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Yesterday was a day to go into the big city and explore.

My mother had a conference in downtown Toronto, and having my brother and I meet her in the city to hang out was not what I had in mind, but hey, anything to get out of the house right?

The only time I set foot in Toronto these days is when I'm going to an event: be it a concert, con, whatever. The last time I went there to just hang out and go sightseeing, I was still in grade school, we stayed there for a few days before classes started up again. We skated at Nathan Phillips Square by the old City Hall and went up in the CN Tower. Personally, if you want to go up there: do it for the view, not the food.

Now every time I visit that square, I think of the time I went skating there years ago. It would have also been nice to skate there at night with all the lights.
We walked around and down Yonge Street, and there's lots of places to shop and eat. In fact there's so many it's almost impossible to choose a place! I…

GOT S6 Best Moments

We did it guys, we made it through another season of Game of Thrones! Now the aftermath is sad; we all wonder, what the hell are we gonna do with our Sunday nights now for the next 10 months?

Oh I'm sure I'll find something to do! I'm gonna share with you the best moments I liked this season and the good news is that: they outnumber the worst and that's where I don't think writing about my least favourite parts will be necessary this time. I feel like this is good to make up for the number of bad things that happened in the previous season don't you think?

So here's your warning: this article contains lots of spoilers ahead, so if you're not caught up with the show. You better stop reading this right now.'s probably fine, most of you can't even evade the spoilers these days whether you don't watch the show, or you're not up to date with it.

Tanks For The Memories

I absolutely love having dreams about my favourite bands. Funny thing is that, most of them are about bands that I am either dying to see live, or see again.

I don't have enough dreams in general about the bands I love, to be honest. The KISS dreams were hilarious like the time the band was sitting in my living room and I was serving them tea and coffee. I have happy memories of those.

This time, my brain decided it was time to dream about a European band. It's been a long time since that's happened. I've shared my dreams about Lordi on the Monsterboard forums from years ago, now I will share with you a new and rather funny dream from one of my more recent favourite bands:
It's weird because this dream actually took place at my high school which was about twenty minutes away from my house. I felt like a teenager again in this dream, and when I was there some things had changed like the size and colour of the lockers. I was reliving my freshman year of high school e…

Mass Effect 2: True Fate of the Protheans

And now, we are on to Mass Effect 2. This one I felt like I had to be even more broad with my thoughts due to the fact that I absolutely love the story line in the second game. It's still popular among fans, a favorite out of most, I cannot choose this over the third game or vice versa.

How would I start this off? Hmmm, that's a good question, I mean to tell you the truth, when I first started my play through, I was informed by my dear brother that things would get much more complicated. He specifically mentioned the upgrades and loyalty missions which I made my top priority once I started.

Imagine it's like this: La la la, you've saved the galaxy from suffering a possible Reaper invasion and you're spending a helluva good time (not really) looking for remaining geth outside the veil until an unknown ship attacks the Normandy, destroys it and Shepard dies......only to be resurrected two years later by a human organization Cerberus and is given the task to destroy t…

Escape From Reality.....It Just Got Harder

I've always relied on the Internet and video games to escape reality for a couple of hours, but now I feel like with social media it's nearly impossible. I've uninstalled Twitter and Facebook (the only remaining social platforms I use ever since I quit Instagram), from my phone, because I feel like everything I see in my feed is not even providing me with the escape that I need. I've reduced my activity to playing Dragon City and texting now, and it's definitely not regrettable.

I remember back when I joined Facebook in probably '09 I think, things weren't so dramatic, probably because I did not have as many friends yet. In 2011 I did a lot of roleplaying, and that made things even easier to avoid what I deal with now, but eventually I stopped doing that too because even RP can cause conflict.


If I dream about grubs crawling around the place, it's always going to be underground, you know what Baird says: when the Locust were underground, they were organized, once they were flooded out of their tunnels, they had gone feral.

I liked the grubs better when they had their home underground, especially how they set up fortresses and such there. I still try to figure out how Myrrah's palace is made. It appears to be part of a tower, but the palace part is at the very bottom.

I wish this dream took place at Nexus, but instead it took place at the tunnels of the inner Hollow.

Neither the surface, nor down there was safe. My city had been sunk and I had fled into the tunnels from the grubs who were looking for survivors who weren't evacuated. When I saw they had reavers, I longed to hijack one to get out of there from the sinkhole.

Now that I think about it, this dream reminds me of the last dream I had related to the GOW universe where I helped Delta kill the Riftworm fro…

Battle Against the Underlings

Okay, I've spoken about how my last good dreams became even more accurate to my identity in the fantasy world. The golden spikes, wrist blades, dragon wings, flame breath, etc.

Last night's dream proved to add even more features and I think this is where my dragon master nature truly came out. All that remains now, should be a battle against my archenemy in a parallel dimension!

It took place in the local park just seconds away from where I live. But instead of the playground it has in real life, there was a high wooden platform (kind of like the one in the second Jurassic Park film, but it doesn't ascend over the canopy of trees), and a single swing set.
I sat on one of the swings observing a group of people on the platform, and overheard them talking about how they were dragon-hunters. As my dragon master self, I was tasked to ally with dragons and command them against Naga: the one dragon who wanted all the power to himself. I got up off the swings and approached the gr…

Does the Platform Matter?

I've seen big tech nerds complain about this pretty often, and sometimes it gets on my nerves. I'm not a big web designer, so you could say that I don't really care much, but nevertheless, I still put a lot of effort in to make things look nice on here.

Over the past few years, I would tweak this site so it looks the way I want it to, and it looks attractive to visitors. Like, you may have noticed I made everything larger tonight, easier to read right? Yes, of course.

People use all sorts of platforms to make a site, blog, or whatever you want to call it. Sometimes you want something simple, or you want to get really fancy, especially if it's going to be a professional one. It all just depends on your taste. I've seen some pretty good blogs which I follow that use this platform, as well as Wordpress. I chose to use this platform because I didn't feel like setting up an account elsewhere and have yet another password to remember on my list.

I came across a rathe…

Mass Effect 1: One Reaper Isn't Enough

Alright, here is the first ramble of the Mass Effect trilogy, I was going to make this short and sweet, but with Mass Effect, that's just clearly impossible. I think I've played through the trilogy over four times now, and the first game is where you get into the groove of things. Due to how deep the story is, I don't think I'll be able to tackle everything I want to talk about so bear with me!

Your character is basically determined by reputation. I often make my Femshep a Spacer and War Hero for Paragon bonuses. It may seem like your regular sightings of geth on a peaceful planet called Eden Prime, until your turian Spectre friend is shot dead, the geth are impaling colonists on giant spikes that later turn them into Husks (I assume that's one way the Reapers harvest organic life), and Saren Arterius has gone rogue and on the loose as a servant of the Reapers in hopes of bringing them back. Thus another cycle begins, so the job is simple: Stop him.

The first thing…

Free Traveling

I've got bags under my eyes from last night, and I can't tell you how tired I am of falling asleep, and then waking up at 3am. Don't we all just want those nights where we fall asleep, and stay asleep until we're supposed to wake up?

I have another dream worthy of sharing and friends of mine have asked me to loan them my imagination, because it seems they are jealous of how vivid it is!

I've seen pictures on the 'Net asking viewers which colored button you'd press to gain what power. Most people would say the ability to use telekinesis or heal any injury. Sure I would love to use the force and cure disease but my number one ability that I would like is to fly. You know what's so great about flying? Well, who doesn't want to be able to get to where they need to go without having to stick to a bus schedule and traffic jams? But the bigger bonus is, if you want to see the world, the ability to fly lets you travel for free! I want to see the world, so t…

Closer to the True Form

I think every time I fly in my dreams, I get closer to the ideal identity I want in the general fantasy universe. Last night was definitely a sign of it.

My brain just knows how I want to fly and that with those dragon wings is #1 on my list. Sure, I can name other ways I want to fly, such as riding on a dragon's back, flying a starship or a little speeder, jet pack (and I'm talking one that can actually make you fly, not ones that you can just use to jump really high), or just without anything.....or how about pixie dust?

Okay, enough with that, so this dream was rather weird, mixed up with different locations and I was just trying to get away from everything and everyone.

It started with a small cottage in the middle of a forest that reminded me of the park near my house as it has lots of trees. It was on a slope and there was a recent snowfall, I was spending two weeks there with a group of friends who invited me. But the truth I learned, was that they were not really my fr…

All Aboard the Normandy

Tentatively excited. Good evening primitives, I have great news to announce. With enthusiasm. I've been binge playing Mass Effect since mid-May and I mentioned earlier this year, that I wanted to share my thoughts on the trilogy. 
Ah, talking like an elcor never gets old.

Now that I have more time to pursue big writing projects: This'll be another big writing thing to do this summer besides The Warlord's Prize which I am hard at work at too on Wattpad.
Just like I do with movies, I plan to do basic plot summary (god I hope I can come up with something given the fact how deep ME's lore is!), characters, favourite moments, and gameplay too. And perhaps I won't need to wait until I complete one of the games to write each entry since I have played through the trilogy enough times to know the story backwards, so we'll see.
That's something major to look forward too on here this summer. I think I might start writing the one for the first game this weekend, and I&…

Purrfect Scents

With boredom. I am trying really hard to find things to blog about. With sincere frustration, but since the semester has ended, I feel like my writing has deteriorated, or I can't think of any good things to post.

Hahaha, sorry I just felt like introducing this post by talking like an elcor! I've been playing Mass Effect too much today! Did missions Thessia, Sanctuary, and Leviathan DLC while scanning for war assets in between for the bazillionth time. Oh, there's something to write about! Reviews of each of the games and analysis of the DLCs! Go write that down in your notebook as a reminder Emily, you'll need it later!

Before I went out to cut the grass this afternoon, I stopped to think about how I was running out of room on my bed-side table where I keep all my fragrances, and I sometimes want to clean things up on there so it's not so cluttered, but without being wasteful. After years and years of wearing my Wonderstruck perfume, it finally emptied its way out…

Taste a Morning Out There

After having that dream of being trapped in the Notre Dame cathedral...more notably the bell tower....I finally got around to watching the movie. I was pretty satisfied with what I saw.

The movie reminds me a lot about how I was always trying to be accepted into society, even though I don't really care about that anymore. It's also about diversity, we shouldn't just dismiss someone just because they have a deformed appearance or are part of a race or faction that does things that may seem....unusual, like what gypsies do.

You can tell right away that it's about Quasimodo wanting to get out into the world

Like I said, I felt like I was in his shoes, when I had that dream being trapped up there ringing the bells twice a day. Only difference I was not deformed (obviously), and I was Frollo's daughter, as creepy as that can be, but the dream still had plenty of similarities to the movie.

And Esmeralda, she's another strong woman in Disney, it was sad when she broke…