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4 Weeks To Go

I've been away all week, I know I should have let all of you know. But since I missed classes last week due to inclement weather...I had to spend more time catching up.

But like I said, only one month left of this semester!

Today I spent this morning busy as a bee getting caught up in institutional lab. Then this afternoon I had two Math lectures combined into one of last week and this week.

Missing a day in college for whatever the reason is nerve-wracking I tell you.

I just realized that tomorrow is April 1st, which means it's time to pick a new featured post. So far I can't think of something good enough to put up. Maybe my story at Comic Con? You may have noticed how popular my Star Wars rant a few months ago has become, perhaps I could go with that too.

This morning my Twitter feed was flooded with stuff about Star Wars Rebels' recent season finale, and I'm just here like: "I wanna watch but I can't!" Perhaps I should wait for it to come on Net…

Where Are My Eggs?!

Happy Easter!!

I really miss the days when I was a kid, where we got to hunt around the house for chocolate eggs, and bunnies that the Easter bunny left behind. There was even a time where he came to visit the mall to see the kids, just like Santa.

Things are a bit different this year, considering the fact that right now we have no kitchen or living room because of the renovations, which probably will be done around the time the semester ends. So we can't cook anything too complicated and we eat in the basement.

I still get my turkey that I love so much, but not my mashed potatoes.....I need my spuds in my life with gravy. Like Dusty from Twister says, "Gravy is practically a food group,"

Anyway, nobody left me my precious Cadbury Mini Eggs at my bedroom door this year, so that Dairy Milk chocolate bar compensates. I need to cut back on my sugar.....

Yep, and Game of Thrones starts again next month, during the week of finals. I hope there aren't too many disappointme…

My Top 5 Individual Sci-Fi Movies

As much as I love series like Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, and more there are quite a few movies that stand out on their own, and I love them. Some of them are not that popular, and others you might be familiar with. We may even have the same list of favourites when it comes to this.

There's 5 that top the list of stand-alone sci-fi in my humble opinion, so if you're curious, read on!

Ancient Enemies

Wow.....last night was a real adventure in my dreams, and it's been such a long time since my brain ventured me into the unexplored worlds of fantasy that I have yet to discover.

I had some resurfacing enemies and allies come back to me, I swear they're out there looking for me.

Back in high school I tried to merge all my fantasies from sci-fi and fantasy together as one to create one big story. But as the years went by, they split into two, so now it's like I have one identity in the fantasy universe, and another in sci-fi. I have multiple ones in the sci-fi world which is: A Jedi Consular with acrobatic abilities, the third Didact, a female Sangheili Supreme Commander, and a close ally to the Autobots.

Nerdy Convention Heaven

It has been such a long time since I have been out and about in the streets of Toronto for anything that I love to do, and I wish I could do this more often!

I'm back from Toronto Comic Con, and I tell you it was quite the blast!

We met at the train station early, got on the train in no time at all, and by the time we got to Union Station, we were seeing cosplayers already. I walked alongside of a girl dressed up as Lilo carrying a Stitch plush. I always think of my brother when I see Stitch.

Old School No Digital

I'm at the stage where I almost never do things my generation does anymore.....unless there's no other option that is. But if there is another option, I go with the one that will have the most value in the end.

If you really love a series that much, that you know you're going to watch your way through it multiple times: Buy physical copies of it, because it won't be on Netflix, CraveTV, or whatever streaming source you use forever. Having physical copies of the series, you'll thank yourself for spending the money on it in the long run.

Storm the Castle

Today's a rather gloomy day as I sit here writing this in one of the student lounges after lab class.

I heard this morning that there might be a thunderstorm, and I never thought I'd say this....but I hope it happens, it'll be a sign of spring weather at last. I always have had enough of winter by the time we get to the month of February, the coldest of the year in my humble opinion.

I might take one summer course this year to lighten my load in the fall, and lots and lots of writing plans, here and there, especially Wattpad as it seems everything has been on hold there for a long time.

ComicCon is days away and one of my tweets went viral with dancing Stormtroopers with the con's Twitter page mentioned.

The only disadvantage of a thunderstorm is I won't be able to do any writing tonight if it continues, but since tomorrow is another early rise for lab class, perhaps I should just chill the fuck out of tonight for a change.

So do me a favor Thor and help me kiss go…

Restricted Access

So I don't think I've mentioned this before, but after having those two dreams related to Mulan, it's a sign I've got an idea deep down in my cerebrum's unique frontal lobe.

I'm still writing my Kel Dor fanfiction little by little, I write a few paragraphs whenever I get to it, and try to publish a chapter on a monthly basis.

Based on what I have dreamt of the burnt village, and being captured by Huns; I sense a fanfiction project brewing, and could be started by the summer if I finish the Kel Dor one by then.

However, if I were to write this story, it will be a lot different than anything else I've written. Same old self-insertion shit, and other things I've done before will be there obviously......but what will be different is that, well, my friend and developer of Reclaimer Stats named +Ben Van Riper , has been helping me piece together this story, and things may get brutal.

Inner Jedi

It's a lovely Saturday morning right now, and there's nothing like spending it working on my medication errors assignment.

Next week is going to be fun because I have to record ten foods I ate that week in a chart, and keep track of my lifestyle changes for the next four weeks, because our cardiovascular unit explores that first before we jump into the drugs used to treat those diseases.

Anyway, I just realized that Toronto Comic Con is next week! Woo! I haven't picked up my lightsaber in a long time, and I remember in the middle of February I took a ton of pictures for the hell of it, plus a spinning video. Been itching to play with it again ever since.

I won't be surprised by the number of other Jedi and Stormtroopers that will be there. Maybe the 501st legion, but they're more likely to show up at Fan Expo.

I'm expecting a lot of Kylo Rens, maybe a few Reys, Phasmas, TR-8Rs, oh and who could forget about Deadpool?

My inner Jedi is ready to awaken once again,…

Mixing Stuff to Look Tough

Well I certainly did get home pretty late this afternoon, but this morning was really fun and I felt like it took my mind off what's currently on my plate.

If there's one thing that I will enjoy the most in my future career, it's compounding, you know...mixing stuff.

I love mixing things like creams, liquids, powders, whether it's for food, drugs, etc. That's why I sometimes take up baking when I have more free time. I love going down to the nearest supermarket to buy mix to make brownies.

Lost Dolls and Burnt Villages

Oh my God, I had another one! How many times do I have to dream about a certain movie before I finally remind myself to sit down and watch it again?

I don't know, these things just happen. It randomly comes back into my thoughts, I swear, my brain is wired to store memories of things like this in long term, and then they suddenly are retrieved out of the blue via a dream.

Even though it always catches me by surprise, I love the moment it brings, because it makes me want to write about it, and watch/read/play the source it comes from.

Rite of Passage

I haven't picked up KOTOR in ages due to some graphical and technical difficulties and of course....midterms, but I am definitely playing it tonight.

Why is that? Well last time I wrote about the game, I had met Bastila and was on my way off Taris (finally!), I just needed to break into Sith HQ and kill a dark Jedi.

He wasn't so tough by the way, and killing Davik felt great since I had heard many things about him that I considered bad.

Hello....It's Me

I'm back, after a stressful week of midterms and juggling other things such as lab work and group projects.

College is certainly hard at this point. I do enjoy what I'm learning, this is my career after all, it's just that the stress comes from when you get a ton of information thrown at you every week, and if you're like me, you don't learn it as quickly within that time frame.

I tell myself that such a tight schedule like this doesn't last forever, and not because I'm in a hurry to get to this summer, or get all that work out of the way, but because I get so crammed sometimes I just feel like I have no time to do anything else at the campus that is important like talk to a counselor if I need one.

Anyway, I'm not going to go too deep into this, I'm just glad this week's over, now I need some pizza and robots in disguise to comfort me.