Where Are My Eggs?!

Happy Easter!!

I really miss the days when I was a kid, where we got to hunt around the house for chocolate eggs, and bunnies that the Easter bunny left behind. There was even a time where he came to visit the mall to see the kids, just like Santa.

Things are a bit different this year, considering the fact that right now we have no kitchen or living room because of the renovations, which probably will be done around the time the semester ends. So we can't cook anything too complicated and we eat in the basement.

I still get my turkey that I love so much, but not my mashed potatoes.....I need my spuds in my life with gravy. Like Dusty from Twister says, "Gravy is practically a food group,"

Anyway, nobody left me my precious Cadbury Mini Eggs at my bedroom door this year, so that Dairy Milk chocolate bar compensates. I need to cut back on my sugar.....

Speaking of eggs.....
Yep, and Game of Thrones starts again next month, during the week of finals. I hope there aren't too many disappointments this time, because honestly some things could have gone better.

Alright, I think I'll go eat my turkey dinner now, and I hope everyone else is doing the same.



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