MMSW #76 Fortune Smiles On You

I'm back!

Once again I've been absent all week after writing about my concert updates. I actually played so much Andromeda last week and last Friday night's play session went on late and I finished off doing a little something that left me in a pile of pudding! There'll be more to come that'll leave me like that again!

I spent today finally getting down to tweaking things here again. Inspired by one of my friends overseas, I'm changing up the pages of my favorite things to one page and narrowing it down to the best. My fictional crushes still get their own page but are narrowed down to the ones I love the most.

This week'll be busy as tomorrow my two-day First Aid/CPR course starts required for my field placement next year. That'll give me a break from the binge-gaming, so that way when I return to play again, it'll be so much more satisfying. For now let's kick off with this week's song.

This was literally a last minute choice, I almost went with something by Xandria but ended up picking this instead as it popped into my head and I remembered hearing it live when I saw Delain almost two months ago.

It's got that dark melody that I love and it sounds very emotional and even after the second listen to the album version I'm already getting goosebumps from Charlotte's voice and the keyboard intro.

Something tells me once I memorize it, I'll write my own version, but for what or who? For now, all I can picture is myself singing in a blue dress or armor in a lush jungle; which is most likely on another planet, it eventually starts raining as well as picturing some aliens. It's really hard to pair sci-fi with metal than it is to pair it with fantasy! The pieces of the puzzle in my vivid mind will come together eventually!

That's it for tonight, and to be honest I almost wrote about a strange dream I had but I think this one will go somewhere more private instead. Stay strong and clear.



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