Not Worth a Single Dime

I am so embarrassed of the culture that exists in my hometown today. It's so hard being one of the very few Metalheads here with decent tastes. That's why I love going out of town to Toronto for concerts, that way I can be surrounded by people who understand me.

But here, it's like there's only a few people I can relate to in this subculture other than my friends.

I went for a short walk this afternoon in hopes of finding a DVD I was looking for, but sadly I never did. After that, I thought about walking over to Rock Universe but clearly that was a huge mistake I made.

There is nothing for me in that store other than just a few things, like maybe a Star Wars, Transformers, or KISS shirt here and there. But that's it, everything else there is either bands I do not know... yet, and to top it off, they have a shit ton of smoking tools there: bongs, trays, you name it. I am disgusted I tell you. It's become all about that now, there is a whole fucking WALL in that store with so many bongs in all shapes, sizes, and colours.

It's like there is literally nothing in there this place has to offer for a Metalhead who is not in to smoking like.....anything. 

They are clearly only focused on promoting the place for lovers of weed which is not for me, and if that's the case, they won't be getting any of my money, even if there are some things that catch my eye. It's sad how it's all about what you can inhale. Like I even heard some people rambling on in the store about how great it is to inhale it. I wanted to barf, this isn't a rock store, it's a weed store which disappoints me.

So maybe they need to change the title of their store to something more appropriate so I know to stay away.

Looks like I'll be getting band merchandise online, at concerts, and stores out of town that actually care about my group of people.



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