MMSW #24 The Flowers of Wonder (Optimus Prime Special)

This Monday feels like a slight home-stretch considering the fact that reading week is coming up soon, and aside from using that time next week to catch up on assignments, I have a few other plans in mind.

Midterms are not until a few weeks after, but I will not talk too much about that.

This Monday I was conflicted because February 13th is this week, and I wanted to save my dedication to the Monday after, because it's closest.....but the Monday after is Mr. Lordi's birthday, so I guess this Monday wins.

This week's song is my favourite symphonic metal one of all time.

My favourite song by Nightwish, I'd like to dedicate this one to Optimus Prime, it being the 6th anniversary since he's been in my heart (even though the real date of that is not until this Saturday), and influenced me to walk down the path I wanted to follow when it came to passion. 

I've sang this song many times when no one's around. It's not easy to sing, so I started with the vocals in the background before going to the instrumental, just like I always did in the elementary school choir.

I'm not sure why this makes me think of Optimus, the lyrics definitely do not match, but the melody works for it.

I think you just need to hear my voice and you will feel better
There are so many songs that make me think of him, but this is one of the few metal songs out of the many in general where I think about him. I set up a playlist of songs for Optimus, and some of them are based on both the lyrics and melody, this one however, is one that is more based on melody.

If I were to rewrite my own version, the lyrics would be more Cybertronian romance-related! I can't believe it's been 6 years already, Optimus continues to influence me today, and after all this time once I got into metal, I thought to myself: Why doesn't Optimus have a song in that genre that I have dedicated to him? 

I had listened to this song countless times before deciding that this should be his song. What does it make me think of? 

Well......I'm wearing my Optimus dress, singing the song in a meadow, and waiting for him to return from the war against the Decepticons on Earth and Cybertron. I imagine all the moments we shared together, watching the sunset, stargazing, the drives down the road, and so much more. Then he eventually returns and finds me.

So, perhaps my own version of the lyrics should be about waiting for my special Cybertronian to come home to me!

I hope to do more of these expanded MM specials, because I feel like I'm not going into enough detail when I pick a song every week. So we'll see what the upcoming weeks have to offer.



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