Let's Be Happy!

Hi everyone,

I don't think you saw my previous rant before I took it down around noon. If not, then you're lucky you're only seeing this.

That rant was originally published as a means to address the fact that I will not accept such personal insults from someone who disagrees with me. But then I realized what do I get out of this on the long run? They're not going to change no matter what I do.

Yes, it hurt what they said but dwelling eventually leaves a scar on yourself. Then you spend your waking moments worrying about when they will strike again.

So, you don't have to worry anymore because next time shit like that happens, instead I'm just going to block a person like that and get on with my life for good. I shouldn't waste my time, especially on here complaining about someone who thinks I'm a feminazi SJW who is immature AF. If that's how someone sees me, then that's their problem, not mine.

Now, it's time to be happy and focus on what really matters when I write on here; from aliens to Tinkerbell.



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