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Unleash Your Imagination

I have returned once again after finishing all my exams, and I was going to post something a little more of an announcement to inform you that I have returned, but it recently occurred to me something I need to rant about. When that happens, I rant and nothing gets in my way.

So, what's it about this time? Well it's actually about writing, surprise surprise.

I've been trying to be more active on Wattpad these days, and it's due to not just updating my own stories; but also to read other people's works, even if it isn't my cup of tea. I try to keep an open mind, and this is one way of doing it. Perhaps it'll also increase traffic of my own stories in the long run.

So what's the issue? Well, when it comes to fanfiction, one thing I keep noticing is that when people write these things, they don't come up with anything original. Sometimes what they will do is take their favourite character, and retell the entire original story all over again, just from …

Whispers of Freedom

Oh hello! It certainly has been a long time.

I've been really busy for the past several days, as I wrote my online exam on Friday afternoon. Spent that morning in the library studying and some quality time with my brother testing one another and Subway for lunch.

I'm just glad that exam is over, as that course is the most brutal when it comes to how much information is in there.

I Want To Be Alone, But Now I Never Will

Three guesses why I'm writing this.....3....2...1....GO!

Or better yet, just watch this below and it'll summarize what I'm about to talk about.

One Day More

Yep, finals start tomorrow....isn't this exciting? I guess you could say it's a relief because this semester is nearly a week away from finishing. First up: Hospital Practices and Pharmaceutics. FUN.

I try to look at it as something positive, even if I have trouble understanding concepts, oh well, don't let your challenges stop you from reaching for the stars Emily.

Then on Friday is my online course's final exam. Pros: I can write it in the comfort of my own home. Cons: It has to be done at a specific time, which is fucking 3:20pm.

Once this week is over, I have lab exams, ethics and math then we will be DONE! Yay! Just in time for the warmer weather to arrive, which I think came too late this year. I didn't spend my whole weekend studying for Monday's exam, had to help move a tree to the frontyard, finished the final chapter of Kel Dor and the Kaleesh, plus the ending song. Now I can start The Warlord's Prize during my extended period off.

Oh, but even th…

Huns at the beach

Okay maybe I lied, I said on Monday that I wouldn't be blogging until after finals. Scratch that, I mean that any major posts I have coming up: such as featured songs, planned rants, lists, reviews, etc. All those things will be on hold until after exams, but if anything small comes up like a good dream, I'm going to write about it.
Speaking of which, I did have a nice dream last night. I was fed up with the recent weather here, that it was a relief where this dream took place.
I was on the beach lying on a blanket under an umbrella. (My skin doesn't tan anyway) I was damp from swimming near the shore, and not far away were several men in the army that I was with. One of them had long black hair, I call him Yong Ro and you'll see him in The Warlord's Prize. He'll be Shan Yu's closest adviser. In the movie, he's the Hun that sniffs the doll and says he's picked up a stench of sulfur from cannons. (they don't have names in the movie, so perhaps …

Truth and Reconciliation

I've got bad news and more bad news coming, so prepare yourselves.

I'll start off with the smaller before I go onto the bigger.

First off, I wrote almost a month ago that I was hyped that Frank Welker would be at this year's TFCon in Toronto, I was ready to pull out my wallet to make a dream of meeting Lord Megatron come true.

Send the Ravens, There's a New Keeper of the Domain

Good evening you primitives,

It feels like a long time since I've blogged, even a few days of absence can feel like eternity. So, I'd like to share a very important update with you, you'll need to know it if you wanna keep following me on here.

This is the third time that I've changed the domain of this blog, and hopefully it's the last time, I was trying to go for something more neutral than based specifically on one or two interests in my life, due to the fact that I obviously write about more than just one or two subjects.

So now my blog's domain has been changed to "The Red-Headed Nerd", what does that mean? Well I was born a redhead, my hair isn't as red now as it was before, and even if it changes completely, in my heart I will always be a redhead. A nerd, well ever since I was little, my passions and general interests were always non-mainstream, and related to fantasy, sci-fi, etc. I've been part of that subculture for a long time, and …

Why I'm Not A Huge Concert Goer

I love music, I really do. I love going to concerts and seeing my favourite bands, in fact I've got friends here and overseas that are just like me, however they go to way more concerts than I do. At one point, I was jealous about that, but I'm not anymore due to the fact that I'm at a stage in my life building a profession.

If there's one thing I could never do, it's go to a concert on a regular basis at a time where pursuing my career is way more important.

The last gig I went to was Tove Lo in Toronto with my mom, yes there is more to my music taste than just heavy metal. It was on a school day and luckily I didn't have class until a quarter to 11 the following day. Maybe I'm just not as nocturnal as I used to be now.

The Force Makes Me Feel Like a Dangerous Woman

Today was quite fun as the kitchen renovations continue to be in progress. They put the new flooring, and there's nothing like working on your crash cart chart assignment while listening to the drilling and pop music downstairs.

I also have a Math test in two days that I've been practicing for, so to de-stress I took a trip to the mall since this is my day off.

I didn't come back loaded, but I did return with two really nice grabs.

Chai Tea and Cryptic Writings

I've decided to stop writing................

APRIL FOOLS!!! I just had to put that in there, and what better way to start it off attached to this?

I really need to have more heavy metal dreams, because it feels like forever since I had the last one.

I don't own Cryptic Writings yet, but it is on my list of albums to buy, and this dream reminds me of my Megadeth fanfiction which sparked slight popularity, but I discontinued it because I couldn't commit to it anymore. Maybe it was just the high demand I had on my shoulders at that time.

I also had a hard time picturing Dave as my age since I was using the lineup with Chris and Shawn. Please remind me to buy Dystopia as well, because I've neglected that for too long!