Project Dreamshadow

I've kept everyone in the dark about this (unless you follow me on Instagram). Makeup is all about expressing yourself, and once I got more into that scene, I never realized there were so many unique brands out there. Some of them were meant for different types of women: Some could be for the very elegant like Lancome, some that are internationally inclusive like Fenty Beauty, some for those who like cuteness like Too Faced, and then there's some for those who cherish their individuality like Urban Decay.

I then discovered an indie brand called Sugarpill when watching some tutorial videos. MUA's in those vids were using their own custom palettes made from them. A custom eyeshadow palette is like a dream, and the bonus was that Sugarpill had the type of cuteness to it that I liked: hearts, pink, and even medical themed! We're talking lipsticks that look like capsules and a heart-shaped logo with a cross in the center. How adorable is that if you're looking to become a healthcare practitioner? My temptations swallowed me up, and I decided to invest in making a custom eyeshadow palette with Sugarpill.

My completed palette after months of waiting and excessive spending

Before I get into the story, here's a legend for the colours I chose:

Love+ (red)
Suburbia (peach)
Heart-Shaped Cookie (nude)
Castle on a Hill (dark chocolate)
Poison Plum (purple)
Dollipop (hot pink)
Frostine (lavender)
Kitten parade (baby pink)
CandyCrush (ice blue)
Kim Chi (sky blue)
The Inventor (gunmetal)
Ice Angel (silver)

I really liked the idea that you could make a custom palette. I thought that the advantage to that would be saving money because when you run low on a shade, all you have to buy is another pan. However, I found a problem with buying from this place in general, which I will get to in just a moment.

The main problem was that Sugarpill, being an indie brand from the US, it wasn't something that I could swatch at the nearest Sephora, so it was like I had to look at the shades online, along with swatches and reviews. What really helped me choose was my own visualization. I looked at each shade and imagined it on my eyes; like short videos of me blinking with that shade on. If what I saw in my mind looked nice, I would write that shade down in a chart on a Word document that I used as my plan. I wanted a variety: First I wanted some everyday shades like nudes, silvery shine, and a black or gray. The pinks and purples I've always loved those on my eyes; being a redhead there would be some warmer shades like the red and peach, and the two blues are just to try something new.

My chart wasn't finalized once I knew what I wanted, but at that point I had decided to dub the project Dreamshadow because the name felt like it was meant to build my ideal eyeshadow palette that I wanted. 

Most people who want to make these palettes tend to buy it all at once: twelve shades with the palette for free. But I couldn't do that because I'm on a budget, and some shades weren't in stock. I bought the palette with a brush first and eventually found out that this was going to cost more than I thought; not just because of it being from the US, but also having to pay duties and taxes!

The pink shade, Dollipop, was the only one that wasn't in stock, so to start, I ordered the first five mattes:

The shades fit very well. They're all very pigmented and blend great too. After that, I wanted to get the frosts and sparkles next, and the truth is, those weren't finalized. Originally, I wanted to get this hot pink sparkly shade called Hotsy Totsy (which was also sold out!), but changed my mind because it was too similar to Dollipop, so I replaced it with Kim Chi the sky blue matte. 

I had the idea that blending the two blue shades could create a Katy Perry-ish look, and like I said, to try something new.

The frost shades also came out well and I have yet to try them all. Kitten Parade arrived a little messy, but thankfully, in one piece.

By mid-August they were all there except Dollipop and I had to wait several weeks for it to be restocked. Several other girls were waiting for it too, and I became desperate constantly asking on Instagram when it would be restocking. Like so many other times, the moment you put your mind off of something, the sooner it comes to you. When I went out to see Megadeth and Scorpions, I had not thought about it all week, and then, when Megadeth finished their set, I pulled out my phone to post my best picture and received an email that Dollipop was restocked. I immediately rushed to the site and ordered it with a few extras just for being loyal and patient.

I also have the Ghosted loose shadow and two lipsticks which are great. Other than the shades having great pigment and blend-ability; it'll go great for some fun looks, but I'm still trying to figure out what colours would be good for everyday looks other than the nude and brown. We shall see.

So, would I say this was worth it? Definitely, it's nice to build your own eyeshadow palette, that way you can choose the colours for it, whereas buying one that is already made you would have to purchase the entire thing if less than half of the colours in it spoke to you. Hell, if that was the case, I'd rather just get single shades or buy/build a palette where all or more than half of the shades I like.

The other question is, is it worth enough for me to keep investing in? That we will have to see to as well. This palette is certainly going to last me a couple of years, and by the time the shades start to hit pan, yes all I have to spend on is replacements of them, but there's still the matter of paying extra fees and waiting up to ten days. But for now, I'm going to have some fun with this little creation of mine.

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians out there, let us enjoy some turkey and pumpkin pie together!



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