And the Winged Hussars Arrived!

Yes yes YES!!!

Finally! Just when I thought they would never come! I get extremely impatient when I order things online such as a newly released album, especially when I know there might be a possible stoppage of all parcel deliveries cause Canada Post is once again wanting to go on strike. I pray to the old gods and new that the union and the workers come to an agreement so it doesn't happen,

Behold, I found the lost battalion through the gates of hell!

My winged hussars have arrived! (yes there's so many memes for that now!)
I should have known that I would probably have to wait close to a week for The Last Stand to be in my grasp when it was released. This is what you get for ordering from Nuclear Blast.

Well, I've got some power metal to listen to tonight, god bless Sabaton, love them so much it hurts yet at the same time it educates me and gives me power. I might do a track by track review on The Last Stand. So there's something you can keep an eye out for.

This evening is going to be fun!



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