MMSW #71 Shots Ring Out

Well, I am officially done exams so all I can say is FREEDOM! It's been a pretty easy semester considering how stressful the one in the fall of 2016 was.

I was going to kick this week's edition off with a song that sounds like celebrating, but since I got a request, I would like to fulfill it first, and given the events that are coming up this week, I think this one is perfect for the occasion.

When I became a Sabaton fan, I felt like this was the song that suited the situation just right. Also, I will be seeing them this week, back to the Opera House! Three concerts at the same venue in a row hahaha! Afterwards, that should be it for now, but I am considering Ghost and Iron Maiden in July, maybe Dragonforce, and Scorpions with Megadeth. We shall see.

I have passed my lab course so now I am back on track in this program! Yay! Plans for the summer? Well, I have to start getting stuff I need in preparation for placement, I'll be doing a LOT of writing, I would like to also get back into the piano and drawing, and continuing my volunteer work.

Right now, I am doing a bit of cleaning out of binders and stuff which is what I have been doing at the end of every semester since I started this program. I haven't thrown out anything except for spare scripts, but maybe I should keep a few just in case I get a chance to revise a little.

I'm only writing this now so I can spend my evening playing Mass Effect Andromeda. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to that!

Once again I was playing around with themes, and I love how this one has a header background. I think I should make the image my real idol and my fictional one, so long as it isn't too detailed, and find some place to put my logo. That would probably generate the final idea appearance of this blog!

Yeah, I think so.



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