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Queen of the Love Cirice and Criminal Roulette - Music of November 2017

Well, it looks like it's time for another monthly music post.

I didn't really listen to a lot of music this month because half of the month consisted of me withdrawing from activities I enjoyed due to the high level of anxiety I was facing. It wasn't until the middle of November where good news arrived and I began to play my music again.

However, there were some times, where things things felt like there was no hope and music did help me escape a little. November is quite pop-ish this time, but that's okay because variety is good.

5. Xandria - Queen of Hearts Reborn

Starting with something to broaden my horizons. One night on the weekend before I was set to go back to class, I felt like putting on some Xandria, one of Brayden's favourite bands that he traveled to Montreal to see and met twice. Sometimes, there is no set up when we want to check out a band. When people talk about the bands they like, I make a mental note to listen to some songs by them. But, often I …

Darkspawn Vortex

Can you believe it's been so long since I wrote about a dream?

There have been several nights where I had a few strange and vivid dreams that would have been worthy writing about, however, I didn't feel the motivation to share them. Then, there were also a few that were too personal to share!

So, why not start sharing these stories again with something that delivers memories, as well as new horizons?

I felt like this dream was fast-paced so this'll be a quick one for you.

It began with a dark void, and a thousand red eyes staring at me, and they began to merge and swirl around creating a dark vortex. I started to run as fast as I could to a small light waiting for me on the other side of the darkness. A voice called out to me in rage, but I must have been running too fast for me to catch what they were saying.

Then, I was standing in a desert place with rocky arches, purple lava, and castle towers. Sound familiar PS gamers? I was in the Peace Keepers home world from the fi…

Out of the Cave

It has been a long time indeed.

Well, I have good news to share, I am finally going to be heading back to class this week. It's so relieving that the strike is over, but at the same time, it should have NEVER been allowed to continue for five weeks! FIVE.

The college's 50th anniversary and this strike makes history being the longest. This is no doubt going to be remembered by myself and half a million students for a while.

Lucky for me, my workload is so light and I don't have many financial demands, so I should be able to get back on track and get on with my life without a problem. However, I still think I deserve a refund equal to the amount of days I lost.

Since this strike has gone on, I haven't been writing on here because when I felt like my life was left in limbo, I didn't have any motivation to write anything, other than how upset I was and the thoughts I was having, which is too personal to share here. I'm so driven to succeed that I hate it when anyth…

Why The Blogging Community Sucks

I love to blog. Having my own blog feels like my sanctuary on the Internet; the only place where I can be the most honest. Every once in a while I often write about the challenges I face such as using a platform that isn't as fancy, blogging about a great number of topics, dealing with other bloggers, and more.

However, what I do not particularly like is the community, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Spammers, spammers everywhere

It doesn't matter how hard you try, you will get spammed in the blogging community. We all hate spammers, and we wouldn't dream of becoming one. Some writers I've seen them spam links to their blogs on other people's blogs because they are so desperate for traffic.

It gets annoying. There are some groups I am a member of where I have to disable comments because there's a certain chance if I get one comment, it's someone who just wants to spam to get me to check out their blog. If they cannot do that, they go directly to the article&#…

Vampire Lords and Hunters

I'm finally sitting down to writing about this DLC. I delayed it for a long time but promised I would after writing about Skyrim's main storyline. How could I forget the time when Dawnguard was first announced, some of my friends were counting the days and the HOURS until its release!

I feel like this DLC is a bit more lore-like despite this game in general not being very deep in the lore. We usually have to come up with our own things to fill in the gaps and many gamers may accomplish this with mods.

So, I'm going to talk here about what I think about Dawnguard.

The one thing I noticed first, was I overheard the guards talking about a faction of the same name, and vampires were starting to attack the villages. That became a pain in the neck because sometimes, they would end up killing someone I relied on.

In my most recent play through, two vampires attacked Whiterun and ended up killing Belethor. The pile of ash containing his remains, has been left at the foot of my Bre…

Living the Teenage Dream

I don't usually write about the concerts I go to that aren't metal, but I think it's time I stop restricting myself to that. So, why not start that off with Katy Perry's show from last night?

I've loved her since I was a teenager, and last night felt like I was living that teenage dream. I never really expressed the desire to see her live when I was at that age; probably because I believed that it was nearly impossible to get tickets to big artist shows, and it was expensive.

Well, I'm wrong about that. I recall the tickets went on sale sometime in the spring. As soon as I heard about it, the first person I told was my mom who surprisingly expressed immediate interest in going. At the same time I felt my inner teenage self emerging, and that's when I realized I still loved Katy and wanted to see her. My mom told me to get really good seats. So, we bought floor ones that were still available. I was shocked that they still were, considering how fast they can …