Inner Jedi

It's a lovely Saturday morning right now, and there's nothing like spending it working on my medication errors assignment.

Next week is going to be fun because I have to record ten foods I ate that week in a chart, and keep track of my lifestyle changes for the next four weeks, because our cardiovascular unit explores that first before we jump into the drugs used to treat those diseases.

Anyway, I just realized that Toronto Comic Con is next week! Woo! I haven't picked up my lightsaber in a long time, and I remember in the middle of February I took a ton of pictures for the hell of it, plus a spinning video. Been itching to play with it again ever since.

I won't be surprised by the number of other Jedi and Stormtroopers that will be there. Maybe the 501st legion, but they're more likely to show up at Fan Expo.

I'm expecting a lot of Kylo Rens, maybe a few Reys, Phasmas, TR-8Rs, oh and who could forget about Deadpool?

My inner Jedi is ready to awaken once again, as I could use a massive stress reliever such as being surrounded by people in my nerdy subculture.

And no I am not a traitor!



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