Why I Still Use Blogger

This is a common question we bloggers get. "Why did you choose that platform?" I've written about how I thought that did not matter. I've revealed that I've made Wordpress sites, took them down, made another, took it down, and now I have one called Monsterlady's Diary that isn't visible to the public sitting on my account.

I only made a Wordpress account in the first place so I could comment on my friend's blogs who run theirs there. I've always had the debate of moving my content: I would start to, but as soon as it was there... I would change my mind over and over returning here. The down side of that was I could not reuse a domain I deleted previously. So if I actually did decide to move permanently.... unfortunately that means I wouldn't be able to use the same domain I use here!

So, why am I still here? There's a lot of sites that compare Blogger to Wordpress them being the most well-known blog sites.

1. It's free

I would rather not have to pay anything to set up a site where I can express myself freely. I'll admit Wordpress has a lot of features, but many of them you have to pay for. This I know when I tried to give the site a go:

For example, for further customizing your theme. I've noticed that a lot of things I wanted to change about the free themes could not be done. Only a few colours, fonts, widgets, etc. were available to me and I didn't like that. It's clear that Wordpress would not allow me to have a wide variety of the basics I needed unless I paid them.

Also, you have to pay for more online storage space if you use up all of it for images and stuff. Pictures that I post here have barely taken up any space on my Google Drive because it only counts for a certain size or the original size! Not to mention there are subscription fees to enhance your experience and options available to you that you have to pay monthly or annually to keep. If you have a tight budget then this is not for you.

That being said, I don't like too many restrictions put on me when it comes to my writing. Sure, Blogger has restrictions too, but so far they are not things that I NEED to have on my blog, nor are they something that I have to open my wallet for. I don't believe in spending my money to customize a website, unless, I want to give it a custom domain one day.

2. Security and Maintenance 

It's a tie almost. There's still much I need to learn, but this being owned by Google, I don't have to worry about the site being down for maintenance, hackers, and all that paska. From what I know about Wordpress is that you can self-host, make it entirely your own and manage everything with a custom domain. But all that extra work may not be for everyone.

Let's imagine my life in a couple of years: By then I could have a full-time job, and when I come home from work I may not have time to check for updates, manage my CMS, improve security, and the other things that come with managing a website. When I log in here, I would just like to be able to get down to one thing: writing an article. That's it.

Unfortunately, that means that this site is still owned by Google, but that means I get an extra level of protection! I still consider everything I write here, mine. They are my words after all, so therefore it will always be mine to me, and no one can change that.

3. Simplicity

I think Wordpress is better suited for business bloggers and ones that are personal but wish to take things to the next level. Sure, I've got Adsense, but I doubt I will make much off of it. Blogger is a good platform for newbies too. I've been blogging for 4 years here, so I don't consider myself a novice anymore. But, I do consider myself a creative one who is okay with what I have access to here.

Some people might come to me and say I could consider moving if I want to have my blog look more professional despite its personal content theme to attract more readers. But, I would remind them that there's no need. I'm not doing this to please other readers and bring in new ones. I love my followers who make themselves known to me of course. I'm doing this for myself, and it's great if they like it too. I'm honest with what I write, and I'm not changing anything here to please others who think I could do more. (You know where that attitude came from!)

What I can say, I'm basic. I don't need all those extra things, especially since this is a personal blog. I mean, I'm sure anyone can run a personal blog for free on Wordpress too and the free version is straightforward, but I don't know. I feel I've got everything I need here.

4. It's niche-focused

A personal blog is basically a niche type of environment, and Blogger really has all you need to appeal to that situation. A significant portion of the blogs I follow are business, which are either run on Wordpress or other platforms, so of course there are no ideal customers you want visiting your blog, unless it's a niche business like a Star Wars news blog or something.

Since Blogger has an easy system to learn how to use, those bloggers who are just looking to express themselves without any business purpose or not on a single fixated subject will find this platform is their niche.

A long time ago, back when MSN had Windows Live profiles, there was this little thing called "Spaces". You could add widgets to it, including a blog portion. It truly felt like my own place. It did not matter if it was owned by a company. It was easy for me to figure out and understand, and soon I began to use it to write. Then, when it was revealed that feature was going to be discontinued and only the blog portion could be transferred to Wordpress.... I did not choose to migrate it there.

It's not that I don't believe that Wordpress can be the ideal for bloggers like myself as well, but it was also because I felt like at that time I wasn't ready to go somewhere else, I was too attached to where I already was from the beginning. Mind you, this was actually back before I even made a Facebook account! I'm sure I would have still found that niche in Wordpress if I did choose to move what I had from those spaces.

Back at that time I didn't know Wordpress was a site that was a little more complex, Perhaps I had briefly lost interest in blogging at that time, and the interest didn't come back to me until what I suffered on YouTube, and Lordi's motivation to get me back on my feet, where I rediscovered my passion for writing about what I love. I don't know what it was that made me choose to start my blog here, but now that I understand what it has to offer, only now have I come to the conclusion why I feel I made the right choice.

5. Customization

We both know that Wordpress wins hands-down when it comes to customization, but again, many of it isn't available to you unless you give them your money. But with Blogger's customization, it's all free. I can change the text and font to suit my needs, and the widgets I like so far. (and unfortunately, Wordpress does not have a "Featured Post" one when I tried to go there. But Blogger released it last year and I love it).

Some people believe that Google has abandoned this blogging platform because many things have stayed the same for years, especially the mobile app. But I don't believe that's true. Like I said, the "Featured Post" widget was introduced last year, and almost a month ago some new themes were added and I am trying one of them right now. It reminds me of one of the themes I tried when I was on Tumblr!

For Wordpress users a lot of themes are also unavailable unless you pay. Sure, that site offers a wide variety to customize, but some of it you cannot do unless you pay. I don't want to pay for that, even if it's something as simple as having access to a theme that I think is pretty.

So if you think about it, Blogger has more customization options than you realize!

And, those are the 5 reasons why I chose this platform, but that doesn't mean its perfect. There are a few disadvantages that I have to deal with too.

The most significant hurdle is sharing my posts after I publish them. If you've connected Wordpress to your Facebook and Twitter it'll automatically be shared when you publish an article. I have to do all that manually, but Bloglovin' has somewhat fixed that problem for Twitter.

Plus, you'd think that Blogger is the niche-platform for hobby bloggers like myself, but unfortunately, there are not many of them that I have found other than my friends who have started them as well. The vast majority of blogs I have found here are either business or personal but only on one or a few subjects that never went beyond that.

I remember that's how my blog first started out, but then it expanded into a variety of things. So, that's what makes my blog stand out, but I still wish I wasn't alone. There is no rule that you have to make a blog for business or limit the amount of things you write about on a personal blog (as long as you are not sharing confidential information about yourself!), and a lot of writers don't seem to realize that in my humble opinion.

To close this off, yes I have been guilty of trying to move to Wordpress and deleted the site there, when what I should have done was kept it in case circumstances came up where I have to move it. Now I have kept a draft site there that I made a few days ago, just in case.

But, I can promise you for a fucking fact that my blog will continue to thrive here as long as Google permits me to. I'm not moving it anywhere unless there's a situation like, Google plans to discontinue Blogger, and if that leaves me no choice to move to Wordpress and adapt to their features, then so be it, it shall be done.



  1. Well, that all makes sense to me, Blogger it is. Thank you.

    1. Well, it's all up to you. I've read a lot of articles that compare the platforms. I have nothing against Wordpress. If you don't have too many demands then Blogger is for you but you're welcome.

  2. Blogger recently adds several nice professional-looking templates. I have blogs on both Blogger and Wordpress, but I like the simplicity of the former.

    1. And you can see I am using one of those new templates here. :)

  3. I have been on Blogger for years and other than a few glitchy issues that resolved themselves, I have nothing but praise for the site.
    My posts used to automatically post on Facebook but now I have to push them, as Facebook removed that feature unless I gave them, you guessed it, $$$.
    I am using one of Blogger's new templates and I like it but I miss gadgets such as Feedjit and a blogroll.
    AdSense - yeah I have. I think I have made around $2. *grins*


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