The Hunt for Zygarde

This week have embarked on yet another gaming goal. I have eagle eyes and therefore it is time for me to use them to find the great glowy cells about the Alola region.

Ever since I started Pokemon Moon last Christmas I was picking up all these little Zygarde cells and never bothered to use them for assembly until now, well that's about to change when I decided to visit the lab to assemble the 50 cells I had found earlier this week. So, I can create the legendary Zygarde with them....bring it on! Now I have collected 65 of the cells + the cores throughout the region, I hereby vow to find all 100 to get this mofo complete!

You will be MINE! (or you will burn! 🔥)
Why does Zygarde's complete form remind me of Subterra Gorem, or those Gundam figures? I never was a Gundam fan but I feel like, why didn't I become one if I like giant robots like Transformers?

Anyway, I've got a review on the game coming up soon, and it'll be based on Moon since that is the version that I have.

Trials complete: Check
Evil scheme stopped: Check
Lunala caught: Check
League beat: Check

Next steps: complete Zygarde, defend my title as champion, and rack up my rank in the Festival Plaza so I can increase my chances of winning a Master Ball in the lottery......will come in handy for catching the Tapu on each island and the Ultra Beasts. It'll be time-consuming but patience is the key....and probably more binge playing!

And so my hunt begins, (even though it began when I started the game without me knowing it)



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