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Make Fire Melt the Iron

We're more than halfway into season 6 of Game of Thrones, and already I've got characters that I want to rot in a bloody pit of hell(horror)

Yep, we won't be able to go through any season, without encountering someone or something that makes us angry. When I was a kid I used to watch some cartoons, and I had such a sensitive soul, I didn't want anything to happen that I didn't like, otherwise I would yell at the screen.

Don't worry, I don't do that anymore, but sometimes the urge still rises in me.

A few minor spoilers are ahead, but I will not reveal too much until the end of the season where I pick my best and worst moments.

I am so sick and tired of all these cock jokes and gang rape threats. I don't care if this is the Middle Ages, it really gets on my nerves, so at least Daenerys was able to get out of it when in Dosh Khaleen, and has her own way of rejecting such threats, just not with words.

I don't know, there's just a thing I hate about…

My 10 Favourite Dragons

I love monsters, aliens, robots, and whatever creepy thing imaginable, but I've loved dragons since I was 14. They've been a part of me ever since.

I still fantasize about taming, riding, and commanding them in battle against our enemies. I would be their master, and have wings of my own to fly beside them. At first I wanted it to be something like I turn into one, but that's a little far, I don't even know what I would want to look like as an actual dragon!

Anyway, you want to know what my ten favourites are? Well that's what this post is about, and all of them are equally awesome. As for the number I put them in, whatever is at #1 is not the one I like the most. When I was planning this entry, I made a list elsewhere and decided that this was not going to be based on which one was the coolest, so....yeah.

Just Me and My Xenomorph (Or Not)

I haven't had a nightmare about one of those creatures in a long time, in fact, not since I watched the first Alien movie for the first time.

Time for me to introduce another sci-fi universe that I love and want to learn more about.

I think I first came across the trailer of Alien vs. Predator a few years back before pursuing the Alien trilogy. You know me, I love my aliens, no matter how vicious they get.

The first movie, I feel like I want to watch it again after that dream. The first time you see it, it seems scary, but afterwards, it's not really anymore, but never gets old.

Little Town of Humanoid Fauna

I was never a huge fan of bugs, especially big ones, but if they're worth a lot of money, then why not?

This my friends, is a common thing that Animal Crossing players suffer from. I do play those games and it looks like my addiction to them has resurfaced once again.

I might as well get in to the story, because I'm sure gamers here and there are guilty of playing these games non-stop. They're like simulation, like those addictive mobile games, but these ones last you much longer, and you don't need to pay real money to get the better items.

From the Spiral to the Darkness

Some of my dreams make no sense at all, and this is just one of the many. Ever since I finished school for the summer, my body is trying to adapt to sleeping in an extra hours, except on Fridays when I go to help out at the local hospital.

I will fall asleep and then wake up at 2 or 3am before going back to sleep again. A dream has a solid chance of occurring in those times. This one reminds me almost of one of that Veggie Tales Christmas Special and that part where they accidentally get launched down the red and white spiral tunnel that leads towards a path in the snow with a broken bridge that was supposed to lead to a town.

Anybody ever watch that as a kid? I did many times as well as Arthur's Perfect Christmas.......why am I talking about Christmas in May?

Never mind, Let's get on with the dream shall we?

Critter Corner

We all have that special little place in our homes that we consider precious. No matter our age, it remains to be sacred.

I love my stuffed animals just as much as I love my action figures. Some of them have been with me since I was just a little pyjak.

Behold my sanctuary:

So before I get into it, I'll tell you their names, unfortunately this isn't all of them but it's a small number and these plushies are so precious to me, you have no idea.

So there's Optimus and Palkia, obviously. The white bear with the worn out nose: his name is Stanley. I got him when I was just a baby, and he's been here a long time, in fact, he's like a son to me. We've been through so much together.
The bunny in the dress is Estella. To me it didn't seem like a common name with an e so I went with that. She and Stanley are dating. 
The brown bear never has had a name so I just call him brown bear. I couldn't think of a good name for him, but he is Stanley's best friend…

Lost in the Jungle Once Again

Good evening primitive and intelligent beings. Last night was fun as hell. I didn't get to celebrate my birthday with my friends until now so I decided to make the most of it.

What better way to do that than to see a movie I was was desperate to see for months.

The first time I saw the trailer back in December, I knew right away what the movie was before the title appeared. I have been a fan of The Jungle Book, since I was a wee mite, it is probably one of the most hilarious Disney movies I've seen. I knew that this was going to be an exciting moment for it to return to the big screen in live action. So I went to the theater with big expectations.

Now, I won't spoil too much, but it might be okay to leak a few things since the movie's been out for a month now. I couldn't see it back then because of final exams. So without any further ado:

Presume the Right Intent

With the media once again blowing up that Gene Simmons has opened his mouth once again, people are reacting negatively to what he says.

It's time for me to rant as well, and as usual, the continuous problem people seem to have, is that they are blinded by the first words they see written there that belong to him, or they are victims of what he is speaking up against. Take a moment before you go any further in this post to think about what it is that he is morally opposed to. It could remind you about why he spoke up.

Stratosphere (Curiosity Will Never Let Me Go)

In some of my dreams, I fly only several kilometers from the ground, but in others, I go higher, sometimes almost into space it seems.

Well, today's a double dream entry day, so here's the second one. Probably not as good as the other but since this one was last night I remember it much better. I woke up at 5am with a terrible ache and after I fell asleep when it started to go away, I felt extremely refreshed once the dream was over.

This one was very unusual, like it was first about one thing, and then another. Have you ever had a dream that takes place somewhere that you've been in real life, but in the dream, everything about that place is different; like the building is bigger, it's got abnormal things like in real life it's supposed to be your house, but in the dream it's got a public playground attached to it?

Escape from the Bell Tower

Dreams often motivate me to expand my horizons sometimes, and this one definitely did.

Two nights ago, it took place in Paris, I was living in the bell tower near the harbor, and I was the daughter of the owner.

I had a small window in my room and would gaze out towards the city and the sea constantly but the guards would never allow me to leave. I only saw my father once a week. He was constantly praying to the gods, lighting candles for them, etc. He was the archdeacon there, and would use his amount of power to be rid of people he didn't like, like gypsies.

Thoughts that Count

Well, today is my birthday, you don't get older, you get wiser.

I went for a long walk around the river, and my mom took me out to buy a FitBit like the one she has, so that's one present for you. I think this'll be something more worth my time in the long run than that pink owl plushy I was fawning over several days ago. I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted it or not, and after I saw it in the store on my way home yesterday, I changed my mind.

I think I ate too much for dinner and the most common cakes we get for birthdays at my house are ones from Baskin Robbins. Of course, no birthday is complete without a cake. I love ice cream cakes just as much as regular baked cakes. My neighbor always makes us these delicious spider-web shaped cookies on my birthday and my brother's. Then she gives us a whole plate of them. I can't get enough of those cookies.

So I didn't get much for my birthday this year, but I'm planning to celebrate the other portion …


I left one of my Mass Effect playthroughs on hold for a long while due to being occupied with college.

Today, I decided to get it back on track and left off at the Citadel after my Femshep went on a date with Garrus at the top of the Presidium.

I could write an entire paragraph about how much I love that scene with my sweet Archangel, but I probably won't due to my hysterical swooning whenever I watch it happen. I still desire to do game reviews of the trilogy, but due to the fact that they are so detailed in story, it might take more than three entries to do so!

Anyway, after that, I proceeded to start the end of the Quarian/Geth War. I don't know why, but the dreadnought level has always been my least favourite level in the third game.

Take Me and Fly

Today was exhausting, because I was running all around town trying to get some shit done. As soon as I woke up, I started by cleaning up my notes and putting them away in binders for later reference.

Then I got out into town to do what I hoped would be some early birthday shopping, and unfortunately, I only came back home with one thing.

It started with the game store, and I wanted a third female Funko to complete, and what better to do with a special one?