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One Last Journey Through The Mirror

Well, as I sit here and write this rather than spending my NYE weekend partying, you'll be happy to learn that I have completed the final DLC of Dragon Age Inquisition: Trespasser.

It's sad to finally come to the end; the past two months have been phenomenal spending my first time in Thedas exploring new horizons. Hell, whenever I completed a playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy, I would just start one up again! RPG games are meant to be replayed because of the different possibilities.

Anyway, this DLC was full of the most surprises and there's a lot to say.

Two years after the defeat of Corypheus, everyone reunites at the Winter Palace. Divine Victoria is dealing with ambassadors from Ferelden and Orlais questioning the Inquisition's future. So, you know what that means: We have to make a big decision at the end! Sound familiar? We arrive at the Winter Palace and get to go around spending time with companions. I enjoyed distracting Bull long enough for the Chargers …

2017 Life Lessons

So, with 2017 wrapping up, I think it's time I reflect back on the year.

I felt like 2017 was a chance for things to get better because 2016 was a tough one for me. There were once again a great many things that I learned to help me mature as a person.

This year has had its ups and downs, and in the beginning everything was going well, and towards the end, things got really bad before they got better. What can I say, life is a rollercoaster. Alright, so here are the lessons I learned this year.

1. What matters is what did happen, not what didn't

It is no secret that Lordi was the highlight event of the 2017; something I waited 5 years to happen and believed it never would due to the lack of demand the band had outside of Europe, and their financial situation, but then, miraculously I learned in the summer of last year that they would be coming and that my dream was going to come true.
It was the happiest moment of my life as I stood against the railing with my eyes glued to Mr.…

Heart of the Titan

Another DLC is done and this one felt like the deepest in the lore (and literally!). I almost started this one when I was stuck at trying to get my first high dragon kill and wanted to distract myself when I was having trouble, but then I changed my mind.

Playing it made me yearn for the surface again, but also it had quite a few surprises.

After the fall of Haven, mysterious earthquakes begin to shake the Storm Coast, and there is a fissure leading to the Deep Roads there. These earthquakes threaten the raw lyrium trade between the Inquisition and the dwarves of Orzammar. We meet with the Legion of the Dead; a dwarven military and journey with Renn and Valta in hopes of finding and eliminating the source of the tremors.
The Deep Roads are home to the darkspawn and even bigger creatures like ogres, and below the Deep Roads themselves, it gets darker with vein after vein of lyrium with Sha-Brytol dwarves fused with the lyrium.

I learned that not all of the tremors were natural; some of…

My Top 4 Christmas Songs - Music of December 2017

This month is a little different. Normally I like to save these posts for the very end of the month, but it's tricky with the number of writing demands I face as 2017 nears its end. I would love to write another life lessons posts, there's the Dragon Age DLC's and I would prefer to write each of them ASAP after they're completed, plus a few rants.

So, instead of posting songs I've been listening to over the course of the month, instead I'm going to do a Christmas special instead. Exciting eh? Normally I try to do five, but I couldn't come up with that many, so this time it's only four. These songs are not like the typical ones you're likely to hear the most such as Jingle Bells, and they weren't easy to pick! They're a lot more uncommon and you may or may not hear them on the radio, so let's get to it!

5. Faith Hill - Where Are You Christmas

Starting this off with this beautiful song from How The Grinch Stole Christmas that has been my fa…

Hakkon Wintersbreath Risen Again

Alright, it's time to babble about Dragon Age: Inquisition's first DLC. There are three DLC's available to play and I knew I would be saving Trespasser for last since it's meant to be last, so it was narrowed down to between Jaws of Hakkon and The Descent to start with. The main story along with every place to explore and every side quest, was fantastic so I couldn't wait for more.

I decided to play Jaws of Hakkon first.

This DLC unlocks a new area of Southwestern Ferelden for us to explore: Frostback Basin. We are sent to investigate the region after receiving contact from Kenric who has found clues regarding the final resting place of the last Inquisitor - Ameridan, who has been missing for 800 years thus presumed dead. The Frostback Basin is home to a tribe known as the Avvar. There are those of Stone-Bear Hold who worship the Lady of the Skies and the others called the Jaws of Hakkon a.k.a. Hakkonites who worship the God of the same name in their faction.

800 y…

Don't Follow The Stream

I'm going to get hammered with hate for writing this, I can feel it. It's happened before every time I open my mouth on the subject. People come at me defending it like it's a vital solution because they're too broke for the alternative that I strongly preach, or they don't believe that it will affect those strongly who dislike such a service.

Remember, this is an opinion article and nothing more.
I once wrote an anti-music streaming post on Facebook and some of my friends got upset and came to defense with one of the reasons above. But, I will never follow the stream for as long as I live, or at least not heavily rely on it as my main source of listening to music or watching movies and TV series.

I streamed the entire Clone Wars series via Netflix before buying a whole box set of DVDs. From now on when I want to watch it again, I'm going to pull out that box set and pop one of the discs into my computer.

I will listen to a band on YouTube that I'm new to, …

Dragon Age Inquisition - The Elder One's Breach

It's the middle of December and two months ago, I decided to dive into a new-to-me world known as Thedas. It is the only known world in the Dragon Age universe and this game mainly focuses on two regions of that world: Orlais and Ferelden. This game, was the only thing that kept my mind off of the province-wide college strike as it happened, and now, here I am.... the threat of Corypheus is over and I'm ready to sit down and ramble about this game before I play the DLC's.

Now, no delays here, it's time to dive in! This review will be based on my first playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition, as I know it goes differently for everyone and what is written in here may be different for me in future playthroughs. I decided to make my character resemble me and become a warrior shield & sword Battlemaster/Champion.

Since I'm new to this world, I won't get everything right lore-wise but I'll do my best for a personal review! Basically, there are two worlds here: …

The Dawn Has Come

Shadows fall, and hope has fled. Steel your heart, the dawn will come...

Ah the melody gets me, in fact all the melodies get to me! Why am I writing this, oh yeah....that's right:

After spending more than ninety hours absorbed in a new-to-me world: I fell in love with a strong big-horned Qunari, collected shards, fought dragons, darkspawn, demons, and everything in between.....I am happy to announce that I have defeated Corypheus this evening. Yes, I've finally beat Dragon Age: Inquisition. 

I couldn't be more than satisfied but it's not over yet! I still have to investigate the Deep Roads, Frostback Basin, and attend the Exalted Council.
But before I do that, it's time to start my article about the game in general and there's so much I want to say in regards to the story, gameplay, characters, moments, and Corypheus himself. But for now, I will leave you with the fact that this game's great. I love it and it's going to be fun to write about it!
I tried…

Kadan - My Heart

Ah, so this clearly gives everything away... I'm not even finished Dragon Age: Inquisition yet, but I've been playing it nonstop and loving every moment! I just cannot keep everything hush-hush on who I romance or anything else major before I finish the game... or at least finish the main storyline!

What can I say? It spills out of me like confetti bursting and my friends figure it out real fast. I'm good at keeping secrets, but clearly not in this situation.

So, with that being said, I have once again treated myself with a special early Christmas present this year, and what better gift could it be other than one to show my devotion to the Iron Bull?

I wrote on my page of fictional crushes that I began to like him after watching a bunch of clips from the game that someone was posting on Instagram. It was the drinking scene you have with him after killing a high dragon for the first time that sparked my interest in him. Like I said, he's so strong, handsome, charming in…

Queen of the Love Cirice and Criminal Roulette - Music of November 2017

Well, it looks like it's time for another monthly music post.

I didn't really listen to a lot of music this month because half of the month consisted of me withdrawing from activities I enjoyed due to the high level of anxiety I was facing. It wasn't until the middle of November where good news arrived and I began to play my music again.

However, there were some times, where things things felt like there was no hope and music did help me escape a little. November is quite pop-ish this time, but that's okay because variety is good.

5. Xandria - Queen of Hearts Reborn

Starting with something to broaden my horizons. One night on the weekend before I was set to go back to class, I felt like putting on some Xandria, one of Brayden's favourite bands that he traveled to Montreal to see and met twice. Sometimes, there is no set up when we want to check out a band. When people talk about the bands they like, I make a mental note to listen to some songs by them. But, often I …