MMSW #27 I Was Chosen by Heaven (Star Wars Special)

Welcome to another issue of Metal Monday! This is the one I was supposed to post last week, but due to midterms, I decided to postpone it to today instead, and since the stressful part of the semester is over for now, why not do another special one this week?

I've been planning to do this song for a while now, and I've been saving it to do around this time. So without any further ado:

I've decided to use SoundCloud for my MMSW posts now, as for some reason YouTube doesn't always like it when I post videos, because they vanish when I come back to edit the post one more time before publishing. So yeah, I'm gonna try to use this more often as it sometimes gets hard to find some songs on YouTube that want to play from here.

I haven't done a Sabaton song in a long time, so I thought why not this one? I was saving it for around this time after all.

This is the song that turned me on to the band when I saw them live co-headlining with Nightwish. I was in the crowd listening to their songs, and moving to the beat and riff. Then suddenly the next song started off with an epic intro and went to a riff that was love at the first hearing. The beat took me away and I started to headbang. Reach the chorus and I was jumping up and down, especially at the part that goes "to the sky". I don't know what it was, but if I hear a song live without listening to it on the album, and it has great lyrics, a great melody, riff, beat, etc. I fall in love with it and there's no turning back.

I immediately looked it up on the set list afterwards, and the first Sabaton album I bought contained this one.

It's a very empowering song, about rising above others, and ruling. It makes me feel powerful and free of everything else in the world that makes me feel down.

There are two things that this song makes me think of.

The first thing, is General Grievous.

Now where have we seen this before?
Thanks to a YouTuber who made a tribute to him in the Clone Wars with this song, it makes me think of our beloved GG now. I like to picture it being the theme when Emi Takori clashes with him, and in fact, one thing I love to do, is whenever I write a new chapter for any of my fanfiction, I like to add a song or score to be the theme. For those of you who are reading my fanfiction starring Plo Koon, there will be a chapter where Emi fights Grievous, and that song will play during it.

In a way, picturing that duel between my OC and Grievous is like a power struggle, the one that is victorious is granted to rule over the other.

Since this is an empowering song, I also think of some of those dreams I've had earlier this year, where I was soaring above the clouds and singing the song as loud as possible. Now I feel like my brain wants me to sing it every time I fly in my dreams, but sometimes it doesn't always work! There are some dreams where you try to speak or sing and you can't for some reason. All depends on where the dream is taking you. But I'd say that flying dream I had at the beginning of 2016, on the first night after my wisdom teeth surgery, was definitely the best dream I had where I was flying and singing that song.

Funny thing is that, when I didn't know the name of that song after hearing it live, I tried to track down its name, and did so by lyrics I could remember such as the part with the sky. Have you ever done that?

There's a track on the album called The Carolean's Prayer that comes before this one, and in a way it's as if it's meant that you listen to the prayer first before you jump into this. Makes it even more epic so to speak.

Well, nothing like doing another tribute Metal Monday after skipping it last week, hopefully I won't have to do that too much when things get hectic. I feel this song will help me go through this week with confidence.



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