Hold The Line

So I woke up this morning and had an anxiety attack because this is what Blackboard does; posts all my courses three days before the semester starts.

As soon as I see what the passing grade requirement is, that's when I feel like I'm about to reach the point of no return. This feeling is normal and will usually subside once I get myself organized such as write all the important deadlines and shit.

That being said, for educational commitments this semester, all Metal Monday posts will be temporarily postponed starting on Labor Day. I don't know for how long; but I hope to resume them in December or earlier depending on how well things are going as the semester progresses.

Last semester I felt like some things didn't go as planned because I felt so rushed to get things done just so I could come here and write. Well, that lesson's been learned and I am putting my college work as my #1 priority from now on. So you won't be seeing too many posts from me for the next four months unfortunately like you've got used to seeing all through 2016.

Any major leisure writing projects I have are still on my to-do list; there are three more DLC articles I have planned and The Warlord's Prize on Wattpad I will work on it as much as I can, when I can. There will most likely be a lot of nights where I will be too tired to write but I will not abandon those two projects, you have my word on that.

Right now I just need to focus on my schooling first so be sure to follow me elsewhere, and when I get the time I'll do some writing.



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