gold Awakening" and upon looking at my shadow…

Don't Get Too Attached

I have to shift my expense priorities once again. How could I forget that excessive shopping spree in the summer of 2015 that went towards those Pandora charms?

Then there was makeup at Sephora, and now I just realized I've spent a very large amount on L'Occitane skin care products. A sign that I need a cheaper alternative before it makes me bankrupt.

It's not that I don't have the money. But over time, I realize I don't have enough for something else I may want because I'm spending too much on that particular thing!

I thought about going back to Soap and Glory as late 2017 I was all about their stuff, but now I'm serious about returning to using them. Maybe Bath and Body Works too, but the problem with them is I could get too attached to a particular scent and then suddenly BBW pulls it from the shelf! Oh wait, that already happened.

It was Pink Cashmere. My mom received a bottle of the lotion and I kept stealing it to use on my own skin because I was addi…

This is Not a Business Blog

Over the past few years since I've started this blog, I find myself surrounded by bloggers who are in it for the profit. Gee, that sounds like something that should go in a song or poem!

I always seem to get followers who are not genuinely interested in what I write about. They're just people who are following me hoping that, I will become a customer to whatever it is they are trying to promote and sell, by following them back. I'm not that kind of writer or person. If I want to follow you back, I have to show actual interest in what you're about as a person and a business.

By looking at that picture of me you can see some of the things that I'm all about that get transferred from my brain to the pages of this blog: monsters, music, you name it. This blog is the heart of my online presence where I can freely express myself and talk about the things I love for my own pleasure, not profit. If other people like it, that's a nice little bonus, but I don't need …

Sweet Dreams 151

It's Canada Day today! Our nation is now 151 years old!

What better way to start it off with stories?

This is by far, the latest I've ever slept. I've always been an early riser but today turned out different. I think it was due to all those weird dreams I had last night and the desire to have just one more before waking up!

In the first one, Mr. Lordi was doing an interview in a hotel lobby. I recognized it as the Fairmont Royal York in downtown Toronto. Fun fact: my Nana used to work as a maid there.

Anyway, I had just checked in but the moment I saw him, I dropped my luggage and watched from afar as he talked about why he was in Toronto. He said something about being part of an international horror movie museum and the curator wanted a statue of him in the European horror exhibit.

I stood leaning on the nearby pillar waiting for them to finish and just casually approached him once the interview ended. He noticed the Lordi necklace around my neck (I don't have one in…

Summer's Wrath on Wings to Rewrite the Steps - Music of June 2018

I feel uptight on Saturday night as it's the end of the month and it's time to give you my month in music again.

Due to me not going out much these days, I haven't been listening to a lot. You know, I'm still in that phase post-grad where you have to get yourself started but I'll make it. This month is interesting because it consists of a lot of different genres. So this month, you get the pleasure of seeing my music taste expanded even more.

5. Antonio Vivaldi - Summer

Took me a while to find the right video for this, but yeah it makes perfect sense because summer is now here! I've loved classical music since elementary school when I had to take all those music classes that involved listening to different pieces and learning about some of the most famous composers from the past.

I listened to all four seasons written by Vivaldi, and this one sits in the middle in terms of favourites. Coincidentally, that's how I feel about summer as a season. All I can thin…

Why I Want To Stay Off Facebook

I could just post this article as a status on Facebook, but if I do it might start an argument of justification why things are the way they are.

I'm trying to stay away from Facebook at the moment. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner, but I'm doing it now. I guess finally developed the ability to recognize how it has impacted my brain. It's made me realize I should be doing something else with my time and here's why.

1. It's become the central online hub for whining about anything and everything

This is the big one, the moment you hit the "Like" button on something, you can see the comments and they can be chock-full of people whining about any little thing that is wrong with the picture. Hell, I can't even look at cat videos without someone complaining that the floor Fluffy's on looks like a cage and should be let out because it's "animal abuse", or that he shouldn't be held in that particular way. A video or picture…

Basalit-An You Are Also My Kadan

It's clear to me that I must have at least one dream about each of my Qunari crushes because the Maker knows I have a weakness for Qunari!

The truth is I have a lot of Qunari dreams, but only a few of them make it to this blog. The rest of them go to either the more private diaries, shared with friends only, or just remain in my mind with myself alone. It all depends on the content.

This dream reminded me of the time I imagined my Dragon Master self away on Par Vollen while I was down in Punta Cana for the week after my semester ended. You've read my dreams on the Iron Bull and Sten, so what about the Arishok?

I know this isn't the first time I've had a dream about him, but this is the first time I'm writing about it.

I once imagined scene after a few days the negotiations of alliance between humans and Qunari has gone nowhere and I resort to retire to the local bar for the night. I am frustrated at my attempts to get the Arishok to understand the threat [Naga] at …

What's This Thing Do?

Oh hi!

I recently found a nifty little blogging app that syncs to the site. It's close to brilliant considering the fact that Google has not updated their Blogger app in a bazillion years! We'll see how it works out.

It might make it easier for me to publish my dream articles while they are still fresh in my mind.

Well, now that I have graduated, it's time to start my journey in the next step. There's only one part of it that I find daunting and it's the very last part of the journey. Why worry when it's so far away? Well, if it's something you should start preparing for way ahead in advance and it's very high stakes like three strikes you're out sort of thing then of course you'd be scared! 

But wait, I faced this on before and I can do it again; knock it out a the park. I'm reminded of what Garrus says to Shepard post-Thessia:

"We'll get through this, we always do." 

If every other technician-to-be at that time made it out alive th…

Uh-Oh More Aliens

I'm having so many dreams about aliens lately. Not just any aliens but THE Alien.

That's what I get for playing a lot of Alien: Isolation since last week. I literally finished up my Mass Effect run the day before grad and started up Isolation.

I told myself I wasn't going to pick it up again because I'm not the stealthy type, but I did and made it as far as trying to reach APOLLO core. I can handle the Alien, it's the android I hate.

After spending two hours trying to evade the Alien in the hospital to get back to that cowardly doctor, I had a dream about it.

I walking slowly and crawling under the gurneys at every sound. There were several moments where the Alien almost found me. Like the time I crouched between two chairs without moving and it walked past me twice and didn't see me.

Then there was the time I hid in a patient's room and curled in the corner. I disabled the air purification to make it harder for the Alien to detect me. It came right into the roo…

Bumblebee Trailer Reaction

Hi hi everyone, or should I say: Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong!

I've been in the dark about anything Transformers for almost two years for personal reasons, not just the fact that I was dissatisfied with the direction Bay had taken things, therefore my only comfort was the video games I owned on Steam (which I thankfully still have after Activision pulled them from the markets), and my box of Transformers Prime DVDs.

But now, I think I might just be making a comeback when this dropped.

I knew that Bumblebee, one of the most beloved Autobots of all, would be getting his own movie after Bay made his last film for the franchise. I was willing to give it a chance because I think the only thing that could save it was a reboot, and plus despite the recent disappointment, I still love my robots in disguise dearly.

So, here are my reactions to the trailer itself.

I heard references to the 2007 Transformers film when Sam Witwicky picked out Bee. Only this time, it's an unnamed…