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Reminding City Force of Solace Rain – Music of July 2017

Well, here we go! It's the end of the month and it's my first time doing this monthly music feature. I'm honestly excited to write this because I get to be more open and honest without any pressure.

So, for the first issue this month, the drill is I post what I feel like I've been listening to the most and what has touched me inside, regardless of genre. Some of these are actually from previous months that grew on me, but since I didn't start this until now, I had to choose a few from earlier.

5. Shawn Hook ft. Vanessa Hudgens - Reminding Me

A pop song to start with. I heard this on the radio and when I discovered Vanessa Hudgens was in it, my mouth fell open. I haven't heard from her since the last High School Musical film when I wasn't even in high school yet! It seems I've lived under a rock since she left Disney. This song grew on me after a few times I heard it during commutes and when I would tag along with my mom shopping. It appears to be about a…

Announcing a New Era

Hi everyone.

So, after much debating with myself after making that unexpected discontinuation. I began to realize that yes I love this blog of mine: it is my child, and I will do everything to keep it going because it makes me happy.

As you may have read, I decided to discontinue Metal Monday because the lack of motivation began to kick in to do it; mainly due to the demand it put on me, and the fact that I saw it as a traffic grower opportunity back when I was trying to monetize. Only when I did songs I was actually listening to at that time, and dedications did I enjoy doing that weekly feature. So, it was for everyone else, but it wasn't pleasing me. The most important thing is to ensure that you like what you write and you are happy with it first before you consider others.

Two of my blogging friends would often do monthly music features instead, and it allowed them reflect on the songs that they were enjoying that month, whether it was on a personal level or not. I liked that…

Sacrifice Memories Past

Sometimes I look at things I do on here and think it's not enough. For instance, two years ago I started doing weekly posts of songs that I was listening to. I would always publish them on this particular day of the week.

Of course, that was back during the time I was actually trying to monetize this place, when I WANTED people to come here, and when I cared about pleasing people. But inside, I had motives inside of me from my gut and others that I had originally started this blog for myself and to feel like this was my safe haven on the Internet.

After I decided to cancel monetizing this place due to how unsuccessful it was, overtime, I felt like those particular Monday posts had lost their true purpose. The good thing about them was that viewers could get to know me through my music taste. But, it was like that was for them, not me.

I had slightly over eighty of these posts and I looked back and realized that most bloggers, Instagrammers, and all that shit were doing things like…

That Girl's Got a Chainsaw

A dream is a dream, but sometimes there are those horrific and disturbing ones that we have. I don't usually write about them.

Here, I'll make an exception. I don't often make exceptions for dreams like this, but if you know me well, there's only one thing that makes me make exceptions for any sort of situation.

I was sitting in this dark room tied to a chair. There were a group of other girls sitting all around me in the same position. I asked them what was going on and they said they were being tortured for information, nobody knew what it was. 
The door then burst open and another girl walked in, she looked just like the one in the picture above, there was a chainsaw in her hands. She walked up to one of the prisoners and started asking her questions I could not hear. Then suddenly the chainsaw began to start and the blond girl proceeded to sever the bound girl's arm slowly. I could not look away as her screams echoed and blood spurted everywhere.
The girl fell …

Console Wars

I've had this article literally on hold for a long time, and only now have I found the time to work on it.

I was inspired to write this after watching brief clips of E3; that annual video game conference where all the big companies announce the new stuff coming out; from games, to consoles, and new features and stuff.

The one thing; and I seem to notice this every year, is the constant conflict between the gamers over which platform is better.

For example, I watched Xbox's livestream on Instagram during E3 where they were talking about what they were releasing this year; including a new console. I couldn't believe the comments; they were rarely positive, non-Xbox gamers were bashing the company nonstop. Those people were mainly PlayStation gamers, and occasionally you'll see PC gamers come in stating their master race claims, and Nintendo usually stay quiet.. unless they're elitists. But from what I have observed, it's mainly the PS community who like to bash X…

The Square and the Trooper

Another concert has come and gone, and one of the few of the summer. It felt so nostalgic coming back to this venue; I haven't been to it since KISS and Def Leppard in 2014. This concert was Ghost opening up for Iron Maiden.

By now, this would be my third Ghost ritual and my first time seeing Maiden.

The day of the gig just had to be on the same day as an indie race happening in Toronto so it was super noisy while walking to the Budweiser stage. Yes, that is what it's called now, and I still refer to it as the Molson Amphitheater, just like I still call the south mall in my hometown Hopedale even though that is no longer its name!

I gotta say the walk was nice, especially through that park and alongside of the harbour towards the venue. I only got myself a nice Ghost keychain which I still have to put on my purse and chatted with a few fans. Most of them were there for Maiden, but I still saw a few Ghost fans too.

We were in section 300, and it felt so different seeing Ghost a…

Mass Effect Andromeda - New Galaxy New Worlds

Right after finals, I decided I was going to dive back into the Mass Effect universe, now here I am three months later after starting the new game Mass Effect: Andromeda. I've played through the original trilogy many times, and I was only lurking around to learn of the new game coming out this year. All I saw were a few pictures, and that amount increased as the release date came closer.

When I first heard about Andromeda, I was a little skeptical due to it being a whole different approach. Would it be as good as the trilogy? The first thing I learned was that it would not feature Shepard and their comrades, but once I understood it was going to be in a whole different galaxy, it made sense. I'm very open-minded with the franchise; even as a now long-time fan. I think that's because I don't take video games seriously, if it's interesting to me, I will play, and Mass Effect games are always those games that have so much diversity in species, lore that absorbs me, an…

Violent Stormbringer

As things slowly get back to normal in the household, I'm gonna get back into my writing.

I don't usually write about nightmares. But, sometimes I have some very unrealistic ones that are okay to share because they're not personal.

It started how I was at Canada's Wonderland; coincidentally I am going there on Tuesday with some friends! I was riding Shockwave and screaming my heart out, and it is one of my favorite rotating rides in the park!

I was walking to get something to eat at a doughnut shop and as I was in line, the sun disappeared behind the clouds. I assumed it was just becoming overcast; no sign of any bad weather. Now, I wonder if those doughnuts were good if I ever ate them in the dream; they have like Tiny Tom at Wonderland but I never buy food in the park, too expensive.

Anyway, just before it was my turn to order, the sky got darker and people started running. I heard a crash of thunder and joined the crowd in escaping the park.

Cars and buses were star…

Devil May Care

Hi, surprised to see me? Well, I apologize for leaving you in the dark.

I've been inactive all week due to some family stuff going on. I consider it my own compassionate leave that I've granted to myself in order to be there when they need me.

Anyway, things should be back to normal next week. I started playing with my Skyrim Battlemage character; it ain't easy as it seems, and plus my Andromeda article is coming along nicely.

But yes I'm still alive, thanks for asking.


150 Missions Accomplished

Happy Canada day!

It's my country's 150th birthday today and it feels like an honour; though I'm chilling at home instead of going out somewhere to watch fireworks or partying, it's enough for me.

At the same time, I have great news to share!

Since the weather was a bit crappy this afternoon, I took the time to play some more Andromeda and have completed the final mission of the main story line. Over all, I'm proud of the accomplishment and the fact that I gave this game a chance and kept at it no matter how different it was from the original trilogy. The bonus? I ended up liking this game.

So, sometime this month you can expect my ramble post on the game. It'll be a challenge given how vast the game is, but then again Mass Effect has ALWAYS been so vast so I have to choose wisely what I write about when it comes to these posts!

You know the drill; plot summary, characters, favorite moments (I'll try to squeeze in side quests since this game has a ton of th…