MMSW #44 Fading Away

It should be midsummer right now, and this weekend I finally got around to listening to an album that I bought as a consolation at the record store after I discovered I couldn't pre-order The Last Stand.

So, this week's song is actually from that:

I had bought The Unforgiving a few weeks ago, and finally got around to listening to it last night. I personally think it wasn't as good as The Silent Force, but it had a few tracks that stood out, including this one.

I went with this song first because the lyrics largely reminded of where I am in writing The Warlord's Prize. If you're caught up with that story; it's pretty obvious that my character is in a very vulnerable position, she's terrified of Shan Yu, and she has no choice but to obey his commands in order to survive (and keep her virginity from being painfully snatched away!).

I think that's why the story has 600 reads already, it's dark, and brings out Shan Yu's personality and gives him more development as a character. Makes me think it'll be a big success, considering the fact that most of the stories I write about; are about characters that no one wants to write about. I was born to stand out and I will remain standing out.

This song is truly a sad gothic song that makes me feel trapped inside; not in real life necessarily, but when I put myself in the shoes of my character in The Warlord's Prize that is where the feeling of being trapped comes into play.

Also today marks the anniversary of when I met Peter Cullen last year, I almost forgot about it seeing as I made the choice to skip TFCon this year! Maybe I'll write something about that later, or I'll just sit and gaze at the framed autographed drawing I have on my wall.

I've got another chapter in progress, and the last one was a bitch to write. Here's to hoping this one's easier! I've also got a rant coming up that'll probably make the mainstream want my head on a spike; due to how viral it's been for the past two weeks, and I've got some other news..........BIG news actually, shhhh!!! I'm not going to say it just yet so be patient!

Good day,



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