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Still Alive.....But Barely Kicking

Good evening, you're probably wondering why I'm writing this and not this week's featured song.

Well, I've been under a lot of emotional stress since this morning due to school, and it's made me lose my inspiration to write something exciting tonight. Don't worry, I think this is totally normal for all bloggers out there.

It doesn't mean I have writer's block, believe me, I have a ton of things that pop into my head that I want to write on a daily basis.

But due to recent events going on in my life right now, I am going to postpone this week's featured metal song to, hopefully, next week when things settle down. If not then I'll keep you all posted how I'm doing, try to motivate myself to write when I can, and when my workload is not weighing me down. Right now, that's what it feels like.

Oh, and don't worry, since tomorrow's the start of a new month I will reveal what the featured post will be! In fact I have a pretty good idea …

20 Years Ago....Top 4 Legendary

The truth is I never was there when Pokemon first started, but I am happy to celebrate their 20th birthday today.

Last time I wrote about Pokemon, I told the story about my life as a fan from start to present.

What would I write about this time? I haven't got a lot of ideas because of my inactivity as a Trainer, but that doesn't mean I'm no longer one. Maybe I should start talking about some of my favourite Pokemon games for future posts here, but for now, I'm going to talk about my Top 4 legendary Pokemon.

Blood of Unicron

I just had to start doing it again, and immerse myself in a scrapheap of metal clanking together.

If you really love a series that much, you'll buy DVD box sets of the seasons. Even if it is still on Netflix, it won't be on there forever, so do yourself a favor and get physical copies of each season for long term watching.

Megatron says that's an order!

So...What's the Story?

You're probably wondering after all these years, why am I here writing on the Internet like this in the first place?

How did this all start? Well, I've wanted to share this story for a long time now, and now that it's been about 3 years since I started this blog, perhaps now is the good time to tell you.

I've always been writing somewhere about my dreams, feelings, fantasies, and other things going on in my life.

Like most girls, it started with a physical diary. I used to write in it daily about my personal experiences, thoughts, daydreams, etc. Then it went deeper until I had to buy another diary, and then I eventually divided up into using several different diaries. One for personal feelings and thoughts, one for my fantasies and other things imagined, one for school and other parts of my professional life, and one for leisure events.

God....This Thing Can Eat!

I have been known to have a few dreams here and there that relate to parts of video games that I surprisingly enjoyed the most.

That one particular part, no matter how disturbing it can get, sometimes I end up liking it depending on what it is and what happens. Like with Gears of War, I enjoyed the gameplay in the third game, but I liked the story more in the second game.

The idea of the Locust sinking cities to bring down the human race, I like that idea, the whole use of the Riftworm and killing it from the inside.

The Locust are the denizens of the underground and the whole concept of being in the heart of the enemy in that game is enjoyable for me. However, the first time you go into their territory is what really struck my interest the most, even though going in the second time to locate the stronghold and escaping had more epic moments.

Third Time's the Charm!

Oh my God.....OH MY FUCKING GOD, I am losing my mind right now!

You would think the past few years would get even more exciting for me as a Transformers fan...well you're certainly right.
Lo and behold!

Prisoner in the Mountains

This has been on my mind for a few days, I am trying to recall a dream I had earlier this week, and the best way to do that is find something in real life or fiction that already exists, that relates to it the most.

Did I find any answers? Yes I most certainly did, otherwise I would not be writing this.

I can't remember much about this dream, so I've decided to take what I do remember, and turn it into a little story on here. For those of you who enjoy reading these things from my vivid imagination, you might like this even more!

Deeper into Republic Grounds

I'm getting engrossed in PC gaming as well as picking up Halo 5 again. So it's no wonder on Friday nights I'm up late in front of my laptop doing this if I'm not in the mood for writing!

Skyrim was one RPG game that I could never finish, but this is one game that I definitely want to beat, main quest and many side quests as possible. Fellow Star Wars fans, and even those from the Halo fandom said this might interest me. I love the eras of the Old Republic and Clone Wars so why not?

Another Year, a Stronger Love

It's that special day of the year again! That wonderful day before Valentine's day, is when that sweet Autobot came into my life.

I almost forgot to make a picture for it today, and I didn't start doing that until 2014. This year's themed picture to mark my anniversary since Optimus has been in my heart is G1-themed.

REQ'ing It

So I'm finally getting into the nitty-gritty of Halo 5's REQ system. I haven't picked up the game in months because I got tired of some things like, being matched up against players ten times better than me, dealing with teabaggers (which I think is sexual harassment and disrespectful, and I truly hope there are some people out there who feel the same way), and other issues.

It sucks how the REQ system is set up to start at the lowest and work your way up, but it hit me when I realized, hey I don't like Warzone, but I can sell stuff that I don't need! So I went and turned on Halo 5 during one of my study breaks yesterday and sold every single power weapon, vehicle, and other REQs that I didn't need (except for the boosters), and then I binge spent my points on Bronze packs. After that, now I'm more than halfway done acquiring all of the Common items.

You May Lose Faith in Bay, But Not in Yourself

I have no words for this except, my heart is broken.

I have been a Transformers fan since 2009, 7 years catching up to Star Wars. I was exposed to the CGI films first, and since I was still new to the franchise, I loved them right away. But as the years went by, I fell in love with Optimus Prime, started exploring the G1, video games, TF Prime, attended conventions and met Peter Cullen last year. My heart finally saw through what was wrong with the films as time passed.

Now that I know what is wrong with the films, my love for them has turned into mixed feelings of hate and general dislike.

Wacky Rides

So, after finally starting to get exercise back into my routine with the new semester, I've been able to sleep again. I love writing about my dreams, and there are other really strange ones that I enjoy just as much as the flying ones.

Ever had a dream where you stepped onto a platform, elevator, or whatever, and it took you to strange places? It doesn't go up or down, left or right, but in all different directions? Yeah, I've had my fair share of those.

Why Is the Rum Always Gone?: A POTC Trilogy Review

Ahoy my loyal readers! I've never greeted you like that before have I? Well, I never write about Disney anymore, in fact I haven't written about anything related to it since I saw Frozen and decided to review it.

Well, last weekend was certainly interesting. After having that dream of going from forced lady on the Dauntless, to a prisoner on the Flying Dutchman, I had a sudden desire to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy again. I only have the first three, as the fourth one I never liked that much when I saw it.

Ever had that, you haven't watched a series for a while and then after you have a dream about it, you want to watch it again and hope that dream continues? Well, I was sure hoping that dream would resume, as I wanted to see what it would be like being captive on the Dutchman. Would the fish people start treating me better if I started doing as I was told? Would I be able to roam the ship free instead of being locked in the brig all day until Davy Jones requ…