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Stolen Memories

There were two DLC dossiers in the 2nd Mass Effect game and I think they were both great. But personally, it was Kasumi's DLC that I enjoyed more than Zaeed's.

No disrespect to Zaeed; he's a badass who desires revenge. But if I had to choose which DLC dossier to write about for ME2, I would choose Kasumi because I love the story behind it.

These short rambles of the Mass Effect DLCs are so easy to write, by the Mantle I think I'll blaze through them in no time at all!

When I first learned that Kasumi was a master thief, something told me that she would try to steal something valuable the moment I gained her trust. Then again, just because she's notorious for being a thief, doesn't mean you should underestimate her; just like with Thane as an assassin.

It's almost creepy in my opinion about how you contact her through one of those screens on the Citadel where advertisements run. I'm pretty flexible about when I do her loyalty mission; sometimes I will do…

Break, Enter and Flee

I barely got any sleep last night and I'm not sure if it's just insomnia + dehydration: because it's been 35 degrees and up for the past few weeks, or it was that thunder I heard at 5am this morning. At last! A thunderstorm! We have been in desperate need for one in weeks; the grass is dying and I hate the sight of brown dead grass no matter what season it is!

When I finally got to sleep, I had another strange dream about dragons and being their master. This time in fact, I had them flying by my side in this one!

The dream started where for some reason, I made the choice to break into this town house owned by some celebrity. Anyone reminded of that Hands to Myself music video by Selena Gomez? Not that big of a fan of her anymore because I feel like she can't really sing that great these days; but Christopher Mason was hunky as hell in that video!

I was walking around the townhouse looking for something, probably the same things Selena was, but I'm not gonna be roam…

Bring Down The Sky

So, this is the first of the Mass Effect DLC's that I'm gonna ramble about.

This one is in the first game and I didn't know that we had access to it on my first play through, so I skipped it. Then by the time I did a play through as a Sentinel, I gave it a go. It's another thing that's just as exciting as the events that happen from Virmire and on that make me enjoy the first Mass Effect game more.

Batarians are a race notoriously known to sometimes become terrorists. A lot of them join mercenary gangs but they wouldn't dream of doing something as big as destroying a planet. 
They've put torches on a large asteroid X57 and set it to collide with the human colonized planet Terra Nova. Your task: simple, stop it from hitting the planet!
I found this DLC to be very straightforward and I would always take care of the torches first before looking for any other anomaly about the asteroid. That way I wouldn't feel rushed to get everything done within a time li…

10 Reasons Why I Will Not Play Pokemon Go

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this blog post are my own that are generated from my own experience and are NOT intended to trash talk the game itself, or anyone who chooses to play it. If you play it and you've enjoyed it, made new friends, got more exercise than you normally have, and managed to stay safe through it all; then that's great, this game is definitely for you. But unfortunately it's not for me. So I advise you to consider what my opinions really are on this before you assume that I'm talking shit about you or the game.

With the all the rage of the new popular app Pokemon Go spreading, I think it's time I let this one out.

I first heard about the game sometime last week when my social media feeds exploded with all things Pokemon. I was surprised at first because I didn't think that it would be mainstream enough to get this much attention; clearly that has changed.

It released in the US, Australia and NZ first and in less than 24 hours there were…

Monstereophonic Madness

They're back everyone! My favourite Finnish monsters have risen once again!

I didn't think it was going to happen this soon, but the announcement kind of caught me off guard. I used to always be engaged with what they were up to, but now I think to myself; hmm I really should get back into Lordi.

When Scare Force One was released, I remember listening to it once, and then I got sidetracked with other bands and hobbies that came up. I still loved Lordi through it all, maybe I wasn't turned on to the album when I first listened to it, whereas with TBONTB I listened to it several times and it grew on me! As some people say: Times change, and well hey I'm still a Monstermaniac in my heart.

I know I've been so quiet about them lately and that's because I was spending too much time a few years back, worrying about what other fans had accomplished such as meeting them for the first or tenth time. What I should have done was focus on myself as a fan, and not let my env…

Before the War, We Were Together

Ah another dream to wake up smiling too. I couldn't tell what it was at first when it started.

There was a part where it looked like it was going to about me living the events of Alien Isolation. But no, that's not what this dream is about. As soon as you hear me mention war, you're going to think: "Okay, Emily is either referring to war happening in a fictional universe, or she's been listening to Sabaton again."

Yes, that's right; those are the two common things people are going to think of once I say something about war. This was another funny Sabaton dream actually, and I think I'm having these with all the hype of The Last Stand coming out next month. I'm bolting straight for the record store after my shift the day it's released. Here's my plan: Wake up, go to my shift, 4 hours later, go home, change, call them to make sure they have it, and go back to that mall where I splurged CD's at in January and get my copy.

Strange Havens

I wish I had more strange dreams that don't make any sense, because they're so vivid and weird that I just like the events that happen in them.

Like this dream for instance, I was on a train heading somewhere and the place we passed through looked like that valley in my town that I pass through all the time, and then something knocked the train over tossing it into where the river used to be. The impact reminded me in Jurassic Park how the T-Rex always bangs the vehicle to try and flip it to get the people inside.

Me and several other survivors got off and we were running from a monster behind us, and I knew it was a dinosaur but didn't know what kind it was until we found a place to hide. There was a grey sky and long grassland with trees and boats on stands. This reminded me a lot of Downsview Park in Toronto.

We hid behind a hill at the edge of the water to make the predator lose us. I think it looked more like a Carnotaurus than a T-Rex once I saw it, and now I need to…

Why I Don't Download Music

I sometimes look at today's society and think, why is it that we are willing to make tricks just to get what we want? When it comes to things like music, do we even bother to think about the band/artist we are downloading it from? Well, I've always been an old-school type of gal; there have been times when I never downloaded unless there was no way to purchase it. But now, I am definitely only buying my music, and I encourage to do it matter how much money you have. So here's why:

Mass Effect 3: Reapers, Reapers Everywhere

After rambling on about the first two Mass Effect games, I felt like I had to plan ahead what I was going to say about the third.

Things are gonna get a bit rant-like once we approach the end, but for now, I'm gonna start this up like the usual. I enjoyed playing through it just like with the second, hence why I cannot choose between them. But then again, this conflict may be normal for most fans!

Finally, the moment we all anticipated would happen: The Reapers are here! It was great how they opened it up taking place in BC, and I will always get goosebumps hearing that piano music when Shepard leaves Earth. After that we head for Mars to get blueprints on a super weapon, and then the majority of the story after that is pretty much we build big alliances and unite all the species of the galaxy (why can't more sci-fi franchises do this?!) to fight the Reapers in any way they can. Of course, we do that by helping them first, encountering many old friends and a few new ones along…

The Music is Mightier Than The Mosh Pit

There are many ritualistic behaviors that we have, especially in subcultures. As a Star Wars fan, you might be one to own a replica of one of the weapons like a lightsaber and engage in duels with your friends.

If you were a Halo or COD fan, you might be playing online every night with friends or strangers and rant online how imperfect the multiplayer in the game is.

I've been a Metalhead since I was 18, and only by the time I graduated high school and started college did I get to learn about the lifestyle during my down time.

People in the heavy metal subculture often engage in behaviors which not all of them I am comfortable with doing, or I think they are stupid. My point being, just because you don't engage in one of or all of these activities, does not make you not a Metalhead.

Now, I'm not going to include sex, drugs and alcohol in this post because this is actually about the ritualistic behaviors that Metalheads do at concerts only, and because I don't want to g…