MMSW #56 When the Midnight Sky is Red

Well, I made it through the first day of the semester, and surprisingly I feel no anxiety inside me whatsoever despite the fact that this is my only chance to do this one course I have to go to campus for....right this time. I think that's because I know what to expect and will put in extra time/effort to ensure I pass. Lesson learned last year, now it's time to do things correctly now that ever since last semester I've been approaching my workload with increased confidence. Even if it means spending some extra time checking before the deadline, very well.

So, before I start with this week's issue, I just want to say I'm flattered by the number of people who really enjoyed reading about that dream I had about Powerwolf. I didn't think many people enjoyed reading my dream articles that much except for those who understand my imagination more and how it works! Well, surprisingly my last dream about Frollo surpassed 100 reads too which is a real shock.

Anyway, in honor of that Powerwolf dream here's this week's song:

This was the first Powerwolf song that I heard when I got some recommendations, and already the music video and melody turned me on.

Listening to this song today also made me relax as the first day of the semester felt like chaos after my one and only class. I was frantically searching for a computer to print my assigned prescriptions that would work, the printers by the quiet study hall I normally do my work were both out of order, and I was definitely not up for going upstairs to the library where the printers were working. There was a huge lineup there. My guesses everyone was printing not just their work but also course outlines and shit. I sigh and think, please for the love of Attila Dorn, can you just do that at home instead? You have your own printer right?

Luckily no other students in my class were approaching my prof. at resource hours so she was able to clarify some extras for me on my orders due next week. All at once my anxiety ceased once that was settled. I was quite surprised that I was the only one who came during the open lab and my prof was also pleased that I came already for resources hours. It's nearly impossible for me to do that due to my ridiculously long commute.

Anyway, a little bit of Powerwolf cheered me up this afternoon when I was finally on my way home. I did feel a bit of anxiety at some point today, but now it's gone and I hope it stays gone this semester. This song also makes me think of myself in a black ruffled dress in the middle of a dark abandoned church with candles lit everywhere. One by one they would blow out as I walked down the on a higher level above the altar, I would hear footsteps and someone playing an organ. Then it would fall dark, and you my readers....I leave it up to you to come up with some ideas on what comes next! I know it will be something involving the band, but what?

Once I'm done a little bit of studying tonight, I hope to spend some time with the wolves (in other words, listen to their music before bedtime and oh, the moon will be full in three days! They're coming!



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