MMSW #45 Somewhere There's a Reason

Good morning peeps. I kept asking insomnia to not come to me last night, but it did, and then there was the thunderstorm that followed shortly after. I had a strange dream too so expect that up no later than this evening.

I think it's high time I pick another favourite from the one of the big 4 that I love. Feels like forever, but this time we're going with something a little mellower.

This was the first song that appealed to me on Megadeth's Youthanasia album. It's fast yet not too intense; more melodic approach and vocally focused. Now that's what I think applies to just about all the songs on this album, they're easier to sing and get in to if you like melodies.

When it comes to metal in general, what I listen to depends on what I'm in the mood for; on some days I want to get into power and thrash metal, so it's all about the riffs. There are other times when I'm more into listening to melodic stuff like symphonic and doom metal where the lyrics are more important.

In this case with Megadeth known for thrash metal, well looks like they decided to take the melodic route for this album, apparently it got a bit of radio play according to David Ellefson in his book, which I finished reading last week. Trust from Cryptic Writings also went down that path too.

When a friend of mine was first getting into Megadeth this was the first song he listened to. I had no idea it existed yet because I was still relatively new to the band as well. Days later the album was given to me for my birthday, and it's one of my favourites to this day.




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