MMSW #33 Celebrate Your Life

Finally, I can write these articles again! I never put them on hold last semester when exams were going on, probably because last semester wasn't as difficult as this one.

Well, now that I'm officially done for the summer, I thought why not pick this week's song as something motivational, and one that brings back confidence?

So now that we're back to doing this, let's get on with it!

I haven't done an Iced Earth song in forever, yet why haven't I done one from this album yet? Dystopia is an album that kicks major ass: Stu's vocals, Jon's lyrics, and everything else in between.

By listening to this, I feel like it's about: no matter what situation you're in, you thrive. I've been in difficult times in my life, but this song helps me get through them

This song makes me feel confident again, and I feel like the message behind the lyrics.....especially the bridge is: no matter what difficult situation you're in, you can choose to let it make you suffer, or you can accept it, get through it, and you'll be able to go to the life that you want to live instead when it's over. Nothing lasts forever.

So yep, that about covers it for this week, I'm going to do something new for next week soon so look out for that.



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