Wacky Rides

So, after finally starting to get exercise back into my routine with the new semester, I've been able to sleep again. I love writing about my dreams, and there are other really strange ones that I enjoy just as much as the flying ones.

Ever had a dream where you stepped onto a platform, elevator, or whatever, and it took you to strange places? It doesn't go up or down, left or right, but in all different directions? Yeah, I've had my fair share of those.

So last night, in this dream, I was in a hotel getting on the elevator to go down from the floor my room was on to the lobby. Three other people got on the elevator with me, a woman with a baby and a blonde man that looked like a younger version of Donald Trump. At first I was like, that better not be Trump.

After the elevator closed, I was hoping that this would be like Dark Floors, but it wasn't.

Instead it started off normal and then the walls and ceiling disappeared, stars came out and the platform began to loop and twist about. The baby started crying, and the other man was trying to look for a way out.

I could have sworn that there were a few starships that went by. Then the dimension shifted to a rainbow spiral, a dark nightclub and airborne view of what appeared to be the inside of a water treatment plant.

Everything was random until the elevator finally reached the bottom.

I wonder what these mean, and I think it may relate to when you're in a situation in real life where there is a lot going on, and you're trying to juggle all of it.

Because that's exactly how I feel right now.



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