Mixing Stuff to Look Tough

Well I certainly did get home pretty late this afternoon, but this morning was really fun and I felt like it took my mind off what's currently on my plate.

If there's one thing that I will enjoy the most in my future career, it's compounding, you know...mixing stuff.

I love mixing things like creams, liquids, powders, whether it's for food, drugs, etc. That's why I sometimes take up baking when I have more free time. I love going down to the nearest supermarket to buy mix to make brownies.

I also like helping make pancakes, even if they're not perfectly round when I flip them. That's probably my least favourite part of making them....until I get better at it that is.

Lab classes are fun no matter how challenging they can be sometimes, so even though the second semester seems stressful at the moment, I get to have more than one lab, so that's a bonus.

I sometimes would mix my Play-Doh when I was little. Did you ever do that? It takes a while but it does work, and I would sometimes cover paper after paper of random stickers to make collages. Then I would put them on the wall.

Yeah, I didn't think I'd get a chance to sit down and write tonight, but here I am writing!

It's another week to get through, and once it's Friday I can say 8 down, 7 to go until I get the summer off.




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