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Demon's Symphony Dancing in a Thunder Fire - Music of September 2017

Time for another monthly music post! It honestly feels last minute that I'm writing about this because the month has been quite chaotic despite the light course load, but I can only imagine how worse it would be if I was taking this semester what I already passed last year.

But enough of that, it's better to write things here to put my mind off of the stressful world. This month's songs feel like the opposite of August: they're about bigger events that September had to offer, along with a few odd ones out that were just stuff in my head, so shall we?

5. Within Temptation - A Demon's Fate

When I first discovered the band's album The Unforgiving, it was the song Where Is The Edge that was my jam, and now, this one is. I feel like this is the darkest and most epic song on the album and it's always the fast melody that gets me, but what gets me even more than that part is the bridge where it slows down with Sharon's voice in the background, and the riffs wit…

Precious Metal

I consider myself an independent woman. If I want something in life, I go and I get it myself. I do like it when I receive gifts of things that I want, but if I want something, I will certainly buy it myself instead of waiting for someone to gift it to me.

There are many things in life that are often considered something that you would gift to someone you love. I'm not saying no one ever gives me things, I do receive wonderful gifts from my family and I always give them something in return. But, if there's any time other than Christmas when I see something I want, I decide I don't need anyone's help to get it.
Jewelry is a common example of this. I love my jewelry, even if most of it is costume. Yes, I have some precious metal and would like some more, but only if I can afford it, I don't wait around to have it gifted to me. I'm always treating myself to something such as an event or thing every month. 
In 2015, I was buying a lot of charms for my Pandora brace…

Symphony in a Hurricane

Another concert has come and gone and they happen so fast. But I'm happy to tell you that this one was worth waiting for.

Megadeth and the Scorpions rocked the hell out of that night and nothing like going there dressed up like a thrasher.

We got there so early, the gates to the venue hadn't opened yet. I was starving and as soon as they let us in, I bolted for Pizza Pizza. I would have got in line for the merchandise stand but it was crazy. Then again, I don't need anything at these concerts other than a fun night out. Going to concerts feels so much more relieving when I'm busy with life as everyone needs a break.

I got a lot of compliments for the vest, and was even happier when I saw people wearing band shirts of some of the bands I had patches of. 
Coincidentally, every time I go to this venue, I'm always moving closer to the stage per gig. This time, we were on the floor and we stood against the railing by the platform that thrust out, so that counts as front…

Titans of Justice

I must write quickly, so maybe consider this a little update.

First, I must give myself a pat on the back for not spending so much money this month. Today marks only the second package I received from an online order. I kind of owe it to school for distracting me from shopping so much. What can I say, this is a sacrifice I am willing to make, in order to get good grades.

In case you're wondering, the first package was the second half of my Fenty Beauty splurge from Sephora (the other half I bought in-store), with that being said, that splurge made me hit Rouge status and now I've decided that I definitely have enough this time. Wish me luck in trying to only buy what has to be replenished for the next several months!

Before I go out tonight to swing to the symphony of destruction and rock like a hurricane, I'll just share a little haul from Amazon that came in this afternoon!

When I was feeling stressed with some of my work, my parents said I should go buy something online…

Master Org's Whiteout

Last night's dream gave me some nostalgia. It made me wish that I went deeper into the franchise that it centers around. My brother always wanted to watch more of it, and I always showed such little interest.

After that dream, I wish I could go back in time and tell my child self to watch more Power Rangers. There are so many different series and the only one I had seen the most of was Time Force I think. I saw one episode of Wild Force and that's it, but I still know the episode like the back of my hand.

I've got to give some praise to series like these. The action doesn't look so CGI; but I wonder now, how are the effects done when a villain grows to a huge size and then the rangers create a giant robot to fight it? (what are they called.....oh yeah, Megazords). The villains to me look like they're all costumes rather than made through wet suits and all computer animated.

See how my small amount of knowledge I have of what I did watch comes back to me after a dre…

Clutterfunk Valhalla

Well, hello primitives.

It's a fine late Saturday afternoon as I type this and I have made it through the first week. I spent this morning doing one of my minor ailment worksheets and then studying OTC drug names after going for a walk to the nearby festival.

I think it's time I share a little update of what's going on in my life.

So, where do I begin? Well, I'm broadening my horizons:

As of early August for the hell of it, I installed Geometry Dash onto my Steam account after I saw how colourful it was and decided to give it a go since it was so cheap.

I was scared at first because of all the stories of people sharing in their reviews how difficult it was.

But eventually, I started playing and yes, those scary stories were true. At times you'll feel like breaking the controller or slamming your fist on the desk. I think this game is trying to teach us how to be emotionless. It has also taught me to appreciate and even enjoy music genres like EDM and dubstep. Serio…

Unleashed Beyond the Matrix

What a fine evening to write about a concert eh? I've been slowly settling into my college workload once again, and I have one assignment this semester that requires me to venture out to one of the local pharmacies and get their permission to conduct the assignment there. It's not a placement, more like something that can only be done through exposure to the real world stuff.

I told myself to let a week or two pass by so I get settled into the routine of weekly tasks, before I tackle any major assignments like that one. Despite this being only one course, it's got two parts to it and feels a little heavier than it should be! Oh well, I need to keep busy.

Anyway, onto the concert! To tell you the truth it shocked me how early we had to be there, but since we had VIP: the meet and greet was before the show this time. I had to rush to do my makeup and ended up doing a shimmery purple smoky eye with a touch of glitter and my bright pink lipstick.

The signings came first, and a…

Fan Expo 2017 - Rising Up from the Hellfire

For many years, I've wanted to go to Fan Expo, but it was always difficult due to the time of the year it was at: The Labour Day weekend. I would tell myself every year that I would go, and interact with fellow nerds, but then distractions kept popping up like trips to the cottage, school prep./work, etc.

Not this year, I finally got to go yesterday and I am so glad I went. I was super excited to cosplay as Claude Frollo again. The more I dress up as him, the more people connect me to it.

I woke up really early so I had time to wash my hair and suffered two misfortunes while getting ready: First, I got shampoo in my right eye while washing my hair and it stung like hell. Then, while I was doing my makeup; my second attempt creating a look with the sample of Urban Decay's brand new Troublemaker mascara. I was trying to fix a lash that was hanging low until it got in my left eye and I rushed to the bathroom rapidly blinking and had to wipe it off and redo that eye!

Well, at leas…