Announcing a New Era

Hi everyone.

So, after much debating with myself after making that unexpected discontinuation. I began to realize that yes I love this blog of mine: it is my child, and I will do everything to keep it going because it makes me happy.

As you may have read, I decided to discontinue Metal Monday because the lack of motivation began to kick in to do it; mainly due to the demand it put on me, and the fact that I saw it as a traffic grower opportunity back when I was trying to monetize. Only when I did songs I was actually listening to at that time, and dedications did I enjoy doing that weekly feature. So, it was for everyone else, but it wasn't pleasing me. The most important thing is to ensure that you like what you write and you are happy with it first before you consider others.

Two of my blogging friends would often do monthly music features instead, and it allowed them reflect on the songs that they were enjoying that month, whether it was on a personal level or not. I liked that idea because it can give you more time to think, listen, and choose what you were enjoying the most. Since it's a monthly thing, it has less pressure and will be something I do for myself; because the truth is I love to share my music here, when I want to, and not have to feel like I need to more frequently to have more content to bring in people.

So, starting next Monday, I will post 5 songs at the end of every month that have touched me the most. Some on a personal level, and some just cause I love them. Also, I will no longer be limiting the music I share to just heavy metal and rock, so you'll see some other genres come in. Also, I've made a choice to no longer track what songs I pick anymore. I was doing that with Metal Monday, and now what's the point? This is for fun, so if you repeat a song say, several months after you already do it, then whatever.

So yeah, that's my announcement, and I think this is going to be much more fun. I'm looking forward to it, hopefully you are too.



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