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Magic Duels for Treasure

I think this dream combines a lot of Disney elements both new and classic, plus a tiny bit of Star Wars.

I don't know how it came up, but it was one of those random dreams that has no particular meaning. My flying dreams always seem to have to do with something where I am trying to escape and feel free, and then there are those which I feel trapped.

I am typing this from my laptop downstairs for a change and it feels so weird not having it connected to my Ethernet cable since I am soon going to have an actual computer in my bedroom really soon, and just in time for college no less.

When this dream started I was thinking of Peter Pan and Oz The Great and Powerful which Disney made as a prequel to the original classic.

We were hunting for these treasure chests inside some sort of obstacle course that combined the looks of a grocery store and a carnival. The hunters including myself; we all had a combination of magic powers from different movies. It was not until I began my search fo…

Not a Prothean Artifact.....A Prothean

Wow, we're already in to the DLCs from Mass Effect 3, this is where the good stuff comes. If you're boycotting this game because you're unhappy with the endings then you're missing out on a lot.

So, I'll start this off with From Ashes which I always tackle after completing the mission on Mars and going to the Citadel.

This DLC is best off doing as early as possible seeing as it's like a dossier mission. It's worth your time for sure.

First we learned about the Protheans on how they were an advanced race that rose to great power across the galaxy 50,000 years ago....we believed that they created the technology such as the Citadel and the mass relays. But only then did we learn the truth that that technology was made by the Reapers who wiped out the Protheans.
Then in ME2 we learned that the Protheans were harvested and transformed into monsters enslaved by the Reapers, known as the Collectors; like their DNA was altered or something in the process.
After lea…

Sabaton - The Last Stand Track by Track Review

Alright, so after spending a fine evening listening to The Last Stand, I have to say I was not disappointed from start to finish.

It's been a while since I've done an album review so I thought why not write one for Sabaton's new album?

Just like previous reviews I have done, this one is just going to be based on the music. I would have to do a ton of research if I wanted to go into detail about the story each of these songs tell, and frankly I don't feel motivated to do that for an album review when I like to talk about the music itself. But, when the time comes to feature a song from this album for Metal Monday, then I'll go into depth about the story behind the song as well!

Well enough of that, let's get this rolling!

And the Winged Hussars Arrived!

Yes yes YES!!!

Finally! Just when I thought they would never come! I get extremely impatient when I order things online such as a newly released album, especially when I know there might be a possible stoppage of all parcel deliveries cause Canada Post is once again wanting to go on strike. I pray to the old gods and new that the union and the workers come to an agreement so it doesn't happen,

Behold, I found the lost battalion through the gates of hell!

I should have known that I would probably have to wait close to a week for The Last Stand to be in my grasp when it was released. This is what you get for ordering from Nuclear Blast.
Well, I've got some power metal to listen to tonight, god bless Sabaton, love them so much it hurts yet at the same time it educates me and gives me power. I might do a track by track review on The Last Stand. So there's something you can keep an eye out for.

This evening is going to be fun!


Prepare Yourselves for the Arrival

And here we are at the final Mass Effect 2 DLC before we move on to the ones from the third game.

I always save this one for last because it's more connected to the starting events of the third game.

We get a call from Admiral Hackett that scientists have found evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion. The head scientist has been captured by batarians in the system shortly after reporting this to the Alliance.

This is obviously pretty serious stuff if they think for sure the Reapers will arrive through the mass relay where Dr. Kenson went missing. Now you get to be a lone wolf in this mission and that's a challenge because I've always found the combat in this game to be the most difficult. After a few tries I managed to score the achievement of finding Kenson without being spotted. Stealth has never been my strong suit but I'm slowly getting better.
With all these DLCs we know for a fact that someone is going to betray us and/or die out of the blue.

The minute I saw the…

Not the Needy One

I find with social media, if you're using it to promote yourself or something you are making; a lot of people tend to ask others to check it out.

It can be through any sort of way: comments, notes, etc. in order to increase traffic, feedback and so on.

On occasion I have left a note to people on here to subscribe, send me requests for Metal Monday but it's not something I constantly remind my readers to do.

I tend to be the type of writer who likes to let followers decide for themselves what they want to do when they view my content. On Wattpad I sometimes leave notes at the beginning or end of a chapter for certain reasons, but never have I thought of putting one at the end of every chapter to encourage readers to vote and comment.

As much as I would love to know what people think of my current story that I'm working on; I most certainly do not want to force (or have it seem like I am) people to comment on my content. Personally, when something gets really big; the more p…

Fandom Clashes and Dogfights

This dream is going to be like, the peak of sci-fi related ones that I remember that I have written here.

There have always been clashes between certain fandoms out there and the biggest one is definitely Star Wars and Star Trek.

I've been a loyal Star Wars fan since nearly my entire life, Star Trek I've grown up hearing about and have had some exposure but never have I dug deep enough to consider myself a devoted fan. I don't know much about it but there are things in the franchise that I have caught my eye. That's usually the more fast paced stuff!

In this dream, I was flying a fighter over a planet but just on the very edge of its atmosphere; like just at the end of the thermosphere.

Think of it this way. In the PS1 Star Trek Invasion game, there's a mission called "Bad Attitude" where you fight in atmospheric combat alone against those enemies with those OP-torpedoes.

This was the same thing almost. I'm not sure how it started, but you could say t…

A Traitor and a Dealer

Continuing on with the Mass Effect DLC rambles we have Lair of the Shadow Broker.

I thought that this one was going to be my hardest yet since it's a pretty long DLC.

We've talked to Liara many times about how she plans to track down the Shadow Broker. It took me a while to figure out who that was. He reminded me of Jabba the Hutt who you all know leads a gang of bounty hunters. No: the Shadow Broker is an information dealer; sends people's secrets out into the galaxy and a lot of times it's bad stuff. Nobody knows who it is and you can imagine sharing such top secret stuff could be used against you. Liara wants to go after him when he takes her old drell friend Feron hostage.
Just when we think Liara's ready to track down the Shadow Broker she goes home and vanishes after someone breaks into her apartment and we meet another Spectre.
Tela Vasir seemed trustworthy when you temporarily team up with her, but if there's one thing that seems to happen in most DLCs,…

First Reach then Fall

I love my flying dreams, almost more than I love dreaming about my favourite musicians and fictional characters.

But the one thing I hate is when I try to fly in a dream and I either fall to the ground or don't fly high enough.

Since flying seems to give us the feeling of freedom when our brain starts up again at night, it's upsetting when we try to kick our feet off the ground and are unable to reach the heights we want to.

In some dreams I'm trying to fly but there's all these obstacles in the way; wires, buildings, etc. I think it was mostly the wires. If you've ever been in downtown Toronto on Queen St. there's wires connecting everywhere for the streetcars to drive along. If I had a dream where I was trying to fly there, you could imagine me trying to get through all those wires just to reach the height I want.

A lot of failed flying dreams I have taken place in my neighborhood. There was a time where I had a dream where my parents weren't home and for…

Childhood Terror

Finally, FINALLY! I have something to blog about! Ever since the beginning of August it's been so difficult to come up with things to write about other than a weekly metal song, planned posts based on what I'm doing with my down time like video games, or what's going on in my life in general.

In the summer what tends to happen is I get bored and don't blog unless something happens. I can't write about The Last Stand until next week. I find that it's a lot easier to come up with something to blog about during the school year because there's more going on.

So, this post idea hit me during my day off when I was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark yesterday evening. I love the Indiana Jones movies and was first exposed to them when I was probably 10 or 11 years old. I liked them but the only problem I had as a kid was that there were many parts in them that scared me back then that obviously do not scare me anymore. Some were so terrifying the first time I saw the…

Quiet Please, Make it Stop

Well, here we are with another Mass Effect DLC ramble, woot! I've only played this one twice but I find it to be truly heartless and tragic the way it ends.

But then again it all depends on what you chose to do.

We are called to a planet called Aite; what impresses me about it is that it's the first planet I've seen in the Mass Effect universe that has rings around it and has a habitable atmosphere. All the rest of the ringed planets are gas giants as far as I'm concerned; helium and/or hydrogen to be exact.
So why are we here? Well the Cerberus facilities on Aite; Dr. Gavin Archer uses his brother David as a guinea pig to merge his mind with a VI in order to study how the geth were able to follow someone indoctrinated like Saren. Perhaps the geth could respond to a hybrid VI and be a similar figure for the synthetics to follow. Basically it would mean Cerberus scientists would use VI merged with a human mind to control the geth. 
Sounds pretty complicated doesn't …

The Dysfunctional Decepticons

Awww yay! Another Transformers related dream where Optimus and I go for a drive off into the sunset!

Psych! Actually this dream was pretty disturbing that pictures won't be necessary. Seriously, have you remembered the times from a few of the Transformers movies where Megatron was all like: "Let me strip the very flesh from his body!"

Pretty scary when you think about it. Well, as an ally of the Autobots; Optimus had sent me on a task to keep an eye on a family that had been under constant watch by the Decepticons. I had never been given this task before and it scared me what would happen if the Decepticons discovered that I would be there.

Megatron and his followers knew me as Optimus's little insect spy. That was what Starscream called me the most, he'd be like "Lord Megatron, I've been watching that family again and look who's with them: Optimus's little insect spy. What is she doing interfering with our plans?"

Turns out the family were …

What to Write Every 100's?

I just realized this would be my 400th post once I publish this. Crazy right? I think so.

When these things come up, I want to save them for really big things, but sometimes I don't feel like working on a bigger writing project to make it that, or I can't think of anything.

Please all the old gods and new, don't make me come down with writer's block on here! I think this place is slowly taking off and the last thing I want is to run out of things to write.

Luckily I won't run out of things to write because I have another Mass Effect DLC to ramble about and it's a big one. Then after binge playing Pokemon X over the long weekend, I decided I want to write about my favourite Pokemon games based on the story.

I skipped Metal Monday this week because sharing the news that I'm finally going to see Lordi in February was way more important. I guarantee you next week's metal song will be Lordi since it's been a while since I'd done one of their songs. I…

Chocolate, Rock, and Horror

I didn't get a chance to write this because I was up at the cottage for the long weekend.

I feel like I haven't had anything good to write for the last two weeks because I'm so focused on The Warlord's Prize (which is going really well by the way), or I just haven't had anything that's good enough to extract from my brain onto a digital online sheet that can be published on this blog.

Luckily, the same day that I found out we got tickets for Lordi; I had a dream about them. I haven't had dreams about Lordi in forever. Some of them I still remember like the time OX gave me a back rub and told me I should listen to Motley Crue and the one where Mr. Lordi walked into my college classroom and started singing "Call off the Wedding" and I sang along with him while everyone else stared at us.

Good times, I don't know why but my dreams about Lordi always seem to be about individual members instead of the whole band. I guess it just depends where my im…

My Monsterican Dream

(Hard Rock) HALLELUJAH!!!! This is the best news I have ever received this summer! It just makes up for everything that has been going on since the start of 2016.

I didn't think it was ever going to happen; in fact I had almost lost hope by now. Year after year went by and at first I cried about it until I realized that doesn't solve anything. I thought the only option was to save up for a trip overseas to Europe to make this dream come true.

There are so many bands I want to see live. A lot of them come from Europe, and so far I've seen at least three of them live. Coincidentally they're either Finnish or Swedish. What can I say? Scandinavia has some pretty good stuff!

So guess what guys? Look who's FINALLY coming to my neck of the woods??!

LORDI!!! THAT'S RIGHT, MOTHERF**KING LORDI!!! I am slowly losing my mind as I type this! I didn't think they would ever get enough demand to get over here. Hmm perhaps over the years fellow NA fans started contacting ve…