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Man's Last Devil of Seventh Sun - Music of August 2017

Here we are! Another monthly music post! I'll be completely honest here, it was difficult to choose songs for August. There were quite a few that were relating to me on a personal level, and some that I was just jamming to the most in general.

However, once I picked them out, I realized they relate to the events of this month, they're not big ones but more like ones I celebrate myself and things on my mind. August has always felt like the least eventful month of the year, and it'll be interesting how it'll change in the years to come.

Alright, on with the show!

5. Alice in Chains - Man in the Box

This song recently came back into my life the two times I went up to the cottage this summer. My mom would plug her iPod into the car and made me in charge of the playlist. She and I both loved this song, and it's the only AIC song that I know. Whenever it plays during our commute, we turn it up and sing it really loud. It's catchy, but whenever I try to picture somethi…

Hurricane Across the Amazon

I originally didn't want to write about this dream to not overload myself, but I yielded after seeing how vivid this one was.

Dreams about storms and ones that relate to something I want to see are always good.

This one started in the jungle and at this moment I thought about Jumanji: A movie where people are sucked into a video game of the same name and have to play through it to return to reality. There's much I don't know except that a remake of it is coming out this Christmas. I'm intrigued because I like the concept it presents: warping teenagers into a video game where they become their avatars that are literally the opposite of what they are in real life. I guess they can learn some life lessons off of their experience. I might just go and see it for my own interest regardless of all the whining of it "ruining" people's childhood

I wonder if I was sucked into the game in this dream. I was wandering the jungle by myself, looking for the shore in hop…

Collecting Moments and Considering Quality

I'm not very materialistic like I used to be.

That's something I've noticed changing about myself since the start of 2017. For two years, I was always buying stuff, but I have slowly cut back recently and have only purchased things that I really wanted like my Jaal pendant, 3D printed jewelry, Frollo costume, etc.

Ever wondered why my CD collection isn't that large? That's because I prefer to only own physical copies of bands that I REALLY love; like my top 5. Otherwise, I'll just buy digital copies if I want it badly enough.

At concerts, I have significantly reduced the amount of pictures I take, or I take none at all. I might buy one or two pieces of merchandise, or nothing.

Why is that? I don't collect things, I collect moments. and as you may already know: I also strongly value quality over quantity when it does come to material things and for anything that I love.

When I see people brag about how big their music, Star Wars, or whatever collection defin…

If I Became a Lordi Fan in 2006

Have you ever asked yourself this question whenever you became a fan of a band or artist? Every musician has gone through their prime, and it seems that I'm frequently late to the party since I didn't get into heavy metal until I was 18.

So, one thing that really came to my mind after 5 years, is:

What if I became a Lordi fan in 2006 instead of 2012? 

2006 was the year Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest and became a brief phenomenon in their country and the rest of the continent. They even captured international attention with their victory making them able to tour in places they had not been to before
In that year, I was probably 11 at that time, but since ESC happens in May, I would have just turned 12. 
I cannot really picture myself becoming a fan in the years before that. I would have been too young, and back then I hadn't exactly been able to look at most scary things yet..... also the Internet was too crappy to indulge in any deep research!

So, let's just imag…

Stay Strong Darling One

I waited almost all summer for a special purchase I made, and now it's finally here.

While Lordi is pretty much the event of the year, this might be close to the trinket of the year. There's another thing I've got that it competes against which I will reveal later.

While hooked onto playing Andromeda, I fell in love with Jaal, and the more I pursued him and the relationship deepened, the more I loved him. It was just enough for me to want to have a piece of him with me wherever I went.
I was scrolling through images of his lovely face in mid-June until I came across a custom pendant of his face on Etsy. I placed the order for it in a heartbeat, but then learned from the seller that she would make it for me, and asked me what I wanted for the customization. All I desired was: as long as it looked like Jaal, I would be happy.
It wasn't until the beginning of July; right when I finished the game when she contacted me saying it was finished. When I saw a picture of the com…

It's Okay to Treat Yourself

Today seemed like a day where I would do nothing. I thought about getting some cleaning done, watering the garden, and then just doing nothing other than play some video games. But instead, I felt like today was a day where I needed to get out and do something fun.

I usually don't go to movies alone, but for some reason I had a desire to do so today. I know I've spoken that things like movies, concerts, etc. are more fun with friends, and I still stand by that. However, perhaps I occasionally need to treat myself to an event. I do, after all, consider myself a woman who doesn't need someone to depend on, and when friends are busy, that's when the time comes to treat myself. I always try to treat myself every month, but most of the time it's a shopping trip to the mall or a major online purchase. So yeah, today was different, I was like: "I always treat myself to a shopping trip. Let's go to a movie instead."

I doubt this'll be something I make a h…

The Final Descent

So, this is another dream article. But this dream is actually from a while ago.

I have no idea how I remember parts of it from say, several months back, but somehow I do, especially if it relates to something I like.

I mean, some dreams I have are quite interesting, but I can't just write about all of them. If did, this blog would be dominated by dream articles! So, hence I only write about a few. The flying ones are always the best hahahaha!

In this dream, I was a Jedi in a city that reminded me of New York. I was walking through this busy building that was a mixture of other Jedi and civilians. I was constantly on the lookout for some trouble. In the center of the building was this elevator that Jedi could use by voice command to go to any scene, where any trouble was lurking about.

I had used it a few times, but then the most daunting task came when the council ordered me to go down to the "Max" level from the elevator. No one had been down there before and had return…

Avoid the Serpent, Secure the Plush

This new pillow of mine is something I've been trying to get used to the past several nights. It also pains me when I get awakened at 2am for whatever the reason. But, I still have my old softer pillow in the closet in case I need to make a switch. I've got dreams to write about this weekend, and a few other articles which I will tackle while I'm up at the cottage.

I might as well start with this one from last night.

It wasn't a very long dream; in fact, I think these were two very short dreams and there isn't much to talk about in regards to them. So, this'll be short and sweet.

In the first dream, I could have sworn I was wandering the Chamber of Secrets. I've been a Harry Potter fan for years, and growing up there was always that scary part at the end. I couldn't watch the scene with the unicorn blood, but for some reason, I could handle the Basilisk. However, I was scared to go into the basement alone when it was dark because I thought that serpent …

Patience is a Virtue

Well, hello there, I haven't blogged in a whole week after publishing my Wonderland story. It feels so strange ever since I discontinued Metal Monday and switched to monthly music instead.

I'm trying to look for things to write about, but nothing seems to have come up. A few ideas appeared, but most of them vanished, and sadly I haven't had any weird dreams to share here. I guess that's just what happens when I play Skyrim all the way until 10pm, and given my routine, the lights are not out until 10:30 and I can't fall asleep. I value a good night's sleep, no matter how busy I am. Perhaps I need to adjust it.

But, August still has something to offer. I've been inactive because I'm trying to finish another fanfiction chapter and in most cases, I don't like to write anything else until it's done. But, I've got something about Lordi to write and it should be fun to do, you know, make up a story.

I also have another project that I'm working …

A Ride Warrior's Story - Gentle Rides to High Thrills

If there's one thing that gives me the most thrills other than music, it's theme parks. I'm a warrior: I'll go on just about anything that makes me scream and laugh; whether it loops and twists, spins and tilts, or zooms at a great speed.

But, it wasn't always like that. Growing up, I wasn't very open with rides. I was scared and felt like someone would make me go on something when I wasn't ready to face it. It turns out I never had to worry, and I ended up having a good time. Here is the story about how I went from being a scared little girl to a ride warrior and conqueror.

In the GTA, the closest major theme park was Canada's Wonderland (it was actually owned by Paramount Pictures when I first started going there). I was still quite young when I went for my first time there, so I found myself in the kid's zone riding spinning airplanes, carousels (even today, I still love a good swing ride or merry-go-round!), swings, and other gentle rides.