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How Can I Protect You Unless You Always Stay In Here?

Several months ago, I wrote about a dream foreshadowing my discovery of another Disney movie to love, and a new fictional crush. That article was known as Escape from the Bell Tower

I concluded that article off with the possibility that that dream could have been a lot darker. Well, it looks like that thought became true last night.

It seems that my most recent Disney dreams are two different stories; each of them are originated from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The first set is where I live in the Notre Dame cathedral as a child and have been taken in by Frollo who raises me as his daughter.

The second set is where I am a singer who captivates the crowds of Paris (like Esmeralda does by dancing) and Frollo develops lust for me where things go almost as the same in the movie until after Frollo expresses that lust.

This dream is like a darker version of the one I had where I was his daughter; just a little girl in the Notre Dame but not restricted to just the bell tower. I haven't …

Mythbusting The Musician M&Gs

Sometimes people I speak with who follow the mainstream society, or are just not big music followers just don't seem to understand the purpose of attending a meet and greet with a band/artist I love.

Even though I haven't met any musicians I idolize yet....and that is yet to change come February 22nd, I still understand why it would be so important for big music fans to take the opportunity when it presents itself.

Some people just don't see the point because they have these common beliefs about what happens in them based on what the media pays most attention to. Despite my lack of experience with these kinds of things, I'm still smart enough to understand why people like myself invest on this when they can. So here are some myths with meet and greets that I'm going to bust for you, because they don't apply to every famous person on this planet. It all comes down to how big they are.

1. It's expensive

Not always, this greatly depends on who you're going …

Uptight Saturday Night

I'm spending tonight having some well-deserved relaxation while I still can. The next two weeks are going to be really busy since I have my one and only midterm next Friday, followed by a mandatory math exam that everyone in the program has to pass to graduate.
Well not to worry, I've been approaching this semester with this kind of attitude:

Once everything calms down again, I'll get back to working on my major writing projects. Oh wait......I'm gonna have to work around two group projects as well. I'll find a way! 
As I write this, this is the third time I'm listening to The Holographic Priniciple, and honestly this album is amazing. Of all the Epica albums I have purchased, this one actually has more than 4 songs on it that I like. 
I'm drawing tonight, and it's already done! Just needs color, and you know when I drew Shan Yu earlier this year and showed it to my family, they thought I traced it. No I do not trace, what I like to do is put up a picture…

MDAS: Memory Denial Acceptance Smitten The Four Stages of Developing a New Fictional Crush

Have you ever wondered how you develop sudden feelings for a fictional character out of the blue? I have many times, it's like there's stages to it. You are exposed to them in and thoughts appear where you imagine yourself with that character, you try to resist it when others think you like him, then you come to the realization that it's true, and the next thing you know you're going crazy over them.

You might ask me why I'm writing this other than to share how it goes? Well, turns out, a new fictional crush has recently breached my heart, but I'm reluctant to share him with you on my page of fictional crushes. Why? Because he's well.......he's......not the ideal sort of character that someone like me would fall for due to his reputation where he's from and his views would clash with my own in real life. Shan Yu was one thing, a ruthless warlord and all, but this guy is WAY different.

You'd think after reading this that I'd become like him w…

Take Back the Rock

So, up next in the Mass Effect DLC rambles is Omega. Thank goodness I have found the time to write this; I've been extremely busy with college and sorting out some other issues in my life right now.

The truth is I was really excited for this one to be released when I first heard of it. Somehow I knew exactly what was going to be happening. Aria taking back Omega from Cerberus, that was all I wanted to know.

I never paid much attention to the trailers or any new weapons or characters, but I'll tell you this; playing through this DLC was just edge-of-my-seat sort of fun.

So the story is pretty simple. We meet Aria on the Citadel and she tells us how Cerberus took over Omega but let her leave freely, and she plans to get it back. I always find myself doing this DLC after Leviathan and before Citadel. Call it an obsessive routine, I'm not sure why. 
The station is now occupied by Cerberus General Oleg Petrovsky and right away you can tell he means business the moment he knows …

Politically or Musically You Decide

This has been something I've wanted to let out for a while and since the presidential election is next month, I have to say it.
This isn't a rant about my own political views. You know me, I like to keep that to myself on all social media platforms, because all it does is stir the pot. Then the aftermath leaves everyone upset, infuriated and unfriending/blocking people for something as little as a disagreement in who they're voting for, if black lives should matter as much as whites (and I think yes they should matter as equally), or what government on the planet is the worst. You want to know what my stance is on the election or my beliefs of gender equality? Then talk to me about it in person or send me a message because I won't be sharing it online on your feed to trigger a war with the people who might disagree with me. That is also another thing my mom taught me; don't engage because it will only start a fire.
It seems that the problem with society is that we ar…


Helloooo!!!! *voice echoes from inside a giant bell*

Yes it's me again, been a while since I blogged due to college commitments once again. However, the next two days are study days so there are no classes for me in order for them to align with Canadian Thanksgiving.

I don't think it really counts as a reading week in my books yet. The last two days have been really good for me and it's a sign that this semester is going well compared to the last.

Yesterday I aced my prescription orders that I had to dispense in Institutional dispensing lab due to all the time I put in to modifying them, and I am pretty much done the ones for next week. I still find myself checking them everyday for errors. Accuracy is a must! If I find any more issues within the next 24 hours I might have to use one of my study days to go up to the campus and fix them.

Today is Joakim Brodén's birthday so I went to school in my sparkly Sabaton shirt with the camo pants I bought weeks ago. My signature…