From the Spiral to the Darkness

Some of my dreams make no sense at all, and this is just one of the many. Ever since I finished school for the summer, my body is trying to adapt to sleeping in an extra hours, except on Fridays when I go to help out at the local hospital.

I will fall asleep and then wake up at 2 or 3am before going back to sleep again. A dream has a solid chance of occurring in those times. This one reminds me almost of one of that Veggie Tales Christmas Special and that part where they accidentally get launched down the red and white spiral tunnel that leads towards a path in the snow with a broken bridge that was supposed to lead to a town.

Anybody ever watch that as a kid? I did many times as well as Arthur's Perfect Christmas.......why am I talking about Christmas in May?

Never mind, Let's get on with the dream shall we?

I'm not sure how this one started, but I was working in this facility that was some kind of toy factory. Not my ideal type of job, but hey it was interesting. All these machines were putting them together and my job was to deliver them by sending the packages sliding down these spiral tunnels, and they would roll on to the buyer's destination.

Go ahead and look at this long enough to imagine it's moving, or make yourself dizzy
Like any other dreams, I was looking for a way to escape, the owner of the factory was a mad toy maker who loved to enslave his workers and he hated kids. I was the opposite of his beliefs, I loved children and thought that everyone should be treated fairly. This guy largely reminds me of the villain Whacko from Johnny Test. 

Then I realized that one place that was never monitored by the cameras, were those tunnels. They were large enough to fit a person in them as well as a package. I took a picture of the area I was working at and covered the camera with it. Once I was sure no one was watching me, I pushed a large package into the biggest tunnel and slid myself nearly head first through with it.

I slid down the tunnel and grabbed onto the package hoping no one would find out, and as the package carried on, I stopped right at the street. Then I looked at the building to see lights flashing and a siren blasting, they knew I was gone all right. I had to get as far away as possible.

What I wish happened was I would take to the sky and continue upward until in space, but that didn't happen. Instead I did start flying but started towards the edge of town where it was getting darker and darker. I could hear my pursuers behind me until I flew over the park lit by streetlights and then over a fence and then I lost them.

Not a bad dream involving flying, but it is nothing compared to the one where I flew through that massive playground, dept. store and then ascended all the way into thermosphere.

Like I said, the higher I fly, the better I feel.



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