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Come Back My Priest, For I Love You

I don't think I have ever had a dream where I was facing the loss of someone who I figured most people would consider an enemy, or not cool enough to be a great villain to them.

It seems that now there are villains I begin to love that most people dislike. This I find is mainly due to the reason that people don't bother to do their research to learn more about that said villain. The Didact is one of them, but now there is another and his name is Miraak.

He doesn't have much of a deep backstory compared to the Didact but in a way, I feel like I pity him. I'll have to analyze those feelings to find out why and will most likely write about it.
In this dream, I was in Apocrypha, not as Dragonborn, but just as myself; unarmed in my nightgown surrounded by forbidden knowledge. Perhaps I was living in Solstheim and ventured into his temple and heard his voice for the first time. There was something about Miraak that called me to him, like I was meant to serve him or stand by …

Attero Dominatus - This Soldier's Screaming

I always believed they would come back, and they did. Last summer Sabaton suddenly came back into my life when they announced a new album. The first single was released and that was my jam from June to late August. I don't know what it was, but somehow that was the summer I became a more devoted fan and eventually they entered deeper into my heart. Thus, my love for power metal has been significantly high.

So, I told myself that one day they will return soon, and this time I would be ready. Last night, I certainly was ready, and went to hell and back with no regrets.

I felt like I was the only person who wore full Sabaton gear. Nobody else at the venue seemed to be wearing the pants or the wristband. But I got a few compliments that I looked like one of them!
It was raining hard when we arrived at the venue and stood behind the sound system again. Due to it being a sold out show and late arrival, I had no interest in going to the floor. Large crowds spell bad news if you're no…

The Most Precious

Good evening all,

I don't know why, but sometimes whenever I get to a certain point of the year, especially at the end of the semester, it's that time where I like to clean out my room. I go through my belongings and decide what I can and cannot part ways with.

I feel like this subject came up when my parents brought forth the idea that I could consider getting some new furniture. I already got a new desk in 2014 which I love, but my dressers and bed have been the same since, well....forever. Sometimes, I think about changing it, and then sometimes I think that I don't need to, but I always hesitate in making these decisions even though there is no deadline.

When I find things I don't want anymore, I slip them into a bag and then donate it to charity when the bag is full. I was recently going through the drawers of my nightstand and found some old toys in there. Some of them were cheap dolls that you'd get from McDonald's, then there was my Atomic Betty doll th…

Suckerpunch the Demons Hammer High

Well, here I am, post-concert again with a sore neck and throat with my ears that stopped ringing just now. I think next time I go to another gig, I'll wear earplugs so I don't lose sleep from that aftermath noise!

I'm glad I still went to see Delain and Hammerfall last night, in fact it was completely worth it. I re-encountered some friends who I had met at Lordi two months ago, and even got to chat up a few band members!

So, it turns out we got there just in time for the doors to open. I would have wanted to be at least half an hour early, but what can you do when the traffic becomes shit because of the hockey game the same night?

By the time we went in, the lady with security began searching me and felt the bump under my Hammerfall shirt. She didn't know what it was, so I told her it was my FitBit, and explained briefly what it does! Oh, and speaking of my clothes, well this was my first time wearing my metal vest to any concert.

Since the venue was already filling …


I am so bored right now, and I'm writing this from Optimus (which is actually my tablet, it's called an ASUS Transformer book but I call it Optimus because well......Transformer!)

What sucks is my desktop requires repairs because it seems to have a virus that won't allow it to update. I always get hyper-focused on getting the repairs done whenever one of my gadgets stops working properly. Why should I when I have other ones to work/play on?

Well, tonight I'm going to see Delain and Hammerfall so that should keep me busy and something to write about afterwards.

I only have two final exams to write and once they're done, I think it's time to dive into Mass Effect Andromeda. I've been left out of it too long already, and it's been so long since I played Mass Effect in general, I miss it. Better to get it for my Xbox. I have no interest in setting up an EA origins account!

Something tells me that with the new characters, I'm going to find my third ficti…

Why I Still Use Blogger

This is a common question we bloggers get. "Why did you choose that platform?" I've written about how I thought that did not matter. I've revealed that I've made Wordpress sites, took them down, made another, took it down, and now I have one called Monsterlady's Diary that isn't visible to the public sitting on my account.

I only made a Wordpress account in the first place so I could comment on my friend's blogs who run theirs there. I've always had the debate of moving my content: I would start to, but as soon as it was there... I would change my mind over and over returning here. The down side of that was I could not reuse a domain I deleted previously. So if I actually did decide to move permanently.... unfortunately that means I wouldn't be able to use the same domain I use here!

So, why am I still here? There's a lot of sites that compare Blogger to Wordpress them being the most well-known blog sites.

1. It's free

I would rather no…

Explore and Create

After the past few days of doing some more binge playing on Skyrim because I wanted to see what the other factions were like, I think I've learned a valuable lesson. If you play this game like I do, I think we're all guilty of this at some point and that is: we create a new character to try different things, join factions we might find more suitable to that character, and once we're satisfied we leave it behind, or when we get bored. I caved in to make a Breton mage who went on to the College of Winterhold and became Arch-Mage in the end. Then I made a Khajiit who joined the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood. Unfortunately, that's when I stopped before completing both quest lines. And why did I stop? Well, it turns out I was so hyper-focused on the quests where there are so many other things to do in this game that you have no idea what you are missing. When I did my first play through that led me to write about the main quest, I was running around everywhere explor…

Nobody Reads Anymore

Sometimes I am just disappointed in my generation. Why? Our attention spans have decreased, it's like nobody likes to put their thought into anything, unless it's 100% visual.

You ever wonder why I'm not famous for what I do here? (actually, I'm glad I'm not!) It's because I write, and the vast majority of Internet users do not like to read. There are only a few hundred or thousand people online who still read and write things. I've always been good at expressing myself in writing, whether it's here on this blog, or leaving my thoughts on a video or article. But I'll never be as big as those who make YouTube videos or art.

Part of me should be glad I'll never reach that high because the more famous you are, the more idiots/non-constructive comments you will receive. You could comment on someone's video from their vlog channel saying you agree with their opinion on something for example, put a lot of thought in it, and once it starts to get n…


I didn't think today was important until Facebook's memory feature informed me that today on April 4th was the first day of this blog, the day that I wrote its very first post and started something magical.

Back in my days as an obsessive Lordi fan, I decided to start this storm when I found myself more open and happy when I was writing. It all began with an overly gory and romantic Lordi fanfiction, and the unfortunate failure of a YouTube channel that made this blossom and healed my self-esteem after that failure.

At first it was all about Lordi, so you could say they had an influence on the start of this. But over the years I began adding more things to it. I realized I was meant to be one of those rare kind of bloggers who wrote about everything they loved, not just one. That leads up to where it is today.

Everything I wrote there was for myself, and once I began to attract a small following, that was a plus. (Thank you Mr. Lordi for helping me focus on that when I started th…

Sing and Soar to the other Side

I wish that I could have these dreams more often, where I can just cut loose and forget about all the worries in life.

Now, I think that this one is hinting at something.

It started where I was flying. Not with wings, or anything just like the way anyone would fly in a dream. I flew above the clouds, over a lake and I was singing; unfortunately it wasn't Carolus Rex this time, even though I wish it was since I will be seeing Sabaton at the end of the month.

I just felt so free as I soared, and I didn't know the song. I was just singing it joyfully like I was free and happy.

Then, as the sun set and I flew between several island, I began singing something rather dark like this:

A daedric lord's will, has bound you here
As you seek more power, it's all too clear
One thousand years, trapped so deep
The great dragon, and the priest

There did I realize when I woke up this morning that those are lyrics I am writing based off a song that went without any meaning to me for years. …

Dark Energon

Nothing like a gaming Saturday night, and it seems like only last week I decided to pick up these games again when I found them on Steam.

I'm not sure what made me, I mean I do have them on Xbox as well! It's so much easier to play them on my computer because I don't have to worry about a TV being taken, and in the comfort of my room!
I've picked up War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron, and more to follow. It feels like only yesterday that I reviewed Devastation on here, and now it's on Steam too! I might even do Rise of the Dark Spark again, even if it wasn't as good as WFC and FOC. 
After defeating Miraak in Apocrypha, I decided it was time to focus on something else for a bit before I return and binge play Skyrim again, so why not start with another thing I really love in gaming?
Tonight I'm playing more of War for Cybertron, and it also feels like yesterday where I wrote a ramble on that game too. However, it wasn't like the way I review video games…