MMSW #34 Intertwine the Lines

Welcome to another issue of Metal Monday. Ever since I got off school for the semester, it's very easy to get bored, so I look for new opportunities out and about, and new things to write about.

So, for this week's song, I decided to do a band I haven't check out much yet, but have been recommended.

Epica has been suggested to me a few times, and they were on my to-do list so I have started with the song I first heard by them.

I love Simone's voice in it and the music video is quite interesting. I haven't pieced together what the song makes me think of, but I'm sure I'll eventually imagine something.

I have a whole list of songs that I have to listen to by them next, so as soon as it's tackled I'll know if I want to dig deeper or not.

Here's to another good week of music.



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