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The Mother of all Beasts

After hours and hours of binge playing, I have finally beaten Pokemon Moon. It feels like the longest Pokemon game I played, but I never let that stop me from continuing forward. For the first time I felt as committed to it as I was back in the glory days with Ruby and Pearl. Often at times whenever I beat the League I would quickly run out of things to do. Hell, I once said I was going to go legendary hunting in Omega Ruby but I procrastinated because there was so much to do in the game itself that it just became too much for me.

I feel like Sun and Moon is a fresh start in the franchise that is different from your traditional story: become the strongest Trainer by beating all the Gym Leaders and the League, stop an evil team that wants to do X this that will impact the region in X certain way. (X being referred to insert whatever it is from previous games that the evil team plans on doing)

So, here I'm going to share my thoughts on the story in the Alola region, and since I own …

The Hunt for Zygarde

This week have embarked on yet another gaming goal. I have eagle eyes and therefore it is time for me to use them to find the great glowy cells about the Alola region.

Ever since I started Pokemon Moon last Christmas I was picking up all these little Zygarde cells and never bothered to use them for assembly until now, well that's about to change when I decided to visit the lab to assemble the 50 cells I had found earlier this week. So, I can create the legendary Zygarde with them....bring it on! Now I have collected 65 of the cells + the cores throughout the region, I hereby vow to find all 100 to get this mofo complete!

Why does Zygarde's complete form remind me of Subterra Gorem, or those Gundam figures? I never was a Gundam fan but I feel like, why didn't I become one if I like giant robots like Transformers?

Anyway, I've got a review on the game coming up soon, and it'll be based on Moon since that is the version that I have.

Trials complete: Check
Evil scheme …

If Disney Villains Won: The Warlord and the Judge

This is a topic that comes up quite a lot in the world of Disney. It's very easy to search it and imagine what would happen if the plot went differently, or there were added characters and stuff.

I've seen stories if Disney Princesses had mothers, if they were historically accurate, etc. but one that recently has sparked a post here is:

What would happen if Disney villains won?

I've seen numerous articles online describing what some of those villains would have done if they were victorious in the conflict of their films. Websites such as Oh My Disney, Buzzfeed and a few other notables have analyzed what our baddies would have done after achieving their goal.

However, I was not entirely pleased with what they came up with, because while they mentioned a few Disney villains that I liked, all those articles failed to come up with something for my two all-time favourites: Shan Yu and Claude Frollo.

Talk To The Screen

Well, it has certainly been a rather tiring day.

I woke up just a few minutes after my brother left for work so I could get the laundry started, and had it finished before 3pm. I used to hate cleaning and washing clothes, but nowadays I don't mind chores, just because when there are days where I have nothing to do, I look for something to do.

I've also start live-streaming on Instagram, as when stories were first introduced, I find it hard to squeeze in rambles in 10 seconds. Not everyone comes here to read my stuff, so you could say it's providing for those who haven't found my blog yet.

Most people who want to do things like this would rather start up a YouTube channel, but for me it seems that despite how big you get can get there broadcasting yourself, it is a community I find that I cannot handle because when its out there...whatever it is, it's out there until I decide to delete it.

Imagine if I made a video of myself singing any sort of song, and it got so m…

Fallen Warlord

I have no words to describe to you how heartbroken I am right now. Today was just another day in paradise until I got a text from my friend informing me of the tragic news.

Today, unfortunately, Miguel Ferrer whom I knew best for voicing Sesa Refumee in Halo 2, and Shan Yu in Mulan (and probably numerous other roles I never was exposed to), has passed away today from cancer. He was only 61.

Now both of the voices of my two Disney villain crushes are gone, but Miguel's death affects me inside greatly since Shan Yu was part of my childhood. He was the villain I secretly loved back then but was too young to realize it. I felt like the only person who thought he was a character that deserved more screen time and development. Whenever I watched Mulan as a kid, I was always looking forward to seeing Shan Yu the most other than Mulan herself. I've watched the movie so many times that I could probably recite most of the lines from it.
Shan Yu was always one of the underrated Disney vi…

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

It's been a year since my review on The Force Awakens. After that I felt like I didn't pay much attention to any of the announcements regarding Rogue One. I glanced from time to time due to other preoccupations but I still wanted to see it, which I eventually did at the end of last semester with my friends. At first I had my doubts that this may not live up to my expectations but I had a change of heart when I saw the trailer several weeks before the movie's release.

Originally, I was going to work on this article a week after seeing the movie like last year, but I felt that was too soon. So, I decided to wait another month to give fans a chance to see it before sharing my thoughts.

You Humans Sought The Didact, You Shall Have Her

The title pretty much says it all. That's right, I did decide to do another project after all.

The truth is I've wanted to do this for a long time; long before I thought of the idea of making Frollo's rings. It was two years ago where I dove into Halo's lore on the Forerunners most notable the Ur-Didact.

It's always been a challenge for me to like that character particularly because many people never give him a chance after what they saw in the game. On the other hand, others thought I was weird and obsessed unable to understand why I chose to admire this character rather than do what everyone else was doing in this community. The hardest part though, is dealing with the fact that you will not get what you want from the company because your unique tastes mean nothing to them. They know business and only cater to the mainstream.

Boredom Prevention

*yawn* Good evening pyjaks, tomorrow the semester starts up again and I'm prepared to give it everything I've got. Just because I've only got two courses doesn't mean I'm going to slack! No siree!

I look ahead to see what else will be going on this semester in my leisure time as well. Not only do I have four confirmed concerts but I have also been considering getting together with Tiffany in March to see the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast, so I better get that cracking, especially if I stay overnight in London! Personally, I love how Emma Watson has been chosen to play Belle, she is an amazing actress, she's beautiful and inspiring. People complain about how she's not meant to be a Disney princess before the movie has even come out and I'm like c'mon, Belle has always been the Disney princess who is a bookworm, and knowing Emma, she's a smart woman = perfection.

Remind me to watch the original movie soon close to the release date. Th…

Upsy Daisy

Well, it's the 6th of January and you know what that means...

Happy Topsy Turvy Day!

Well, it's my first time celebrating this, inside mostly now that I'm a Hunchback fan. I woke up this morning, glanced at my alarm clock and had a funny feeling that today was no ordinary day, but it was an event that I celebrate alone no matter how I do it.

But unfortunately I didn't spend this day out and about partying with fools. I was inside exercising because it's too cold for my liking to walk outside, organizing myself for the new semester by printing all the essentials, and plus I was hunting for some new band shirts to snag for 2017.

I ended up ordering one Epica shirt that I was glued to upon the new album's release but had to delay in getting it when my size was out of stock. I also fell in love with a Dark Priest girl's Powerwolf shirt but the site only shipped to two countries: Luxembourg and Germany. REAL DOWNER. So I went to Napalm and found a nice Blessed an…

The Sword in Holy Times

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, dona nobis
Blood of the Saints

Que Sanctified with Dynamite!

Just kidding! Okay, maybe not because that intro song from Blood of the Saints serves as the perfect intro to this article. Well, I felt like I barely slept last night because I was so worried what kind of sound my new alarm clock would wake me up to. I thought, if I go back to school this Monday, might as well get back into the routine now.

Anyway, I eventually got to sleep, and when I did, this dream just makes my love increase for a certain band that fans say you don't become a fan of; but you become part of the pack.

I am a casual fan of Powerwolf ever since one of my German friends introduced me to them. The weird thing is that I bought their album Return in Bloodred a bazillion months ago, on iTunes and have neglected to listen to it. Now writing ab…

Extensive Breaks are Worth It

There are so many things I love to listen to and watch that I could go on for hours listing them all but that's not the purpose here.

Have you ever got that feeling of not paying attention to something for a while and then coming back to it later? You always find that when you come back to it, you realize how much you still love it.

People tend to think that some things come and go in your life, but in my case, there are many things that do not leave me. Sometimes in my life when I gain a new interest, or focus on something else in my life, other things tend to be toned down on a scale of 1-10 on how obsessed I am with it.

After returning home from the cottage, I decided to watch Detroit Rock City, something I have started to watch as a ritual the night before a KISS concert. Since my last gig, I had not watched the movie in ages, but when I popped it in on Sunday evening, boy I felt like was more engaged with the movie. Nothing but memories came my way!

And that my friends, bring…