Pastors and Chop Suey

I would have written tonight about all the strange dreams I had, but I don't think they would be that exciting to share. I have fragments in my mind from what I remember. Some of it is what I've had before, and other parts are disturbing. However, there is one part in particular that is short but sweet and worth sharing.

Now it looks like this dream featured my favourite pale pastor Mana of Lordi.

Miau miau Mana!
Originally I was going to find a Monstereophonic era picture of him but Google is shit tonight
It was nighttime and I was walking down a hallway in a school like building and heard chatter going on in another room. Somehow, I recognized the accents of some of the voices as Finnish. Before I peered into the room I was reminded of the time when right after the Lordi gig, all of us VIP attendees gathered by the right side of the stage and Brayden kept telling me he glimpsed OX behind the curtain of the doorway across from us. Ah, so many great stories to tell to people about a great concert when you focus on being in the moment rather than trying to capture every part of it because you're afraid of forgetting it.

Anyway, well, that's how I felt when I walked into this room in the dream. 

I entered and I could have sworn that the whole band was in there, but for some reason I headed straight for where Mana was sitting. He was at a table eating something out of a plastic bowl. I sat across from him and he greeted me. 

How could I forget about the first interview I saw with Mr. Lordi and Mana back in 2013? Mana's got an awesome deep voice so I can still hear him talking with me as I write this.

I asked him what he was eating and he said chop suey and sushi. Then in a matter of seconds we were talking about food. I teased him about how he would use his bug-jaws to eat it and he laughed, and eventually I started to hear voices behind me and it made me think the rest of the band was in the room after all preparing to join us.

Other than that, the other two dreams were nothing special. One of them was where I was trying to fly and one of my friends was too. There were wires in our way and in some of my flying dreams they become obstacles when you want to go higher. I'm so afraid to touch them in the dream out of the fear of electrocution.

Then, there was this building that reminded me of the hospital in my hometown and slowly it was being rammed down by an invisible force from the side. I was running for the nearest exit, and it almost reminded me of the scene in Twister where Jo and Bill drive right through that whole house that was tumbling across the road. (R.I.P Bill Paxton)

I really want to have more Lordi dreams, if only all my dreams could be lucid the moment I fall asleep I would be able to write more about them and in depth.



  1. Sounds like some cool dreams. The scene you mentioned from Twister is one of my favorites. That and any scene with Dusty being....well Dusty.

    It's funny how the mind threads things together and makes dreams out of them.

    1. Oh man, yeah Dusty is the best! "Haha it's the wonder of nature baby!"


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