MMSW #59 On Cold Wings

I feel like January has been been such a slow month, but I think that's due to the fact that I'm only on campus once or twice a week. It doesn't feel like winter anymore due to the lack of snow, and speaking of winter, this week's song was requested. YES! Finally someone sends me a request!

I haven't listen to this song by Within Temptation in ages but it was one of the first few that I heard on a radio show before buying it individually. I have made plans to get the rest of the band's albums, I already have two and one of them is physical so digital or physical doesn't really matter to me anymore.

It's so easy to think of something or someone for this song, as the lyrics are a total giveaway, but there are so many different ice queens.

I might find myself thinking of the White Witch Jadis from Narnia, Iciclia one of the villains in Atomic Betty, hell sometimes this song even makes me think of Elsa in Frozen! 

I would much rather be a queen of fire like Daenerys but that's me, I'm always the one who melts the ice. But, this album is next on my list of WT albums to buy, along with the rest.

Alright, it's time to sign off for the night by doing my nails and reading some more of the Hunchback, as it seems I read it better when I do a relaxing activity beforehand.



  1. Sorry stalking about again. Feels a bit odd if I don't say something while I slowly pick apartment you life. Not really sure how educate works with this. I was lucky enough to get some vinyl from WT last time they were around. =P but I just found out the other day they put out a best of album.

    1. Not stalking, you're welcome to come here and read my stuff.


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