MMSW #67 Sunlight Will Shine on my Life Again

Have you ever done daily or weekly song features on your blog or Facebook page, and just moments after you publish the most recent, you suddenly have the next one planned already?

I feel like that has happened a few times already, and this is one of them. Two days after last Monday, I already had this week's song planned and ready to go, and here it is!

I have been listening to this since last Tuesday, and Dragonforce is another band I discovered in my early years of being part of the metal universe. However, I guarantee you that I think we both know which Dragonforce song it was that made me get into the band. It's not this one though! I will feature that one eventually!

This one I heard recommended to me by a friend and so far I cannot get enough of it. The chorus I like to think of it as a time in your life where things may not be going so well for you, but you have to remember to keep your head up that nothing lasts forever, and eventually good things will start to come to you. You learn from the past and put it behind you. Think about something bad that happened to you that made your life feel dark and imagine it as "the winter you think will last forever" and then when your life starts to get better, that is the sunlight that shines on your life again.

I think I'll listen to this one more time, buy the album, and then play some PC games tonight. Tomorrow I have to finish my article on a certain book I've been reading....



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