MMSW #55 Vastness of Gloom

Good evening and Happy New Year everyone! I was away for the weekend at the cottage and unfortunately I got sick just a day before I went up there.

It sucks being sick, but at least it's now rather than AFTER the semester starts. I don't start until next week so I find myself getting a bunch of other health-related stuff done before we go back to the books.

Now it's time to once again put up another weekly song. I wasn't doing much today other than putting my weight-lifting routine back into my life since I'm feeling better today, and not much. So, I don't get why I didn't think of this week's song, well I just scroll through all my music on iTunes and pick something that speaks to me first and here it is:

Classic Nightwish right here, this is pretty much the only song thus far on Oceanborn that speaks to me. Probably because it's a great epic intro song and of all the albums that Tarja was on, this one serves as the best intro track to all those albums.

I just want to picture myself on a boat in the middle of the ocean under the starry sky when I listen to this, but the fast pace of the song doesn't seem to go with it .....unless it's a motor boat.

Or I can imagine myself on a starship going through hyperspace or taking off into space. Either way, I'm picturing something moving in the stars. Maybe this could be another song I hear around me or sing in my dreams.

I need to listen to the album again.



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