This Unholy Night

All day long I have been shaking inside thinking of the happiness that is dawning upon me. I am ready, I finished my pre-show marathon and tonight I'll prop myself down in the basement in the dark and watch Dark Floors. Thank God for reading week!

I've said this on my other social media platforms, so I might as well say it here.

Tomorrow is the big day!! Tomorrow I will see my lovely monsters! Words cannot describe how much I love them. I have cried over them, I have been envious of the fans overseas for years and I have waited while writing about how jealous I was, or how in love I was with the band. Despite all the drama and discovery of other bands....I have thrived and my love for Lordi has never ceased nor has it changed. I learned to only focus on myself when it comes to what makes me happy thanks to them. I wouldn't have started writing here if it weren't for them. They have been a huge influence to me for the past 6 years, especially Mr. Lordi.

Now, I can't believe this is finally happening! I didn't think I would get a chance. But I kept dreaming and eventually came the time where this dream was going to come true! I love you Lordi and tomorrow your devoted Canadian Monsterlady will see you at last!



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