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Monstrous Love

I didn't plan on writing anything this week due to focusing on placement, but decided against that when I realized what day it was today. I woke up this morning with a terrible reflux that I've had since yesterday and it's always the worst in bed. But, I had to remind myself to be happy and work hard.

It's Mr. Lordi's birthday today, my idol whom I love with all my heart. His words and music have taught me to be more confident in myself and not care what anyone thinks of me. I state this too many times to count and I don't write these posts praising endless admiration for him in hopes that he will see it and say something. I already know that it is highly likely that he won't! But I write these kinds of posts because I want to and it pleases me. If he DID see it and liked it, well that's a bonus. Most of you who visit regularly know that is one of the things he has taught me!

Every year when his birthday comes, I not only wish him happy birthday but als…

Angaran Affection Among Bubbles

I've been writing so much this weekend due to how busy the second week of placement was, especially Friday. But I felt part of the team doing the full amount of work that the pharmacy team handled!

Anyway, I've got another dream to write about and this'll probably be my last post for a couple of days as I am going into the third week of placement, and this is where things get real.

Sabaton or Jaal, that's what my brain makes me dream about. It may be constant, but it still makes me happy. I can see why I dream frequently about Jaal because he is the most romantic out of all my fictional crushes. I haven't shared all of my dreams about him because I either do not remember, or they are too revealing!

In this dream, Jaal and I were already in a relationship and I remember us standing by the lake and his arms were around me from behind. There was no waterfall for some reason which kind of pisses me off, because all it would need is that and it would look just like that…

Witches, Golems, and Songs - DA Origins DLC Minis

I haven't done one of these in a while. In fact, the last time I recall writing one of these mini reviews was when I binge-watched the Clone Wars in the summer of 2015. Why write about each season when you can merge it all into one?

So, this article is about the little add-ons that Dragon Age: Origins give us. Some of them are connected to the original story, while some just offer a fun side mission to distract you for a little bit. That is the reason why I'm just doing little snippet thoughts about each of them, and there are seven of them, so let's get this thing started!

The Stone Prisoner

Whenever I get a DLC that involves a recruitment, I complete it ASAP. Basically, this DLC is where you recruit the golem Shale and it is definitely worth your time. I had to help her former master (using the "she" pronoun for Shale because she was once a female dwarf who volunteered to become a golem if you didn't know that) from a demon threat. Unfortunately I couldn'…

Educational Metal

I love how whenever something Sabaton-related is coming up in my life, my brain decides that it's time to have a dream about them. They seem to be the band that I dream about the most despite my "best" efforts to dream about other bands more. But it makes me happy anyway to have these Sabaton dreams.

If there is one location a lot of my dreams take place at, it's the gym at my elementary school. The last time I set foot in it was for a concert long after I had graduated and the place felt so much smaller to me. There were two basketball nets and a stage and sometimes in those dreams, bands I love would come and play there for the kids and parents. But, I would show up in  my full band gear to see them, even if I was no longer a student at that school.

The kids would be scared but not with Sabaton. They are after all...... educational! Parents may lash about metal being evil, violent, and encouraging bad behavior (unless they are Metalheads themselves). But, if the ba…

The Found Battalion

It's only Tuesday but it's no matter. I really should share something to brighten up my spirits.

Given where things are going in the next few months, I don't know how much time I will have for concerts, so I have made a vow to choose them wisely for the rest of my life because I still love concerts, but if I'm busy, I don't go unless I really want to.

So, yay! Sabaton is coming back this year on the 1st of March, and them being one of those top bands for me, I cannot miss them. Third time's the charm! Who knows, maybe I'll leave the gig as a new fan of Kreator too. But for now, I'm stoked for Sabaton and they'll be playing at the same venue I first saw them at. I've got flashbacks from 2015 the night I became a fan of them.

I was also hoping to see Iced Earth the same month, but unfortunately their show is on the same day as my first day at hospital placement. Even if my hours there turn out to lead to an early finish for the day, I would prefer…

Dragon Age: Origins - Blighted Civil War

Ah, I'm still hooked onto the world of Thedas, so I'm definitely excited to writing another Dragon Age review. I wish I did start with this game in this universe, but since I wasn't the greatest at that particular gameplay, I probably wouldn't have pursued the franchise even further.

So, this is Origins, which isn't as long as Inquisition and in an older form of BioWare's RPG style. Some say, that this is the classic type of RPG gaming. Again, this review is based off of my first playthrough and it won't match everyone's experience or future playthroughs I do of this game.

Our story begins and takes place only in Ferelden this time. There are things that I had heard about in Inquisition that I didn't understand, but this game simplifies them. Your character gets their own origin story depending on which class you choose. In this case, I decided to do things a little differently and made my character an elven mage. After passing a rite called the Har…

Be Gone Darkspawn!

Good morning!

Strange how I'm here writing and publishing in the morning. I always seem to work on my articles earlier in the day and then publish them in the evening when I make time for it.

Ever since I started placement, I would make a habit of gaming for about an hour before I leave. In fact, yesterday morning, I came so close to finishing Dragon Age: Origins, I had already started the final battle in Denerim with Alistair, Leliana, and Wynne by my side, but before I could storm the castle, I had to leave for placement, forcing myself to resume the battle last night.

No matter, yeah I beat the game last night. I'm surprised really, I only started it on New Year's Eve and here I am already a month later and I'm finished. This is probably the first RPG game in the older days of BioWare with serious RPG and tactical combat that I've managed to complete. It's definitely shorter than Insquisition, and there were some dark moments and definitely parts that made m…

Rasputin Knew Wolves Dancing in a Hole - Music of January 2018

Well, we're back again at this routine since we didn't do it last month in order to do a Christmas special. I had to pick songs at the last minute because of my first week on placement. I needed to sacrifice time to make sure I was settled into the atmosphere and get some good night's sleep.

Choosing songs wasn't easy, so at a time I just pick something that I was listening to recently and put it in there. Get ready for some unexpected ones this months!

5. Turisas - Rasputin

I couldn't choose the first song, so I decided to start with something completely new to me that I had heard years ago. I'm not sure how I came across this song, maybe a metal page I like shared it once. The original version by Boney M, I heard years ago when my neighbor from Moscow played it at a small get-together that we were invited to and I was dancing to this song nonstop. I bugged her to play it again!

Then when I discovered this version by the Finnish band Turisas, those memories of …

Save Me Sten, from the Tornado of Fire

It's no surprise I had a Dragon Age dream last night. I stayed up late trying to finish the Deep Roads portion of A Paragon of Her Kind. Man, it was so long and grueling but there were so many enemies to fight so hey, XP. Branka and the fucking Broodmother, that's all I will say for now! Expect my full thoughts when I review the game later!

This is the second time I have had a dream about one of my companions in this game. I didn't know why at first because when I first met him in the game, I didn't like him. But then, he grew on me once he warmed up when I gave him gifts and stuff. The first dream, I kissed him but the second one is a lot more detailed.

So, who is this character?

Yep, it's Sten, but the title of this article also gives that away! I had another dream about him last night, and since the one before that I kissed him, you'd want to ask yourself? "Why would anyone want to do that? He's always so grumpy, strict, stoic, and doesn't talk …

Don't Have Time? Make It

A lot of us don't think we have time for anything in life that is important to us, especially if it's something little like a hobby. Life keeps us busy with all these responsibilities, therefore sometimes we end up giving up these things because we believe we don't have enough time for them.

What a bunch of nonsense. As someone who cares deeply about having my "me-time" to pursue hobbies, I say, if you feel you don't have time for something, make it.

I was inspired to write this after some of my friends would always tell me or post it online how they felt too busy for something. One of them told me how she loves to play video games but feels so busy she can't find time to play, and another says he seems way too occupied with his part-time job to write on his blog. (personally I don't believe that, a part-time job is fewer hours than full-time, and not your traditional Mon - Fri, so you should still have plenty leftover while you're still awake to …

Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Alright, here goes. It's time for me to talk about The Last Jedi, and I always like to wait a little to give it time. I'm going to try to be constructive here because even as a long-time fan, if there are things that I didn't like, I don't wish to hate. But this movie is far from perfect in my eyes, regardless of what the fans and critics say. Contains spoilers, do not read if you have not seen the movie yet.

So, the story itself is pretty easy to figure out. (Thank God for the crawling text, I swear to God if Disney trashes that, I will be pissed). Rey arrives on the planet Ahch-To to begin her training with Luke, but of course Luke doesn't want to do so because of his past failures to rebuild the Order. Meanwhile throughout the entire movie, the Resistance is pursued by the First Order that have been tracking them, and it goes on forever until they are finally able to turn around and fight. But in spite of that, there were many things that happened that left me w…

Bee, Take Me To Your Leader

Ah, it's been so long! I never have these dreams anymore!

When I was 16/17. All I wanted to dream about was Transformers; whether it was the Autobots protecting me, getting kidnapped by Decepticons, or just sitting on Optimus's shoulder and watching the sunset. Hell, someone once asked me if I'd do that with him, and I said yes in a heartbeat. Primes don't party but I'll do anything with him.

Anyway, yes I wanted to dream about it every night but seldom did. Then, these dreams come up when I least expect them. Some of them are weird like the last one I wrote about. This one felt like the first movie, only I replace the roles of Sam and Mikaela in one. That is how it should be!

This dream revolves around Bumblebee the most, and coincidentally, he is getting his own movie soon. I just hope it lives up to my expectations.

In this dream, I was walking along the street. It was just another day in paradise as I was headed towards work and then I had this strange feeling …

Tough Love

I didn't want to share this dream at first since I recall how far things went towards the end of it. Sometimes these dreams get to parts that are a little too revealing to share. But even if I don't share a specific part, it still remains in my memory after I write about it.

I have had some pretty good dreams lately, but have been distracted to write about them, until last night.

This one is in a weird setting, involving locations from the nearby mall, my high school, and the cabins at the summer camp I used to go to.

I was sharing a cabin with some girls and a few of them looked similar to ones I have met at camp years ago. We were gossiping and they would also tease me about one of the guys I was close with at school who I would always bump into at the mall.

One of the girls warned me of him possibly being a womanizer. But I refused to believe it.

I stepped outside our cabin and found myself inside the local mall that I always go to IRL to browse Conspiracy Comics and Sephor…

Turning Topsy Turvy Pages

Oh have I not written anything to ring in the new year? My bad! I've been occupied all week pondering about what's going to happen in 2018, as well as playing Dragon Age: Origins. Definitely a lot more tactical than Inquisition. I have also picked up Sims 4 (again!) and Hollow Knight. Gaming has really reduced the drama for me.

Well, once again it's Topsy Turvy Day! Perhaps it's time to share some stuff that's going on.

But first have some Clopin:

To be completely honest, I wasn't looking forward to 2018 because it would present to me another big change: a time to turn the page in my life. That's right, I will be graduating this year as long as I play my cards right in field placement. I can already feel the anxiety building since the first placement is something I have to set up myself and my anxiety always makes the task so daunting.

However, once the placement is set up, I'm okay again and continue with my life just like normal. All I really worry ab…