All Aboard the Normandy

Tentatively excited. Good evening primitives, I have great news to announce. With enthusiasm. I've been binge playing Mass Effect since mid-May and I mentioned earlier this year, that I wanted to share my thoughts on the trilogy. 

Ah, talking like an elcor never gets old.

Now that I have more time to pursue big writing projects: This'll be another big writing thing to do this summer besides The Warlord's Prize which I am hard at work at too on Wattpad.

Just like I do with movies, I plan to do basic plot summary (god I hope I can come up with something given the fact how deep ME's lore is!), characters, favourite moments, and gameplay too. And perhaps I won't need to wait until I complete one of the games to write each entry since I have played through the trilogy enough times to know the story backwards, so we'll see.

That's something major to look forward too on here this summer. I think I might start writing the one for the first game this weekend, and I'll also do separate posts for any DLCs that I have done and liked. These are gonna be lengthy posts, so I'll make sure to dedicate time to them like I do to my fanfiction.

Look forward to it! 

Garrus is too busy calibrating to read this....



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