Me? A Meme-Maker?

It's a rather strange occurrence that I would desire to make a meme, and besides, I often find memes to be overused, but I don't hate them.

Personally, and I may have said this before, I don't hate memes, I just hate it when people spam them in places like forums and stuff when I'm trying to have a regular conversation there with someone. Not all of them make me laugh, but the ones I like relate to things I am passionate about, or strongly against.

I have spoken before, but more in a hateful rant rather than constructive reason why I hate 50 Shades of Grey. If you've seen the "Still a Better Love Story Than Twilight" memes, and let's be honest here....that story was just as bad, some abusive things here and there, and two lovers that are incapable of having emotions.

So when I noticed that media refused to see the fact that Christian Grey is an abuser, and promoted him as a Dom/romantic hero. I approached a campaign on Twitter that raises awareness that 50SOG is abuse being romanticized, and told them that there should be a meme called "Still a better Man Than Christian Grey"

One of the women who runs the page, told us that we should start making those, so me and several other followers sent them pictures of fictional characters (both heroes and villains) to make the meme.

Even after a few months since that, I'm still making those memes on occasion.

Here are a few of my creations:

One for Plo Koon, this one was actually the first one I made, it's not much. I was going to add in "got shot down by his own clones" but there wasn't enough room. I use piZap to make these and they now allow meme text.

Had to do the Didact at some point because he's pretty much part of who I am now in my sci-fi identity. I almost redid this one until I realized it wasn't as bad as it already was. Another good text would have been "Locked in a Cryptum for 100,000 years"

This one was the last one I shared with that campaign on Twitter, and it was a pretty decent one I must say. I think the key here to these memes is to mention the flaws that the character has, or something that they are well-known for doing or saying.

My latest creation of these memes-to-be. This one came to me out of the blue. I haven't played Halo 5 in months, and one thing we all know Warden Eternal for doing is denying you the ability to do something, so I made this one, and chances might be put up on Halo Memes. I also shared it in a Halo G+ community, and was reluctant at first because of the hatred 50SOG gets, but instead the meme got a lot of likes and reposts, so this one has been the most successful.

But in order for this to become an official meme, isn't it supposed to spread more and make the Know Your Meme website? I'm not the greatest at spreading things around, but I am sure that I can start a stir in some way. So, I sometimes can't believe that I started doing this because of my opinion of memes in general, but I am doing it, because the reality is, Christian Grey is probably the new fictional character I despise until the ends of the Earth. Compare the distance between Earth and Pluto.....that is how far he is from being the perfect man.

So wake up society and 50SOG fans, and at the same time, start creating these memes too, because we need to make this official. Don't let me do all the work! Send me your creations!



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