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Stay Strong Darling One

I waited almost all summer for a special purchase I made, and now it's finally here.

While Lordi is pretty much the event of the year, this might be close to the trinket of the year. There's another thing I've got that it competes against which I will reveal later.

While hooked onto playing Andromeda, I fell in love with Jaal, and the more I pursued him and the relationship deepened, the more I loved him. It was just enough for me to want to have a piece of him with me wherever I went.

I was scrolling through images of his lovely face in mid-June until I came across a custom pendant of his face on Etsy. I placed the order for it in a heartbeat, but then learned from the seller that she would make it for me, and asked me what I wanted for the customization. All I desired was: as long as it looked like Jaal, I would be happy.

It wasn't until the beginning of July; right when I finished the game when she contacted me saying it was finished. When I saw a picture of the completed pendant, it was so adorable, I melted.

Inside I felt desperate to receive it, but when it comes to ordering things online..... especially if you have to coordinate with the seller to get what you want, you have to be as patient as possible, and when it finally arrives, you'll realize it was totally worth the wait.

My little Jaal funko approves
Then, come August, I was worried the package was lost in the mail (as usual!). There were many times where I would go out just to keep myself distracted. Then, last week, I went to run a short errand. When I returned I saw the truck drive by my house and a tiny package waiting for me on the doorstep. I almost dropped my bags to fetch it. Once I opened it, there it was, the adorable homemade pendant of Jaal's face looking back at me.

I waited so long for it that I wasn't willing to wait to have it around my neck. So, the next day, I immediately went to Michaels to get a chain for it.

"Wherever you go, take me with you."
I have to say I am one hundred percent satisfied with this as a necklace. He looks so adorable on me! If I ever met Jaal's voice actor; Nyasha Hatendi, I would show it to him. But for now, whenever I want Jaal to be with me, I will wear him around my neck, close to my heart.

Rebecca, if you ever see this, once again I thank you for making this lovely pendant for me, you are very talented.

To anybody out there also in love with Jaal, I highly recommend this, you won't regret it. Any nerdy jewelry I find of a universe I love, is worth spending my money on, even more if it's original!



  1. The pendant looks amazing! I'm happy you gave us some info on the creator Rebecca; I know you even tagged her in your Instagram post. I'm sure seeing that pendant around your neck will make a few people want to check her out, and maybe get something of their own! So thank you for that.

    Being patient for a package is difficult, especially when you have to wait for custom work. But it looks like the wait was worth it!

    The necklace really suits him by the way; I like how he falls over your heart. ��

    1. Thank you, yes that is also my intention, and she appreciates me spreading the word. 😊 and Jaal definitely does look close to my heart on this, I prefer that for certain necklaces, especially this and my locket. 💜


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